Overwhelmed and readjusting

Sunrise from the bedroom of my room in Mexico…definitely not my room in St. Paul. Adjusting back to real life has not been easy. It has not been fun. Even with a good year end review at work I’m not feeling my best.

I’m hoping that with yoga sculpt Friday and Saturday morning I’ll start to feel more like myself. I’ll get the rest of my apartment cleaned up, the mail read and responded to, and my homework completed. Oh yeah, and I want to have some fun too.

I get that a week of no responsibility is a vacation and not real life, but I’m feeling the weight of responsibility a little harder than I would like to. So now I need to figure out how to adjust life. Shift responsibilities so that I feel good/better/at my best. I’m not quite sure what needs to change, so hopefully as I make tweaks I’ll get a better idea.

What do you change when things don’t seem to be working?

Joy: Travel

Are you sick of hearing about vacation? I wouldn’t blame you. I’ve been all about the sharing. I’m thinking I need to arrange my time and stress differently. While the week wasn’t devoid of stress, the levels are much lower than they had been.

Saturday and Sunday night I struggled to fall asleep. Sunday night was especially frustrating as I tossed and turned knowing I’d need to go to work in the morning. Instead of blogging on Sunday I spent time at my Grandparent’s house and then visited another friend. We went for a walk, watched a movie, and it wasn’t productive for time, but it was fun. Now I managed to almost triple book this Saturday, but I’m picking the 1st commitment and letting the other two slide.

Moving forward I’m going to attempt to stay somewhat above the fray. Notice the beauty, and do what I can to relax myself.

How do you relax when you can’t escape? Any tips and tricks I can steal?

Mazatlan Mexico 2017

Eye twitches are no fun. Last week my eye twitched every day throughout the day. It wasn’t just in the afternoon when I had already put in 6 hours behind a computer monitor. It was right away in the morning, throughout the day, and into the night. My neck was cracking as usual, I was stressed out at school, my jaw started to hurt, vacation couldn’t come soon enough.

And a full vacation is what I got! I flew out on Saturday with my family, our friends joined us that evening, and we’ve had some great days in the sun, plus wonderful evenings. I’ve become less about drinking as many beach side cocktails as possible, and more about relaxing. So far I’ve gone on a run each morning, I’ve done water aerobics twice, attended a cooking class at one of my favorite restaurants, and completed some MBA homework. I had other computer plans, but it appears that hasn’t quite gotten done. Instead I’m maximizing my sun time.

Its hard to believe that we only have 2 days left before we after to pack it up and fly home. I’ve met people who are retired and come here for anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. And now that we are no longer timeshare owners I don’t think that will be in the cards for me….but I know that I need to up my retirement savings so I can do something similar!

Do you schedule your vacation time?

Would you ever travel for an extended period of time?

Or just do what sounds good in the moment and figure it out as you go?

Joy: Vacation Edition

I hope Minnesota or whatever state you are in is warm. But….my weather is probably warmer. I haven’t gone on a full week vacation…in a long time. Maybe 2011? Either way I am so excited that I will be here in Mazatlan, Mexico through Saturday.

I was 7 the first time I visited, the Macarena was in full swing, and I danced my little heart out. I played bingo like a good 70 year old retiree, and painted pottery to bring home. All of these things will happen again this week, except for maybe the Macarena, what song are we dancing to these days?

Trips in college were different. More of your typical spring break mentality, but still family focused. I never did the crazy spring break with just 20 somethings and no supervision. This year I’m hoping for good walks and runs, reading for fun and for homework, and delicious drinks and dinners.

What is your vacation style? New place to explore every time? Or relax to the max?

Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival 2017

HUMP DAY!! I have to get through today, and two more days of work before I can fly out to Mexico! I’m excited for the sun and sand, but don’t really feel the need for a beer in my hand….I think I’m still full from Saturday.

Beer Dabbler 2017 was just as fun as 2016. The weather was fairly similar, deceptively warm prior to leaving my apartment, and quickly becoming cold as the sun went down. This year I went with 4 people, which was a ton of fun. Of course you might run into more people you know, but planning on it can be difficult. Here is last year’s recap.


The Ommegang was a long line we happened to stand in, right before we reach the pouring station some girl started complaining that “they already ran out of Rosetta its not even worth it.” And walked off in a huff. Well whatever, we filled our cups with what they did have available and enjoyed ourselves. Its easy to stress at the beginning about not wasting time, and getting the best sips possible. But when you settle in and go with the flow of the crowd you have so much more fun.

