Don’t Wait: go your pace

While race season is over for most athletes, and we haven’t hit the new years resolution resurgence of exercise yet…This is my favorite time of the year to workout outdoors. The temperature is perfect especially when you know it isn’t going to last. So you might stay out a little longer, go a little further.

don't wait go your pace

When you’re running/walking/going next to other people you might start to compare yourself. DON’T DO IT! Comparison is going to get you no where. Do what you can with what you have. I used to be a marathoner. That was three years ago. I could go for an 8 mile run on the weekend and not think much of it. Now I’m a 3 miles or less runner. But I’m starting to feel better and better about it. So maybe I will stretch my distance in the next few weeks. But I needed that more than a month of 3 mile runs to make me think it was maybe time to increase.

Do you compare yourself to others? Or just hold yourself to your past self? Or do you feel grateful for getting out and not worry about the right of it?


Blocking the Blog

Conferences can be terrible things. Confusing location, stupid speakers, annoying people. Thankfully MNBlogCon doesn’t really have those problems. If you follow the crowd you’ll pretty much find your way around. The speakers have all been selected, and you’re allowed to jump from session to session if you like. And the people are wonderful. Either you’re finding your people, or you’re finding new people to learn from.

blogging besties

The last two weekends I’ve thought of blog posts to write…and yet none of them have made it from brain to page. I want to blame my schedule (next week’s outline listed below) but I could find more writing time if I really wanted to. It would probably mean giving up some running, cooking, or relaxing time. And I’m pretty firm on needing those things in my life.

blogger schedule

I can usually allow one fun thing in a week, but I really need a few nights during the week at home to keep things organized and sane. I’m saying “no” to a lot of friends lately. Its not that I don’t want to see them, its that I can’t over commit myself. I know that when that happens, my happiness tanks. Even with a schedule full of fun things, the too-full schedule brings me down.

Lela Burrata Beet Salad

Saturday night instead of going to the Blogger Conference after party, or a co-worker’s house warming party, or dinner with another friend…I had some family time. It was much needed. Just the four of us, Johnny was sleeping off a seizure, but being able to see them was much needed after two weekends of somewhat networking events. I needed my roots.

Did you attend the Minnesota Bloggers Conference? What did you think of this year’s event?

Does a full calendar make you happy? Or stress you out?

Don’t Wait, Fail.

Failure has been a theme of the week. +90% of innovations fail. +50% of kick starters fail. People fail every day. I don’t want to list my particular failures of each day. But they are out there.

Don't wait, fail.

I’m not a particularly gifted photographer, but I sure take a lot of photos. My success for the year is using my own photos and not linking from pinterest every week like I used to. Don’t get me wrong, I love pinterest, but I don’t know the legalities of photo use, and I didn’t want one of my failures to be blogging jail for not properly crediting. ANYWAYS.

I’m hoping to find something to try. To attempt and know that I might fail. To accept failure, learn, and try again. I haven’t found the thing I’m excited about yet, but I’m going to keep trying to find it. I hope you stay along for the ride!

Have you failed lately? Are you willing to fail? Or scared to fail?

Falling into Crazy.

Fall is my favorite. But fitting in all the favorites is a struggle. There’s friends I haven’t seen in a long time, that I want to. But I just don’t seem to have the time/energy/freedom.

camp coco wolf ridge

I am so glad I took the time to go to Camp Coco last weekend. I needed a weekend of exploring, alone, yet with others. Strangers who might become friends. I felt refreshed throughout the weekend. Happy for the outside time, bonfire time, and being out of my little St. Paul studio.

doubting selfie

I’m skeptical. How do people really fit in everything they want to do? Cause I’ve spent the last two nights in my apartment, homework, cleaning, laundry, cooking. Maybe its because there isn’t another person to help me out. But I have plenty of single friends who seem to have their schedules under control. So where are the hours going?

life among deathWhile at Camp Coco I participated in each event, and a short hike with casual conversation had me realizing how important my faith is, how I need to continue to nurture that. While having that realization, I took the above photo. I needed the little sprout of green. Hopefully the beginnings of the next pine tree, and there is a beginning of more peace in my thoughts on scheduling.

How do you recharge? Do you go into the woods alone? Or seek out friends in the city?

Don’t Wait: Camp

**OOPS! Totally thought this posted on Sunday, turns out it didn’t. Enjoy a few days late!

Camp for adults is a crazy thing. You remember your memories of camp as a kid, and while some of the rules are the same, some things are completely different.

Camp Coco Bonfire

There will be more to come once I get a chance to unpack all my thoughts, but for now…Did you go to camp as a kid? Have you gone on a retreat recently?

Getting away for the weekend, being able to follow a schedule as much as I wanted to or didn’t want to, and being exposed to different people was priceless.

