Don’t Wait, Leap!

I love leap day. Always have. In second grade (the first leap day I could remember) my school had some kind of fun day. I can remember laying on a towel to read and mini golfing in the classroom.

Don't wait leap

4 years ago there was a crazy snowstorm on leap day that necessitated working from home. I even blogged about, which you can read, here.

This year I’ll be waking up early to fly back to Minnesota. I spent the weekend in Florida visiting my family, but wanted to be sure I got back with plenty of time to unpack and get ready for the week.

Until I got a text on Friday….from a friend asking me if I wanted to go to Bruce Springsteen!! I probably won’t get the food prep done that I wanted, but I think its more important to make a good memory on the extra day that only comes every 4 years.

Are you doing anything special for leap day?

Is there any small thing that you can add to our extra day?

Beer Dabbler 2016 – Winter Edition

Belated, but for anyone considering a Beer event, I’ve got some great tips for you!

  1. Buy Tickets Early
  2. Hydrate and Eat before Attending
  3. Dress Warmly!

Beer Dabbler Saint Paul

I bought tickets about a week before hand, and about 2 days before tickets were entirely sold out. If you’re thinking about going, commit and buy early!

Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival

Arriving early is also the key to success. Its the only time you’ll be able to talk to the brewers at length, and you’ll be more likely to get the most popular beers. I got my wristband at O’Garas and rode their free bus and from the Fairgrounds, which was the best choice!

Beer Dabbler Selfie

Going with a friend is a great way to try more beers! The glass your given seems small at first, but by the end of the evening you realized that you’ve consumed plenty!

Beer list Beer Dabbler 2016

You’ll never try all the beers available, so go with the flow and enjoy!

I haven’t done a wine festival yet….but I’ve got my eye on one for May!

What’s your favorite drink these days?

Sculpt Apartment Workout

HOLA!! I’m on my second full day of a Mexican getaway (I’ll spare you the photo of the beach, I promise its gorgeous).

The tricky thing about having two jobs is you have to have time off from both jobs in order to be gone! Thankfully when I miss teaching a yoga sculpt class, there isn’t any work to make up!

Unfortunately…when I’m gone, that means my students don’t get their  Friday morning workout. Without further ado…here’s a slice of what yoga sculpt consists of!

Apartment WorkoutIf you only have 15 minutes and want to work your entire body without letting everyone else know what you are up to, this is a great workout!

While I titled it “apartment” it could also be “hotel” or “no weights needed” If you have weights by all means use them! The beauty of this workout is that you can add whatever you like!

…and I just realized I didn’t include a plank, so make sure you plank! Total body move right there!

Adios Amigos!

Let’s Be Honest.

I have been so pumped for the Healthy Living Summit. But last night when it was time to finish packing, I found myself procrastinating, and nerves building in my stomach.

I couldn’t find the nail polish I wanted, although I eventually did find it in a random pile of paperwork. I couldn’t find the fleece jacket I wanted, although this morning I found it in a random drawer. I had the hardest time deciding what to wear today, I’m going from work, to my blowout appointment at Strand, to dinner at Solera. For now I’m pleased with my jeans, tank top and sweater.

Then this morning I realized the cords for my garmin and my ipod shuffle are both missing. I have no idea where they are. Thankfully I need to bring a gallon of milk home, so I have one more chance to go through my room in hopes that I find it.

Hopefully once it all starts I’ll relax and enjoy the moment. But right now it is so built up in my head that I’m starting to think of the things that could go wrong. Which is not a healthy way to think.

If you want to read my of the moment freakouts, feel free to follow me on twitter.

How Do You Do That: Packing Edition

**Somehow I wrote this post and then it deleted…Maybe because wordpress got confused with an older post I did….Click here, for a picture-less description of how I pack.

First I make a pile of clothes (not pictured, because I’m at work and the clothes are on my bedroom floor at home.)

My Packing List for #hls13

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Then I make a schedule, and tag certain outfits. From there I make categories.

Bottoms, Tops and how many sports bras I need (click here for an embarrassing story about traveling and sports bras.

I took a quick look at the weather. It looks like we’ll need some rain gear and cold weather clothes for the evening.

Minneapolis Weather for #HLS13Plus, conference rooms are always a little chilly, so I’ll have at least 1 if not 2 scarves packed!

How early do you start packing for a trip? If you are a late packer, please tell me how you do it!


Fast Friday: Kayak Edition

Happy Friday folks!! I’ll be honest, today is just a normal day for me, because yesterday I played in a kayak all day!

