Day in the life: Unemployment Style!

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be unemployed, so while I am, I thought I’d share what a typical day looks like!

7 am: Up, Shower, Breakfast. I usually have half a bagel and a cup of coffee while reading and commenting on blogs with feedly.

morning bagel coffee9 am: Office. Even though the company is closed, and I’m not receiving paychecks, I still hang out there as the internet is faster, and its nice to leave the house.

  • Apply for jobs, upgrade my linked in account, buy some new interview clothes with 40% off The Limited was having.
  • Call a former vendor who still hasn’t switched our stores to the new owners.
  • Email potential Judges for the Miss Aitkin Scholarship Pageant.

Noon: Lunch! Some days I have my act together and bring lunch, otherwise I head home. If I head home, I usually have a salad or quesadilla. – It really depends on what leftovers are in the fridge.

quesadilla3 pm: Workout. This changes based on the day, but I’m really trying to make it a priority.

5 pm: Home/Dinner prep. If my parents are out of town I get to make a mess in my mom’s kitchen, which I really enjoy! I’m applying to a LOT of jobs in Minneapolis, which means that pretty soon I’ll have my own kitchen (apartment most likely) that I”ll be cooking in. If I happen to get a job near home I’ll probably keep staying at my parents house for the time being.

5 pm – 9 pm: Varies. This week I had Dance Camp, so I was busy working out with the girls. For June I still teach Yoga on Tuesday nights, and the Multisport group is doing Wednesday night swims (which I really need to get to).

katie johnny9:00 pm: Bed, I try to get into bed early. I usually read until 10 pm or so.

Being at home has a lot of blessings, mainly that I’m able to see my brother all the time. Also, not having to pay a rent while I’m not bring in money is wonderful!


Hot in Herre: Sriracha Giveaway

As promised! Today I’m giving away a container of Sriracha Almonds courtesy of the Blue Diamond Tastemakers program. And as always: the thoughts and opinions are my own.

sriracha almonds

Summer is here, and with that means lots of activities and a constantly changing schedule I’ve got three different stresses for each of the months of Summer.

June: Job Searching. I hope to find the right position for me, but part of that means I need to decide where to live.

July: Scholarship Pageant which I am the Director, thank goodness for the rest of my committee, or I wouldn’t be able to do it! (Plus I’m traveling July 6-16 so I need to get a lot done in a short amount of time).

August: Superior Man Triathlon 41.5. I’m signed up, but haven’t been swimming, biking, or running with regularity. I either need to start committing, or send in my deferral to next year.

The Sriracha almonds have come out at a great time. It doesn’t take much for me to get excited, and I love a good spicy snack!

Blue Diamond isn’t asking me to giveaway this product, I want to share the love. So comment with your favorite way to stay healthy in the summer, and there will be a random winner on Wednesday next week (June 17th).

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.

Triple Crown and Three Crowns

What a weekend! I am exhausted today with all the different events I managed to cram in. Saturday started with saying goodbye to my godfather. He joined my family on our spring break trips to Mexico and LOVED meeting the Gustavus friends that would join me on the trip. He will be missed, and it was touching to see that the college sent flowers.Gustavus RosesWe relaxed after the service and joined his family for dinner Saturday night. We still prioritized the Triple Crown by leaving our table to watch the race, and were rewarded with a happy ending!

triple crown reactionI was so exhausted from the full day that I went home early. Sunday I traveled to the cities for my Aunt’s birthday party. I made the mistake of asking Johnny “would you like coffee” and he surprised us all by saying “Sure!” I guess I’ll have to stop that joke, as I have offered him beer in the past, and I don’t think that’s a habit we need to start (he is 23 for the record).

johnny coffeeWe doctored the coffee with whipped cream and milk, which is probably why he asked for a second cup.

I had every intention of looking up the meaning behind Gustavus’s use of the Three Crowns, and explaining how it applies to life in some sort. Unfortunately Wikipedia isn’t give me a great meaning to go off of.

Instead, I’ll remind you that life is short, so go live it.


Chance Chat #23: Be Interesting

Hello Friends! I’m working hard to keep things on the bright side of life. While I haven’t watched the entire Mad Men series, I do think the series is a great representation of “Chance” my one little word for 2015.

Mad Men Quote Betty DraperMy schedule is full enough that I can’t remember the last time I said “I’m bored”. But I’m not sure I agree with the idea of “boring people”. Everyone likes different things.

There was a boy in high school who I thought was the MOST BORING person ever. I’ve actually gotten to know him a little better over the years, and its not that he’s boring. It’s that he likes different things than me. I’m happy to be out and about with different friends doing different things. He likes his close friends and his own activities. AND THAT’S OKAY!  As a 17 year old I didn’t get it. But now I do. There’s a comfort in doing familiar things with familiar people.

But when those familiar things or people start to bring you down. You’ve got to start shaking it up. Try something new. Don’t say “yes” to the same thing day after day. Instead of going to the same coffee shop, try the other one down the road.

If you feel bored, change. It might be difficult, but either it will be worth it, or you’ll have a new appreciation for your “old” way.

Are you bored? Do you know any boring people?

In and Around My World

It’s been a while since I shared a snapshot of my life. I’m slowly taking photos to write a “day in the life post” but for now here’s a few things I feel compelled to share. (for no good reason other than I want to).

