Lakes Country Triathlon 2014: Race Recap

After a crazy Friday of Katy Perry Concert Partying, Saturday of Corepower Yoga Triathlon, Sunday morning’s Lakes Country Triathlon was a little rough on my body. Thankfully I didn’t have any first time nerves to deal with. I woke up at 5:15 am to an intense thunderstorm, and the desire to go back to bed. I didn’t want to drive over to Brainerd/Baxter only to hear that the race was cancelled.

Lakes Country Triathlon Set UpThankfully the weather cleared on the drive over and the pavement was even dry setting up transition!

Swim 1/4 Mile (12:26): I was in the Athena divison which was the last wave to go. Luckily this meant that there were no fast swimmers that would go after me and pass me. Unluckily, I got kicked in the face almost immediately. I didn’t freak out. But my strokes and breathing were seriously out of wack. I usually breathe on both sides, but for whatever reason could only breathe on my left, and had to breathe every stroke! It wasn’t pretty but I got it done.

Transition 1 (2:44): I decided to put on my socks for the bike as I already had a blister from dancing on Friday night. I’m so glad I did while it meant my transition was long, my comfort was worth it!

Lakes Country Triathlon BikeBike 13.6 miles (46:32): The majority of my rides this summer were on portions of the course which made this my strongest leg. I was rocked the false flat, cruised on the downhills, and passed a bunch of people. I took a vanilla gu while biking and was amazed at how my balance has improved since the beginning of the summer.

Transition 2 (1.31): Switched to sneakers with numb fingers, I probably should invest in some “yank” type of laces next summer. Took off my helmet, and thought I was forgetting something. But took off on the run.

Lakes Country Triathlon RunRun 3.2 Miles (39:22): I started running with a woman in a pink tank top in front of me. I totally thought I would keep up with her or pass her. But she started pulling in front of me right away. I took some walk breaks, my legs felt like lead. And I was really questioning my decision to race after a night of partying/dancing and a day of yoga/running/yoga instead of resting.

In the last mile a very encouraging woman came up behind me and was cheering people on. I loved her energy, but her belief that I could hold a 9:15 min/mile was laughable. My first mile split was about a 13:30, my second mile was about 12:45, and while I thought I could negative split, I knew 9:15 was not in my legs. I sprinted in, but wish I had been able to push it earlier in the run.

Gull Lake Zorbaz PizzaPost Race: Started itching, realized the bugs that were flying around me during the run had bit me, and I have welts all over my arms! After slowly packing up everything, I made it over to Zorbaz to post-race celebrate. Once I got home I crawled in bed for a nap, and pretty much stayed there the rest of the day. Rest was needed!

Monday my legs were definitely stiff, I taught sculpt, but modified a lot for myself. I am surprised that my quads aren’t as sore as they usually are!

Lakes Country Triathlon RunOverall: I am so pumped about my bike pace! I averaged 18.1 miles per hour on this course, versus Tri for a Cause where I averaged 16.9 miles per hour. I’m bummed about my run pace which slowed from an average of 11:43 at Tri for a Cause to 12:19 at Lakes Country. My swim pace also slowed from 2:37 per 100 yard at Crosby to 2:50 per 100 yard. However, this summer I put the majority of my focus on the bike.Starting in September I want to go back to the couch to 5k plan so I can build up my running pace, after I build on that I will get back in the pool and work on my endurance with good form!



Twosday: Katy Perry Concert and Triathlons

Hello My Friends! I hope the last week of summer is treating you well! (I know technically Summer goes until September, but Labor Day always feels like the end of Summer.) Without Further ado, a weekend recap Twosday style!

2 Katy Perry Concert pictures!

Katy Perry Unconditionally I have the greatest friends who are down for dancing and singing as if we are on stage, even if we are in the second to the last row!

Katy Perry Concert Pink hairThe hair coloring was temporary, but I’m seriously considering adding some pink to my life.

Two Triathlons: Corepower Yoga Triathlon at the Maple Grove Studio. (Sculpt, Run, C2)

Corepower Yoga Triathlon and Lakes Country Triathlon! (Swim, Bike, Run).

Lake Country Triathlon Set Up Full race recap to come.

Zorbaz Bloody Mary Bar Gull Lake 2 drinks! Post Race we went to Zorbaz on Gull where I had to have their Bloody Mary with a Beer back. So Delicious.