Luke’s Coffee: A Story of Thirst

I knew what I had to do. I needed to get there hours in advance. I woke up at 4 am, 40 minutes before my alarm clock, to the sound of rain. No way. Not doing it. Not waiting outside in the rain and then going to work all day. Besides, I had delicious coffee in my warm apartment.

luke's coffee

So I woke up at my normal time. Showered. And realized maybe I could still go, if the line only took half an hour. So I drove to Swede Hollow. The similarity to Stars Hollow was kismet. I parked, walked up to the building, saw the sign, and then kept walking and walking and walking, around the block, around the back half of the building. And kept on walking. I knew that line wasn’t moving in 30 minutes. No Way. Had I arranged to work 10-7 I would have been fine, but I didn’t pre-arrange it.

swede hollow luke's coffee day

So I went to work. With a newsfeed filling with coffee cups. So I asked, for an 11 am lunch instead of my usual 12:30. And I drove back to Swede Hollow, it felt a bit like moving Rory into Yale, driving back and forth. Except I didn’t have a used mattress and I also didn’t have any coffee. The line was slightly shorter, but still more than a 30 minute wait. So I budged the line. Took a photo of the sign (above). And called it good.

Was it wonderful? No. Am I glad I did it? Yes. As someone getting an MBA with a marketing concentration, this is the stuff that fascinates me.

Would you have waited in line?

Did you know Gilmore Girls fans were crazy? Or did it take this post to convince you?

Don’t Wait, Go.

Before the sunsets too soon I’m trying to soak up all the after work outdoor workouts that I can. One night this week I ventured to Fort Snelling, its close to work and I have a parking pass, so I may as well take advantage!

fort snelling sunset

I had ventured to Fort Snelling once before this summer with a friend and was fairly certain I remembered the path we took. I remembered a couple puddles we had to navigate around, but nothing major…..Its rained quite a bit lately. The “couple puddles” are now clear spots where you really have to go into the woods to avoid.

I ended up with two soggy shoes, despite my best efforts to avoid the water. But I’m glad I went. I got out of my routine a bit, and enjoyed the time alone. I’m finding that I crave alone time lately. I’m not entirely sure why considering I have plenty of it, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

Do you find that you want more alone time occasionally?

When you come across a puddle…do you run through it, or go around it?

September 2016 Recap

In the process of the month I have started my 2nd year of the MBA program, continued to struggle with finding my groove, and had one wonderful trip to Colorado.

crested butte horseback riding

Horseback riding in Crested Butte was the surprise of the month. I loved the ride, getting up in to the mountains, and having some quiet time with my friends. Its amazing that I’ve known them my whole life, and yet I’m still learning things about them.

colorado driving

The views were so gorgeous, and I’m ready for a few rain-free weekends to really soak up Minnesota’s Fall beauty. I’m more and more aware of how important outside time is for me. While I enjoy going to fun events, a stable schedule allows me to feel my best.

Do you do something different every week?

Or do you have certain things that are necessary for a good week?


Don’t Wait, Enjoy the Ride

I completely failed at posting by 7 am, I also failed at posting by 7 pm. Good thing my blog doesn’t have a boss, because I’d be getting a talking to.

crested butte horseback riding

Last weekend I was horseback riding in Colorado, this weekend I took a long walk in St. Paul. Both were wonderful, but so different. There are highs and there are lows, but I’m trying my best to enjoy the good things. And not get too tied down by the low points.

Going horseback riding was not something I expected on the short Colorado trip, but it was so wonderful to see some new sights, have quiet time with a few friends, and remind myself to be okay with going off the expected path.

Do you plan all your vacations?

Or do you see what happens once you’re there?

Delayed Response

I thought I’d never see you again! After writing my Sunday post on Saturday night, I went to sleep, woke up a few hours later drove 5 hours to Denver, flew back to Minnesota, and once I was back in my apartment attempt to start my computer….attempted.

It was dead. I plugged it in, and nothing. I bought a new charger over my lunch break on Monday, nothing. So I scheduled a genius bar appointment for mid-week, and chatted with support hoping they’d give me a mystery fix….no such luck.

Thankfully I live close to campus and was able to get all my homework done late Monday night. Once I got to the genius bar they quickly removed the battery, put it back in, and all was good again!

mac back to life

This started to look up for the week, but I know the weekend is going to back packed with trying to settle back in from vacation, more homework, and maybe a workout or two. Thankfully I was able to visit my MNCommunity friends at their 1 year anniversary event.

blackeye minneapolisThere are so many things I want to check out, and yet on my own I just don’t get there. Blackeye is one of those places, and thankfully they were the hosts! As a bonus I got to try the most delicious Rebel Donuts, and see some friends I haven’t seen in so long. I’m bummed to be missing Social Media Breakfast this morning, but I will be at Camp Coco and Minnesota Bloggers Conference in October.

How do you handle life when technology fails?

It was a rough week, but thankfully no expensive fixes were needed!