Solera 120 Kayak Blue A dear friend of mine is moving from our hometown to Duluth and we wanted one last day of spending time in small group together before she left.

We rented the kayaks from Cycle Path Paddle in Crosby, and they brought the kayaks to the Pennington water access for us. We got on the water at 10 am, and paddled through multiple lakes taking breaks to swim. Eventually we paddled to a sandy shore and pulled in for our packed lunch. Throughout the morning I had a lot of trouble with paddling in a straight line and keeping up with my friends. We laughed and blamed “operator error” but decided to switch up who was in which kayak to see if it truly was an issue. It took a few minutes to realize there really was something wrong with the kayak, it back seemed to be weighted as it would consistently veer the right no matter how you paddled.

We called Cycle Path Paddle and they agreed to meet us back at the launch site and switch us for a different kayak. I’m pretty sure they thought we were crazy, but there was no extra charge for the change and they were very nice about it!

We finished up our day with a long swim break, letting minnows and sunnys nibble on our feet, and laughing a lot. We had perfect weather and it was a wonderful way to soak up the sun and what is starting to be the end of summer.

Do you have a good rental place near you? Have you ever experienced operator error?

Growing Up Weekend

This weekend I am seriously aware of how people can change. Friday night I spent time with my extended family and traveled down to St Paul to spend the weekend with one f my best friends from college (I’m even typing this on her iPad because my phone just died).

We started our Friday evening with some homemade beergarita and guacamole before getting into bed and watching part of The Bachelorette on Netflix.

Saturday morning we got up inked biked about 2 miles to a free corepower yoga class sponsored by lululemon. After four workout we stopped by the farmers market and did some light shopping. We biked back to her house in the rain, changed clothes and enjoyed a delicious egg bake she had prepped before I came into town. It was the perfect brunch before we ventured back intoSt Paul so we could do some more shopping on Geand Ave. She was in search of a new bag, and I needed a dress for a wedding next weekend. We both had great success!

In the afternoon we went back to her house to finish watching the movie we had started on Friday night and picked out a pwe’ve for dinner. It took a lot of blog reviews, menu looks and price discussion before we settled on Scusi.

We arrived at 7:30 as a party of three from best friends boyfriend was also with) and were told that it would be a 30 minute wait. we could sit at their bench and have a drink, or we could see what was available in the bar. We were lucky enough that a two top table was available and we were able to fit us all!

We started with the arancinni rolls (fried risotto) which was perfect for the rainy day as well as a bottle of wine. For our meals I had a mushroom pizza ( it was okay but wish I would have tried the artichoke pizza. Alex had the tortellini and Brandon went with the pepperoni pizza. We were pleasantly full and made a stop at Trader Joes for some dessert. The chocolate covered marshmellows were not as good as we had hopped. But the chocolate covered potato chips were delicious!

What really makes me realize that we are growing up is in college we were the epitomy of young, wild, and free. This weekend we were asleep about midnight each night. And in college weekends always meant staying up until at least two am. Hangovers and mid day naps were typical and workouts were scarce. We lived in the dorms when we met so no cooking was ever done. Now we love to share new recipes.

These changes have all come slowly, and we still get wild every now and then. But I am so glad I have friends who share my enthusiasm for biking to events, going out to eat and not getting out of control just because w don’t work the next day.

This weekend away was just what I needed to recharge my batteries and get away from the usual grind. I love my hometown, but taking weekends to visit friends in St. Paul (and Minneapolis) are so important.

Have your friends grown up with you? What activities do you still do together and what have you let fall to the wayside?

Restaurant Shout Out: Bachelorette Edition

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a bridal shower and bachelorette party for one of my dear friends. It was a long Saturday, but throughout the day I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful people we encountered.

The shower was with my high school girlfriends (one of whom is the bride-to-be) and our mothers. We’ve done a few weekend getaways together and since we’re all spread out around MN we decided to have a shower with just us. We decided to go to a restaurant since we would all be traveling and wanted to take the mess out of transporting food to a hotel room, or worrying about refrigeration. We ended up booking a reservation at Crave downtown which was the best decision possible! While Crave has always been packed when I’ve gone at night, at noon on a Saturday it was pretty much no-man’s land. Which meant we had excellent service! Our table of 12 started with some prosecco (aka Italian champagne) and after a lot of chatting and present opening we finally got around to ordering lunch.

