Topsy Turvy Week

Hot in, so hot it hurts, hot in…… Yeah, it’s hot in here. My week has been topsy turvy from the get-go. I didn’t leave work in a great place on Friday, and it kind of chased me into Monday. I’m feeling quite a bit of school stress right now, and my volunteer committee was missing a crucial volunteer.

horizontal runningWork has leveled out…..somewhat. Its always going to be a crazy world, and so far we have all been confused together. School will never stop, so I just have to do the best I can with what I have. Thankfully my cohort is amazing so I’m able to at least bounce ideas off of them. An the almost missing volunteer has been found and is willing to keep helping us pull it all together.

So its going to be okay. I wanted to have fun this coming weekend, but its looking like I need a couple days of “nothing to do” to actually get stuff done. I attempted it last weekend, but there weren’t quite enough hours in the day.

So for now, take care friends. Hopefully the “get stuff done” will include writing a few blog posts about life these days, if you want to know more about something specific….let me know!

When things go crazy….what do you do?


Don’t Wait, Find Peace

Overwhelmed in some areas of life, underwhelmed in others. I really need a night to kick back and watch 10 Things I Hate About You.

don't wait find peace

Last weekend I was home and got a lot of great final things done. This weekend I’m in St. Paul and attempting to get everything ready for back to back weekends in Aitkin for the Miss Aitkin Scholarship Pageant and Riverboat Days, and my 10 year reunion….. I’ve got one more week in between, but it already feels like I don’t have enough time.

Thankfully last weekend I also got to go on a walk with my mom. And this week I managed to go to Yoga Sculpt twice!!! Those are times when I can focus on me, no one could interrupt, nothing could really go wrong. So hopefully while I’m preparing for these crazy busy weekends I can also stop the madness and find time for peace.

P.S. Remember the Peace Perspectives? This one titled “waiting” is still very true for me.

Mid-Summer Check-in

Just a friendly reminder, to always stand up for yourself. I’m fulfilling my millennial duty by watching Cosmopolitan’s snap story every morning, and this was an image shared in the last week or so. dating life

I’ve got another dating themed blog post in my mind, but I need some time to develop it. (Spoiler, its a playlist, but I don’t use spotify, so I’ll probably just write down the songs and make you find them).

killed succulent

I managed to kill my succulent birthday present over the fourth. Apparently it didn’t take too well to being in an 80 degree apartment for 5 days. Just further proof that I won’t be a cat lady…unless I moved and bought a house.

I have no great insights this week, just kind of getting through. I did go on an adventurous outing on Wednesday night, but there was a no photography rule, so I’ll save that story to myself for now.

What has your week been like? Are you piling in the fun activities? Or lost in the shuffle of required human activities (aka work, sleep, eat)?

Wait, Don’t Wait, Chaos

I don’t comment on politics much, I think its the lutheran/half catholic in me. I’m open about so much (hello I write a blog twice a week) but feelings on what is happening in the world and how it relates to me is not my strong suit for sharing.

wait, don't wait, chaosI once again went home for the weekend. Aitkin will always be home. I had some volunteer work to do, and spent an hour in town running errands. I didn’t know what to write about today, or what photo to post. But right there, main street America, you could see the reminder of the officer we lost, and the freedom we have.

I have no answers, I have a thousand questions, and I don’t even know who to ask for an answer. So this week it doesn’t matter if you try to wait for more information, or if you don’t wait and make your decision. Its all chaos. And I hope we find a safer middle ground soon.

Do you share your political thoughts on social media? Or do you save it for private conversations?

Never Say “this” on a Date.

At 28 years old I’ve been on plenty of dates, and had a few established relationships. I assume the men I go out with have as well. However there is one word that makes my skin crawl.


Never ever ever say “we” unless you’re putting the word into context. “We” used to live in Roseville. “We” loved going to the State Fair.

Why? Because I don’t know who “we” is. If you don’t specify that you’re talking about your buddies from college, or your roommate. I’m going to assume it was a past relationship. I’m also going to assume that you aren’t over that past relationship.

Sure I can ask and clarify. But if you meant past relationship, and now I’ve called it out….things get awkward. quick.

I’m already assuming you have an ex girlfriend or two. Maybe an ex-wife. And that is just fine. I have ex-boyfriends. But you and I do not need to be discussing them when we are still getting to know each other. If things go well we will cross that bridge eventually.

Until then, let’s clarify who “we” is.

Have you been on a date where you could tell the other person just wasn’t ready for a new relationship?

Did you call them out on it? and/or

What are your dating turn offs?

