Joy: Plans

Greetings from Denver! ….err…Once again I had a post scheduled but it didn’t actually post? Oh well. I have got October completely booked in the best way. When I was struggling this summer I made fun plans for the fall and they are finally here!

October 1: TC 10 Mile!

October 6: Denver Weekend!

October 14: Minnesota Blogger’s Conference

October 21: Hocus Pocus Drag Brunch

I didn’t plan anything for the last weekend in October thinking I’d go up north…but now thats a little questionable. So I’m letting a few more weeks play out before I make that decision.

What fun things are you looking forward to?

TC 10 Mile Recap 2017

I swore this post was scheduled to post, and then I thought it was weird that no one commented on Facebook…until I started writing Sunday’s post and realized this was still in “draft” mode. Oops! I was super sore Monday/Tuesday, and finally starting to use my legs Wednesday. I made it to Alchemy Thursday AND Friday morning. And now I’m typing quick before I head to Denver!

twin cities 10 mile start line

Race morning went smooth. I left my apartment at 5 am and after picking up my friends and riding the light rail, got to U.S. Bank Stadium about 5:50 am. More than plenty of time before the race started, but thats better than feeling rushed. There was some slight drizzle before the race started, and just as the first groups were released, the real rain came. The first two miles were all rain and the entire race is basically an uphill battle.

twin cities ten mile race

Now that I live in the twin cities I have a better understanding of the route although I’ll never know it as well as I know the Grandma’s Half course. It felt so good to be crossing the river from Minneapolis into St. Paul, however I will always prefer lakes to rivers. The Grandma’s Marathon/Half Marathon course along Lake Superior really cannot be beat. However the races are equally well organized.

summit avenue twin cities marathon

It was very hard to run past the turn for my apartment. i thought of all my comfy clothes, shoes that didn’t give me blisters, and most importantly a hot shower. I kept going though and made it to the finish. Even better, once I was done I hurried to Muccis and got my fix of a doughscuit and piece of pizza.

What is your favorite race course? What is your preferred post-race food?

Joy: Fuel

Supposedly I’m running 10 miles today. Here’s hoping the rain holds off until I’m done. However I did run my only marathon in the rain, so I suppose I can do it if I have to. I know what proper race fuel is…but I’m pretty much breaking all those rules.

bread and chocolate st paul mn

Saturday morning I considered heading to Mucci’s for a doughscuit and coffee when a friend suggested meeting up closer to our apartment instead. So I got my second favorite pastry, a cream cheese filled croissant and delicious swedish latte. (a reminder to myself, I can always use more cardamon in my life.)

Saturday afternoon a friend suggested visiting Dangerous Man Brewing, and I’ve been wanting to go for weeks, so I couldn’t turn down that suggestion. Not the best pre-race choices. But choices I am making anyways.

Life is for living. So instead of thinking about tomorrow, I’m just going to enjoy today. (or rather yesterday, since this is being scheduled for Sunday).

Do you do what feels best in the moment? or do you prioritize for what will pay off in the future?

Twin Cities 10 Mile: The Plan

Ohh Friends. I am a crazy person. This summer I signed for the TC 10 Mile lottery, and was accepted! I assumed with finishing the MBA program I would have plenty of time and energy on my hands to devote to training….and that has not been the case.

Instead? I have attended plenty of Alchemy classes (a post on that coming soon) and still go to Restore at Corepower on Tuesday nights. It hasn’t been the best, but its what I’ve been in the mood to do. However I’m also stubborn. So I can’t just not run. I paid to run, I’m going to run….or run/walk.

So here’s hoping for decent weather, legs that can propel me forward, and a commitment to following the course.

Joy: Impact

Weekends can be stressful, at least for me. I want to see friends, spend time with family, workout, rest, and prepare for another week. I managed to cram almost all of that into this weekend, but there were still things I didn’t do that I wanted to do. 

A family friend mentioned last night that meeting Johnny impacted her life. And that is so sweet. But it also made me think of the people who have impacted my life. Not just my family and friends, but the people who come and go. I have a bad habit of not letting go and not forgetting and reliving conversations in my head. Or more accurately, rewriting conversations in my head. I say the things I wish I would have said, or what I wish I could say now long after the situation is over.

This week I thought back to a high school memory, then time hop gave me a not-so-great college memory, and now I wonder how I will remember this post-MBA time. My life has been impacted by so many people, and I hope that my impact on people has been positive. No one is perfect, but we can all be thoughtful of our impact on others.

P.S. I like writing my one “joy” post a week, but I’d like to write more…if you have a blog post request please let me know! Lately I’ve had writers block and haven’t had ideas on what else to post.

Joy: Walking

I almost didn’t post today. I had no energy Friday evening, I was feeling better on Saturday, and then today was not feeling 100%. But I went on two walks this weekend that were just what I needed.

fall leaves blue sky

Saturday afternoon I walked with my brother and grandma. We have a 2 mile loop in her neighborhood with plenty of hills which makes it quite a workout for whoever pushes Johnny’s wheelchair. Initially there were a few raindrops, and it was fairly chilly. But we pressed on and were rewarded with some perfect fall weather.