I wasn’t quite sure what to get, the great thing about Crave is that they have a lot of variety on their menu, sushi, flatbreads, salads, sandwhiches, pasta, steak, just about anything you could want! I wanted sushi, but was afraid I’d be hungry afterwards, plus there was plenty of drinking for the bachelorette party in my future and didn’t want to be sick. I decided their Spicy Turkey BLT would be a safer choice. Which was absolutely wrong. When the meals came everything looked fresh and wonder, except for my plate. The only way I can describe it is “airport sandwich,” it was bad. When they set the plate in front of me I realized there was plain mayo on the sandwich not the spicy aioli that the menu said, then I realized there wasn’t the pepperjack cheese that also was supposed to be included. I ended up bringing it to the waiter and explaining the situation, they quickly switched it out for a caprese flatbread that was perfect! I was conflicted about sending it back, but the reality is Crave is a wonderful restaurant, they just happen to have one huge dud on their menu. Next time I will definitely ask the waiter a few more questions before I order something!

We left and got ready for the bachelorette party which was a “Roaring 20s” theme, and so much fun! A lot of us wore black dresses and they accessorized with long pearl necklaces and headbands with feathers. We may have looked a little out of place at our dinner spot…but we didn’t care! We had dinner at Cowboy Jacks and thanks to the wonderful maid on honor we had our own area reserved on the deck. It included a table with swings, a fire pit and 3 other high top tables. Perfect for a group of 17 to mingle, eat, drink and be merry! We had one waitress assigned to our group and she was awesome! She kept all of our orders on separate tabs and was super on top of everything as well as really nice.

The evening continued and the bride had a wonderful time. I don’t have pictures to post as I was more focused on spending time with friends, than writing this post, however I feel both restaurants really deserve a shout out for handling our group! I don’t plan events in the twin cities often, but these locations are worth a return visit!

Where do you like to go with a big group? Have you tried either of these restaurants? They both of multiple locations!

Monday Moment: Minneapolis (mini) Recap

Hello Friends! I have to dive into Monday work and End of the Month work, but thought I would take a quick moment to update everyone on how the Minneapolis Half Marathon went!

1. I had an amazing weekend! Shout out to the Westin Minneapolis for being amazing (as they always are).

2. The race was super organized and ran smoothly

3. I survived the race and taught Yoga Sculpt at 6:15 this morning!

Now I’ve got to get focused on work, a full recap is coming as well as possible separate posts focusing on 1. what i forgot to pack 2. the positive splits i had (and why positive splits are a bad thing in racing) 3. what the heck I’m doing until Grandma’s and/or my racing plan for Grandma’s.

The weather was beautiful in Minneapolis on Sunday, please tell me if you got outside and what you did!

Minneapolis Half Race Plan

In my focus of Grandma’s Marathon, I haven’t put much thought into the races leading up to June 22. Since I wasn’t healthy enough to run the Run for the Lakes Half, I searched and found the Minneapolis Half and signed up (sadly at the most expensive point…but nothing I could do about that).

All of a sudden its race week and I realize I have nothing prepared, which is funny because its the same distance as the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon and I planned that race down to a T, even with travel plans the week and night before the race.

So here’s the plan for race weekend!

SATURDAY- 7:00 AM up! drink coffee, eat toast.

8:30 AM teach Slow Flow Yoga

10:00 AM teach Yoga Sculpt (not recommended the day before a race, but I’ve got a job to do!)

12:00 PM shower and finish checklist (possibly eat lunch)

1:00 PM hit the road to the Twin Cities with race buddy Kayla!

(potentially stop at Nordstrom Rack at Maple Grove because I’m obsessed)

3:00 PM (ish) Pick up race buddy Megan!

4:00 PM check in to Hotel

5:00 PM walk to packet pickup

7:00 PM Dinner!

9:00 PM hot tub and/or tv watching in Hotel

10:00 PM bed!

SUNDAY- 5:00 AM Up! Make coffee and toast in hotel room.

5:15 walk to the shuttle, load shuttle, ride shuttle.

6:30 RACE START! (if it actually starts on time)

9:30ish I expect to finish, this race is about mileage not time, I plan on joining the 3:00 hour pace group.

10:00ish shuttle back and walk to the hotel.

11:00ish shower and check out of hotel by Noon.

I’m hoping the race will go smoothly and I’ll have energy for a few more slow miles after the race. And of course a post-race brunch somewhere!

Weather: The weather right now says that it will be partly cloudy and 10% chance of rain. So I’m not quite sure what clothing to wear. I plan on packing shorts, capris, a tank and a tee. Plus the usual post-race comfy clothes. (Sandals, clean capris, bra and tank as well as a sweatshirt).

Do you usually plan a lot for races? Or do you just show up the morning of and do your thing?