New Years Resolutions

2017 “Joy”: comparison is the thief of joy, and so I’m trying to find the things that make me happy, and free me from comparison.

2016 “Wait”: chosen because many of the things I want to accomplish, have not yet been finished. Some things have been in my control and I haven’t made them a priority, other things must run their course and waiting is necessary.

2015 “Chance”: chosen because I knew my life was going to go through many changes. I job searched, started the MBA program, and moved to St. Paul.

My 2014 “Focus” and Peace Perspective Introduction.

My 2013 “Resolutions”

2012: I had a Dirty Dozen (12) New Years Resolutions, which I blogged about each month.

Part 1:

Part 2:

January Recap:

February Recap:

March Recap:

April Recap:

May Recap:

June Recap:

July Recap:

August Recap:

September Recap:

October Recap:

November Recap:

December Recap:




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