  • National Running Day: (yesterday) The group I would usually join was starting at 5 am, which would have required me to be up at 4 am….So I didn’t go. Today I wore workout clothes to the office, so I have to run before I go home for the evening.

no lipstick snapchat selfie

  • I did run on Saturday, and was a little slow getting ready for a wedding afterwards which resulted in not putting lipstick in my purse. I even behaved on Saturday night so I could run again on Sunday morning. My legs weren’t so sure about it, but getting 6 miles felt really good.
  • The Office: I’ve been unemployed officially since May 17. I’m still going to our office as there’s a few phone calls I make each day, and I prefer to leave the house. I did create a Career page, for those interested.

taco pie

  • Blogging: I always say I’m going to write a post on my favorite “taco pie” but never do. Last night my brother was helping me in the kitchen, so I didn’t take many photos. But I did take one before serving! And then ran outside to snap this photo.

cedar lakeAnd to finish: Two Links from this week  that I love.

  • “In a perfect world, we’d all have fulfilling work that fulfilled us. But it’s good to remember that you might have to find that fulfillment elsewhere – and if you do, that’s not a failing on your part or your job’s. It’s just your professional reality at the moment.” Yes and Yes.
  • “You never need to hide from God. Repent and believe and be free from all the lies the world will tell you about not being smart enough or pretty enough, good enough or clean enough.” She Reads Truth.

Personal Records…or Not

Grandma’s Marathon is less than 3 weeks away. And it doesn’t even matter. It’s hard to believe after completing the 5k in 2011, my first half marathon in 2012, my first (and so far only) full marathon in 2013, and running the half marathon in 2014, that I won’t be on the road from Two Harbors to Duluth this year.

Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon 2012


I did run Saturday and Sunday this weekend, but my legs felt like lead both times. I should stick to shorter distances and work on speed, but I like the endurance style workouts. They allow me time to relax and clear my head.

Caribou Coffee and Turkey Trot Medal


As I see Personal Records (PRs) and amazing distances covered by my friends on social media. I am admittedly jealous. I wish the best for them, and wish that I was also on the road and celebrating something. But every year can’t be a banner year. In 2014 I celebrated a new half marathon PR and a 10k PR.  And while I don’t want to go backwards, I can’t always be pushing forward. This is not the time to be adding training stress to my body. Instead I need to use my workouts for stress relief.

Do workout goals stress you out? and/or Do you use workouts for stress relief?


Chance Chat #22: Two out of Five

Woah. I almost didn’t get this posted on time! Thankfully I got invited to run with friends this morning and I’m sipping some coffee before hitting the road. I haven’t been running far or fast lately, which is a change from the last 5 years.

2 out of 5

Chance Chat for this week is a pretty popular one, and one that I can resonate with…at least half of it.

  • Quit Your Job: Technically the company was sold.
  • Buy a Ticket: Going to Chile in July!
  • Get a Tan: I’m becoming more and more aware of skin cancer, but being outside is important!
  • Fall in Love: hahaha.
  • Never Return: woah. I’m not okay with that. While you can never go back to exactly how things were, you can still revisit different things.

The photo and ideas are so romanticized, but is quitting your job without a plan really the best thing? I’ve been unemployed for two weeks, and must say I hate it. I’m outgoing enough that networking isn’t too painful, but that doesn’t mean I like putting myself out there.

Which of these ideas is your favorite? Which of these sounds awful?

May 2015 Recap

Woah Baby, May went by wayyy too fast! I wanted a job by June 1, and I’m guessing that I won’t be an interview and an offer tomorrow or Monday. So I’ll have to focus on the good things that happened in May instead.

derby julepI kicked off the first month of my 27th year with a Derby party.

And gave you 20 songs to listen to this spring.

Finding Neverland Musical NYCRecaped my NYC trip. And I pre-ordered the Finding Neverland Soundtrack, which meant I got to automatically download 5 of the songs.

Looked Back on Middle School, High School, College, and Graduating.

And this was my favorite Chance Chat of the month. But who knows, maybe Sunday’s will be the best?

What was your favorite part of May?

Pinned it, Spinned it: Bacon is Better than Basil.

Back to work friends! Or rather, back to job searching for me. I hope you had a fabulous long weekend! Today’s post title is inspired by Bethie the Boo who I met at a Minnesota Blogger event this spring. She does Pinned it Spinned it outfits on instagram, which I love!

Today I’m sharing a Pinterest pasta recipe from Iowa Girl Eats that I’ve made multiple times and loved, but I’m trying to use up things in the cupboard and needed a recipe that used mini ravioli, except I don’t really like traditional ravioli and tomato sauce dishes. So her Crispy Gnocchi with Zucchini, Sweet Corn & Basil became my Mini Ravioli with Zucchini, Sweet Corn & Bacon.

pinned it spinned it pastaI boiled double the Mini Ravioli I needed so I could create a Greek Pasta Salad to be used for lunches the next couple days. I started by caramelizing the red onion in some olive oil, and putting bacon in the oven (my favorite way to cook bacon).

pinned it spinned it pasta 2Ravioli already has cheese in it (news flash!), so I skipped the cream and cheese, I also didn’t have basil on hand, so that was omitted as well. I considered adding spinach, but I had plenty of green from the zucchini so I’ll save that for another recipe.

bacon basil dinnerBecause I need to add a photo of my creation I will, but please know that I understand this photo could be better.

Do you follow recipes to the letter?

Or do you mix it up and hope it still tastes good?

Chance Chat #21: Be Brave

Happy Sunday friends! Last week’s post was a bit of a bummer, so I wanted to make sure this week’s was a little more uplifting.

chance be braveHard things are going to happen, there’s no avoiding them.

By being brave we can get a little more strength to get through the struggle.

We can have a little more faith that things are going to work out in the end.

It’s hard to imagine getting through tough stuff without a little bravery.

And if you find yourself lacking in bravery, maybe its time to share some of your fears and struggles with someone else.

That person might have some ideas of what to do next or at least reassurances that you’re on the right path.

Are you brave?

Or is there something else that you ask for during hard times?