Peace Perspective XXXIII: Messy

Happy Sunday Friends! I’m typing this on Friday before I go to the cities for some errands, the Katy Perry Concert (I’m most excited about seeing Kacey Musgraves open), and when this publishes I’ll be at the Lake Country Triathlon getting my transition set up! But before I race, I have to share my thoughts on Messy with you.

William Leal Quote MessyThis may as well be the caption of my “about me” photo. I woke up late every day last week. I did take the time to pick up my room a little, only to have to pack and send it back into a disaster. My hair isn’t much better. I usually shower and leave without blow drying or styling. It means I don’t have any heat damage from styling, but it also means I am permanently in a pony tail if I want to look “polished”.

My words aren’t much better, I have plenty of ideas of what I would like this blog to look like, but I have implemented zero of them. Maybe once its winter I’ll take the time to learn. The heart is an entirely different matter. At this point I’m not sure if I’m being picky, or if I’m not putting myself “out there”.

Life…. is really a statement that can’t be completed. As much as I like these Peace Perspectives there is no way I can find one quote to encompass everything in life. I am glad that this quote accepts that everything is messy. And that is okay.

What’s messy in your life right now? Are you embracing it? Or trying to clean it?


Instagram Last Weekend: via Blue Diamond Almonds and Influenster

As a blogger I occasionally have opportunities to receive products and review them. This was one of my main reasons for becoming self hosted. Anytime I am given an opportunity to review a product I promise to be truthful about my thoughts. Last weekend I shared two such opportunities on Instagram!

blue diamond honeyThe first thing I received was two tins of Blue Diamond Almonds! I’ve talked about my love of these tasty almonds before, but in case you weren’t aware, you can also sign up for the Tastemakers program! When there are new opportunities, you apply to be selected, and then if selected you receive free product. Of course when you are showcasing the products on social media, you need to include the #ad to be FTC compliant. (if you’re not sure about that, read here.)

These almonds I gifted to my friend Emily as she is busy starting her first big girl job and deserved a good snack. Although I did make her open them so I could taste them, and both Honey flavors were amazing! Now I need to find the Honey Mustard Nut Thins.

vitality voxboxThe second package I received was from Influenster. This is the 3rd time I’ve received something from them, and this is the best box yet! I immediately started using the softlips cube, and think it is awesome, I received the mint flavor, but would also love the Vanilla.

Influenster has the option to do extra work for extra points, which would then possibly allow you to get extra stuff. They also are more specific about what they want tagged and submitted on social media. Also, the require the below discloser.

*”I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

Remember I also received the Blue Diamond Honey Almonds for free, but all reviews of any products are my own thoughts.

Do you like seeing sponsored posts? Do you know of other companies that are looking for more blogger participation?

Lakes Country Triathlon 2014: Race Plan

On Sunday morning I’ll be starting my second sprint triathlon! To read about my first, click here. Once again I’ll be racing close to home, so I won’t have to worry about travel.

LAKE COUNTRY TRIATHLONThe Lakes Country Triathlon will be a 1/4 mile swim, 13.6 mile bike, and 3.2 mile run. I’ve swam at Whipple Beach most Wednesdays of July and August. Although I missed last week due to a being sick. I started the beginning of summer being very strong with my Tuesday morning rides, but I only attended a couple in August. My running has been non-existent. After this race I plan on completing the couch to 5k program so my body can get used to running again. I’m hoping that I’ll build up a decent base so I can race in 2015 uninjured and faster!

Wetsuit red swim capOriginally this was going to be my A race of the season. Unfortunately last week I got a nasty cold and I’m still working on getting rid of my cough. During Tri For a Cause I focused on “finish” I had to focus to finish the swim, the bike was fairly easy as I knew the course, but I had to focus on “finish” to keep running.

My phrase for this race will be “just a little” Since the distance is “just a little” shorter, I’m hoping to be “just a little” faster.

I also might have to dig “just a little” deeper to complete the race as Friday I’m going to the Katy Perry Concert, and Saturday I’m hoping to attend a Corepower Yoga Triathlon (which is a sculpt class, run, C2 class).

What are your favorite phrases to say to yourself during a race?


Peace Perspective XXXII: Dreams

Being on cold medicine always makes my sleeping and dreaming a little weird. However even before I caught my summer cold I was dreaming some strange things!