All weekend I debated various activities. I wanted to visit Saint Dinette as twitter told me they were putting a lobster poutine on their menu, and I since I still haven’t been there, a fancy french fry/gravy/cheese curd/lobster dish sounded like a good reason. However I didn’t have a buddy, and I wasn’t in quite the mood to venture alone. I also have been seriously craving a Dangerous Man Peanut Butter Porter. However I definitely didn’t want to deal with crazy crowds, and there was no way to know what the vibe was before arriving.

Tonight (Sunday evening) a friend reached out to go for a walk, and it was what I needed. Again I didn’t quite have the ambition to go alone (aka the trend of the weekend). So I am very thankful he reached out. During the walk I discussed how I have felt like I am in a rut. His response was that I’ll be out of my rut in the next 8 weeks. All I could do was chuckle. 8 weeks is November 12. And while I would love to think that major things can happen in 8 weeks, and I know they do for other people, I do not think I am one of those people.

What changes have you made in 8 weeks or less?

Do you make ideas/plans in your head but rarely enact them?

Joy: Small Town Saturday

Time flies when you are having fun! Friday night I went for a walk afterwork with a friend and then we finally stopped at Bald Man Brewing which is near our office. I will definitely be going again as the beers were good and the seating was plentiful. Saturday morning I went to my first Alchemy workout, which will get its own post eventually. Afterwards I drove north for the weekend.

busch light with olives

The Harvest Moon Brew Fest was wonderful once again! (Click the link to read my experience from 2015). I originally planned on going with two friends and my dad ended up joining as well. Our small town never has a line going around the block, but it did to get into the event, and while the parking lot was crowded, it was fun to see so many people outside enjoying the good weather.

In other family news…We can’t stop watching Irma coverage to see how Fort Myers Beach is doing. Originally my parents were flying down on Thursday to spend a long weekend away, that will not be happening. My dad may drive down with a truck loaded with gas, generators, water, and beef jerky to help start/fuel the clean up. However we won’t know more until the storm has ceased. For now we think of those who are in the storms and hope for safety.

Joy: College Friends

Pizza, Trivia, and College Friends. It doesn’t get much better than that! Thursday night I met up with friends who I’ve known for 10 years now. And it is amazing how much has changed in those years.

10 years ago we didn’t know what we wanted to do, or where we wanted to live. We had ideas of things we might do, and none of those things actually happened. Yet, I don’t think we would take any of it back. If things didn’t work out the way we hoped, it is probably for a reason. And who knows, those old dreams might come to be in another 10 years.

I am 100% sick of people asking me what I am going to do now that my MBA program is completed. I know its the natural question to ask, but I don’t have a good answer. “Nothing” is the true answer, but even that doesn’t fit my personality. I like to be working on something, but until I get a few life things in order I need to hold off on grand goals/plans.

Thankfully the friends I’ve known since college have seen me in freshman year with no goals, and senior year networking my butt off to find a good job. They know I’m capable of both and understand that I like to get out and have a good time, while also just relaxing and being low key.

Do you always have a plan? Or do you relax and see what happens? What’s your favorite kind of pizza?


Restore, the best class you can take.

I’ve been a loyal Corepower Yoga customer since 2010. I go in spurts with the frequency I attend class, but I lately get one or two classes a week. My first love with always be Sculpt. I’m a certified instructor, I taught for 2 years when I lived in Aitkin, and nothing feels as good as a good sculpt class. C1 and C2 classes are also great. While you know the routine, each instructor has their own flair, and there is plenty of good feelings to have.

restorative yoga class

My newest favorite class is Restore. This is unlike any other Corepower class. I would recommend this class to absolutely everyone (which is not true for C1, C2 and Sculpt). Restore is the class that feels different every single time. While you may not work up a sweat, you stretch and hold poses for longer than you ever thought possible.

If stretching is something you do at the end of a workout because you know you should, but you just don’t have time….try restore. Its going to be hard. Because you’ll just have to slow the heck down and do the class. You’ll be stubborn enough to have to finish the class and finish the pose, and you’ll learn a little about slowing down and actually listening to your body.

That being said…I am super super excited for Alchemy to open! You may remember my debate for what gym to join, and I’ve decided to take the plunge with Alchemy. I’m excited to see what happens with a new workout and hopefully meeting some new people!


After Party Sale, the best end to Summer.

Labor Day Weekend is almost here! I don’t know what I’m more excited for, the 3 day weekend, or only have a 4 day work week when we come back….If you don’t like shopping, stop reading, because this post is really only for people who like shopping.

Lilly Pulitzer has been a newer addition to my wardrobe. I’ve found that there are enough solid colors/non-florida prints to wear in Minnesota. You may remember two years ago when I was at Target in April pretending like it was Black Friday.

The after party is an end of summer tradition, Lilly Pulitzer puts a good majority of their items on sale, and while you aren’t guaranteed until you’ve actually checked out, there are some great deals to be had! I’ve still got my eye on this scarf, but couldn’t justify two scarves at first. If it’s still around tomorrow I might have to bite the bullet…

elephant print scarf

I’m super pumped about the items I’ve purchased so far. The cashmere scarf is what I am most excited for, saving over $150 (although I would have never paid that much for one scarf). 
lilly pulitzer on sale

Do you love a good deal? or do you only buy exactly what you need? (if so, teach me your ways).