Don’t Wait, Celebrate

Sure I usually post on Sundays, and sure this post is titled “don’t wait” But I still have to wait for the title, post, and photo to come to me each week. Its usually not until I’m by myself and a little quiet when my brain can put it all together.

don't wait celebrate

The last 5 days have been spent with 20+ family members, celebrating my cousin’s wedding. Its the first wedding for this side of the family, this generation. There were long days, with lots of activities, and even more people as we met friends and the groom’s family. I was bummed not to be in Minnesota for the weekend, but if I had to be gone, I am so glad it was to be with these people.

Was there ever something you thought was going to be a disappointment to miss? Only to realize that the alternative was better than you could have imagined?

June 2016 Recap

I hope you enjoyed Peony season, because just like June….its over. There’s still July and August so it isn’t all bad, but I know I’ll manage to fill those months. I’m off to Boise, Idaho for the weekend to celebrate my cousin’s marriage. Its the first wedding for this side of the family, and the entire immediate family is coming, which we aren’t usually able to accomplish.

St Paul Peony

After a crazy work schedule this spring, June was much more normal. Of course I had class twice a week so my free time was limited, but at least I wasn’t having to work extra hours. I’ve got one more class for the summer and then a few blessed weeks off. Plus, I’ll finally be able to say that I’m half way through the MBA program!

cedar lake sunset

I was home quite a bit in June, and July will be about the same. I’ve got lots of Miss Aitkin work that can be completed online, but for some of it I really have to be in town. I can’t really complain when I have a view like this to visit.

gull dam brewery

Last weekend I was in St. Paul, and yet still managed to spend my Friday night talking about home/Nisswa area. Turns out my dinner companion and I were both at the Gull Dam Brewery opening Oktoberfest party. There’s now a 4th brewery open in the area and I’ve got to make my way there eventually.

What was your June like?

Are you ready for the 4th?!

Wait: Review

We are almost to the halfway point of 2016, and I’m pretty amazed that I have managed to take my own photos for each “wait” post this year. Usually my photos are taken within the week I post them, but this week I dug into my Duluth photos as I haven’t shared everything a photographed in May.

wait, review duluth

Duluth is a tough city for me. Some great memories, some terrible memories. But either way, I have learned a lot about myself when in that city. Even the bad memories have faded enough that its not painful, just grateful those times have passed. I didn’t run Grandma’s Marathon, the half, or even the 5k last weekend. And I don’t know that I will next year (I will still apply for the half lottery).

Taking the time to look back is important, it can help direct you to where you want to go next. Of course with a blog title “looking forward” I don’t want to dwell on the past. However I do want learn from the past.

Do you live in the past?

Or the here and now?

Or are you looking for the next best thing?

2 Decades…Minimum. On Friendship.

Friends can be a tricky thing. People change, so naturally friendships change. A few months ago I had a brunch where I invited various people from my life, some of them had met before, some hadn’t, and it was fun to see them interacting. But I really am happiest when I separate the different groups. I’m able to focus on the conversation and not worried about filling in the information gaps.

high school friends 10 year reunion

These women have known me for over twenty years. Which almost shouldn’t be possible. We know entire chapters of our lives that coworkers, college friends, and sometimes spouses will never know. Because they weren’t there. They didn’t live it with us. We can tell every story, but its not quite the same.

Life is not idyllic. Do not let this long standing friendship become a fairytale. There have been hard times and hurt feelings. We survived middle school. It is not a thriving situation. But we’ve come out the other side of high school, college, and we are all at slightly different points in our relationships and careers. Now is the uncharted territory. Where you want to compare, but no comparison is quite equal.

Instead of comparing, lets celebrate each other. Wherever we are. For surviving the hard work situation, losing the family member, or battling the toddler. Everyone is out there fighting their own fight, don’t be another thing to fight, be the celebration.

How long have you known your friends?

How do you stop the comparison trap?

Wait: Go Slow

Things can happen so quickly, and there have been so many sad situations lately. Sometimes you need to slow down. Appreciate where you are and what is around you.

wait go slow

Yesterday I went a friend for a run…it was mostly a walk. Which was good. It was 5 miles. After that I went home, my mom and I got an hour on the paddle boards. Then I was off to a grad party, seeing old friends and being amazed that 10 years ago it was my grad party year, and somehow these kiddos are all grown up. After some time with a good friend catching up and commiserating the struggles of dating, I was off to meet a new friend.

Somehow I managed to pack in 5 things to a normal Saturday. When I shared that over a beer I may have scared the listener. My schedule is intense. I don’t always enjoy it. But what of those 5 things would I have wanted to cut out? None of them.

So for now the craziness continues, but don’t for a minute think that every day is that crazy. Today my only plan is to be at home, there’s a few things that I’ll work on, but I got all my socializing in yesterday.

I need to learn to take my own advice and slow down, which is what today is for.

What is your pace today? Fast and full? Or slow and sweet?