DREAMSYears ago I would have dreams where I was fighting with someone, screaming, crying, the works, I’d wake up tired from the “exertion” and confused as to why I was fighting in the first place.

Lately my dreams have been peaceful, quietly walking with someone, chatting about the past and the future. Yet I still wake up confused. I haven’t been having those types of conversations with anyone lately.

Are dreams omens? Or are they your subconscious working through problems? I don’t know, but I’m glad I’m not fighting anymore!

Life Lately: August 2014

Hello Friends, for a day or two I thought I was going to be doing my Peace Perspectives without a post in between! Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Running the Deerwood Summerfest 5k! I signed up last week thinking I would have a bunch of friends running, turns out I ran on my own, without music, but with my watch. I was pumped with my time 32 minutes and 18 seconds (or something) only to read last year’s review…Oh well!

deerwood summerfest 5kAs soon as the race was done I headed home to get ready for another wedding! At the beginning of the summer I thought I didn’t have many weddings this year…yet somehow I’ve managed to attend 4 already, and have one more in the fall!

Aztec Print DressOn Monday, Missy posted about Secrets and it got me thinking about how the saying “a picture says a thousand words” is kind of crap. Pictures can be posed and edited to look however you like. But only the people in the photo and taking the photo know how the photo shoot went, what was said, and their interpretations of the photo shoot may change over time.

summer coldMonday afternoon my throat was feeling a little sore, Tuesday I had a runny nose, chose super light weights for my sculpt class, and had a restless night tossing, turning, and not really breathing.

computerYesterday we had our computers updated, and I’ll save you from reading the texts that I sent my friend Emily, but let’s just say it didn’t go as planned….Which I should have expected.

What have you been up to this week?


Peace Perspective XXXI: Never Too Late

How soon do you plan things in advance? I find myself in the first week of August already having my weekends through October 5 planned. Oops! While I have weekends planned and wish I had a little free time to do as I please, I’m also starting to think of my 2015 goals.

Never Too Late I fully believe this statement. It is never too late to try, to start, or to do something new. I love the refreshing feeling of New Years (although I do hate New Years Eve). But I don’t think that refreshing feeling has to be limited to January 1.

We are in the last month of Summer, there is time to start healthy habits which can carry into the school year. Even for cold Minnesota there is still time to train for a race and complete it before the snow comes.

There is also time for second chances. Maybe you tried something this spring, or last year, and it didn’t go the way you wanted. That is okay. If the opportunity comes again, consider giving it a second try. You never know what might happen once you give it a chance.

What would you like to start, or re-start?

Run for the Dump 2014: Quarter Marathon

I didn’t talk about it much leading up to it, but last weekend was my hometown‘s annual Aitkin Riverboat Days celebration. Included in the weekend is the Run to the Dump, Minnesota’s Oldest Quarter Marathon.

run to the dump 2014I was up late Friday night visiting with friends who came up north for the weekend, they were game for running the next morning, so we made sure to get in bed before midnight. I was up at 6:15 so I could drink a cup of coffee, and we stopped by registration at 7 am. We hopped on the early bus and waited at the lake access before the race started.

Mile 1: My knees were mad, my feet were mad, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to finish the race.

Mile 2: Trail begins the soft ground was a welcome change.

Mid way- Jim’s water stop. The course goes through his property and he is sweet enough to provide water.

Mile 3: Trail becomes field, the sun starts to feel hot.

Mile 4: Wishing second water stop was still available, I think the cub scout got his directions wrong as he was at the 3 mile mark and I didn’t need water again yet.

Mile 5: Back on the road, body is in less pain than it was during Mile 1, but quads are starting to warn me of fatigue.

Mile 6: Almost there! Curious of time as I didn’t have watch or music.

Finish: 1:20:ish. Downed some water, and then headed home for breakfast, lake and bloody mary’s!


Twosday Sharing

Hello Friends! I’ll be back tomorrow with a race recap, but today I wanted to share two quick things with you.

2 Photos from my Instagram, which I then put together.

Riverboat Days Aitkin Run to the Dump2 Posts from Nora, who I can’t put into words, but here’s a portion of her about me section.

nora my husbands tumorHere is the first post, and here is the second.

What are two things you will be accomplishing this week? I’ll be doing a 5k on Saturday morning, and then attending a wedding!