Will I do dabbler again? Probably. The price is a tough one, but the day of fun is worth it!


Joy: Looking Up

Last week as I pulled into church I noticed a lot of people in the parking lot, looking up. Not hurrying inside (I tend to arrive right on time, not early).

A bald eagle was perched on top of one of the trees. The service opened up with the pianist playing “On eagles wings” an impromptu choice and not the plan.

bald eagle in a pine tree

I hope to also have that flexibility, and ability. To change, at a moments notice, when the opportunity arises. To look up and see the possibility, not look down or behind. Half way through yoga yesterday the instructor said “don’t worry about what we’ve done so far, just focus on this move”. By staying in the present I was able to find the extra push.

Things don’t always go our way. But we can search for the good. Its out there for us, if we keep looking up.


Single Style Songs (my current playlist)

Music is a huge part of my soul. Not necessarily my identity, I haven’t been a part of any music group since college (handbell choir to be exact). But I turn to music to fit either how I am feeling, or how I want to feel. These are the songs that I’m currently enjoying, and somewhat pertain to my single/dating status.

Also included in my current playlist but not listed here is the La La Land soundtrack.

  • Me, Myself & I – G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha “Solo ride until I die, cause I got me for life”
  • Good as Hell – Lizzo “Ooo child tired of the bullshit”
  • White Flag – Joseph “I’d rather be dead than live a lie”
  • Sit Still, Look Pretty – Daya “I don’t wanna sit still look pretty”
  • Confident – Demi Lovato “I want my choice, and I run this show”
  • Moving on Never Felt So Good – Nashville “I hear a joyful noise down in my soul”
  • Me Too – Meghan Trainor “I thank god every day that I woke up feeling this way”
  • Guys My Age – Hey Violet : “Guys my age don’t know how to treat me”
  • Blood in the Cut – K. Flay “The guy I love has a girl right now”
  • Bad Things – Machine Gun Kelly “What can I say its complicated”
  • Here (2:00 AM Version) – Alessia Cara “Please enjoy your party, I’ll be here”

I don’t stick to one particular genre, although if you see a theme other than “top 40” please let me know.

Do you feel a connection to music? Or is it just part of the background noise?

Joy: wine at sunfish cellars

There are a million restaurants and bars that I want to go to. I prefer not to go to the same place twice, because the “to try” list keeps growing. But some nights you just need the comfortable choice. And my comfort place is Sunfish Cellars.

A wine bar with amazing food and a liquor store connected in case you need to bring something home, plus welcoming staff. I usually order whatever wine flight they have available, with one of their flatbread pizzas. The corner spot at the bar is my preferred seat, and sometimes allows for a taste of another wine that’s being discussed. Last night’s taste was a white from New York (I wasn’t familiar with the grape) but it was grown in Georgia. I’m not usually a white fan, but it was delicious!

I journaled for a bit, checked my schedule for next week, and left feeling ready to enjoy the weekend.

Do you go to the same comfort spots over and over?

Or are you always seeking the next hot spot?

Indoor Bike Trainer FTW!

In May I bought an indoor bike trainer off of a Facebook friend. I knew I wouldn’t use it in the summer, nor in the fall. I probably should have attempted to set up the trainer in December, but I didn’t have the drive or desire to figure it out.

Finally a few weeks ago I started googling. Because I purchased a used trainer I didn’t have an information sheet or how to guide. Between this video and this other video both from Youtube, I hoped I would be okay.

And so far I am! I’ve ridden about once a week, for anywhere from 20-40 minutes. Nothing record breaking, but enough to feel good. The indoor rides are especially great when I’m not in the mood for running in the dark, but want something a little more intense than the usual walking stroll around the neighborhood.

Do you buy things used and then just google how to get them set up?

Or do you prefer to buy brand new so you know you have all the tools to get started?

Joy: #thanksobama

Its been quite the couple of days. I’ve stayed fairly quiet because my beliefs are personal, and everyone makes assumptions. But when a friend suggested going to Surly on Friday night, I couldn’t turn it down. I needed to be experiencing this inauguration weekend in some way. I parked basically a mile away, waited to get in, waited to get a beer, waited to get a table. And it was all worth it.

It’s good to get out.

Meet new people.

Think about the past, learn from it, and prepare for the future.

What has brought you Joy this week?