Indoor Triathlon Recap 2015 #2

Hello Friends! I’ve had a jam packed couple of days with lots of fun and seeing people I don’t usually see, but I still wanted to pop in and share my most recent triathlon success! When I completed my first Indoor Triathlon in January (which I blogged about last week…) I didn’t pressure myself to get any sort of distances, I just tried my best and did what I could.

This Sunday was a different story. I went to spin and swim once each every week, and I also ran a couple times a week, usually 3-6 miles. I knew my endurance was better, so I wanted to increase my distance in each sport.

indoor triathlon Swim: Saturday I participated in an awesome swim clinic, which gave me a few ideas on what to change in my stroke. I decided that I would focus on those new tips, and this was the one sport where I wouldn’t complain if my distance was lower, as long as I was focusing on the new technique. In 20 minutes I swam 850 yards, which is a 75 yard improvement!

Bike: My strategy for the bike this time was to crank out the miles, it always takes me 10-15 minutes before my RPMs (rotations per minute) can hold above a 90, which is frustrating. Since I’ve been going to plenty of spin classes I decided to keep the RPMs high and not worry about the resistance. This paid off as I was able to get 14.9 miles in 1 hour, a .4 mile improvement! Truthfully I’d like to get this higher, but I need more time in the saddle, I’m considering an indoor trainer, but haven’t bit the bullet on one yet.

indoor triathlon bikeRun: With the mild weather we’ve been having I ran outside A LOT in January. I decided to turn on the Couch to 10k app and do one of their workouts for the first 30 minutes of the 40 minute run, and it paid off. Each “run” portion I did a little bit faster than the one before, and I kept increasing my “walk” speed as well. I completed 3.27 miles, which was a .31 mile improvement.

Overall: I’m pumped that I increased my distance, I haven’t heard the date for the March indoor triathlon, hopefully it will be on the 1st or 15th so I can participate. However of the next 20 days, I’m traveling for 10 of them. So my endurance and workouts might fade a bit.

Thank you as always to the Brainerd Lakes YMCA for hosting this affordable and fun event!




Chance Chat 2015 #5: Killing Magic

And Welcome to February Folks! You might be looking for something other than the Super Bowl to pay attention to, and I’m happy to say you’ve come to the right place.

chance 2015 feb1Over-Planning is something I struggle with. Somehow I’ve got a women’s retreat, bachelorette party, fundraiser, and ski-hike all hoping to be scheduled for the same weekend in March. And while I’d love to do some/all of them. I’ll be in Mexico with my family. Now I’m not complaining about a family trip. But man does having every weekend pre-planned kill magic.

Midway through January I was planning February/March and was invited to a party, I happily clicked “join” on facebook pumped that I’d be in town and able to attend. Until I realized that I was planning on being in town March 1, and the party is today, February 1.

It didn’t make me feel very good to be over scheduled that I was getting the months confused! With dance season I knew January and February would have limited free time, so I’ve been pretty strict with myself on not planning things of March/April. And so far it is working!! Umm, except for that one weekend when everyone tried to plan everything.

Do you over plan and kill magic? Or do you fly by the seat of your fairy dust pants? (if the latter, teach me your ways).


January 2015 Recap

It’s almost the weekend!!! On my run Saturday morning my friend and I discussed how we don’t want to wait for the weekend, we want to be living and enjoying each day we get. And while that’s true, it is nice to have 2 days where I don’t have sitting at a computer/desk as the biggest part of my awake hours.

Blogging hasn’t come easy for me this month.

I did find plenty of comments to commiserate and learn from with my Closet Hoarding Confession. I’ll admit I’ve bought a new dress, but I also donated three bags of clothes. So I think I’m justified.

what is phoWhile the winter weather hasn’t been too bad, I managed to post about soup twice, first with my Thoughts on Pho, which I hadn’t tried before but I will be trying again. And then my Pinned it, Did it: Buffalo Chicken Soup, did you know that if you change 3 major ingredients in a recipe you can consider yourself the owner of the recipe? (learned that at a cooking class in Duluth a few years ago).

pinned it, did it buffaloMorning Workouts aren’t easy for me, but I manage to do them with these 3 Simple Tips.

postmorningworkoutAnd while I’m writing this prior to the Parenthood finale… which really deserves a post of its own. Here are my Hulu suggestions for these winter months.

YMCA: Indoor Triathlon January 2015

It amazes me that January is almost over, usually the month drags, but this year it flew! Hopefully February does the same. Before I give you my monthly recap (coming on Friday!) I thought I should share my results from the first indoor Triathlon of 2015 at the Brainerd YMCA.

Swim: 20 minutes. 775 yards (.44 miles) I haven’t been swimming much, so I was looking forward to seeing how my body would handle straight swimming without breaks. I spent the entire 20 minutes counting to 3 over and over. It helped me breathe and kept me relaxed. There was no point to push my body when I had 2 sports to go.

triathlon selfieBike: 1 hour. 14.5 miles. I hadn’t gone to spin in over a month, so I was quite sure what would happen on the bike. I decided to keep my RPM’s steady while increasing the resistance. I think I had the lowest mileage in the class, but I was happy with the effort I put out.

brainerdindoortriPhoto via the Brainerd YMCA facebook page.

Run: 40 minutes. 2.96 miles. It’s been a couple weeks so I don’t remember what my strategy was for the run.

Overall: this was all about getting back into the triathlon swing of things. I wasn’t trying to beat myself up, I knew my training was weak in December, and I wanted to start 2015 on a good note!

Chance Chat 2015 #4: Tattoo

Disclaimer: this is not me, if you’re new to Chance Chat, welcome! Each week I take a photo from Pinterest and explain how it fits in with my One Little Word for 2015: Chance.

tattoo if not now then whenI’m not a fan of needles. My grandpa (who was a doctor) pierced my ears right before he retired, I was 10 years old. I’ve considered tattoos and more earrings than the stud in each ear, however I have never pulled the trigger.

I don’t think one of the chances I’ll take in 2015 will include a tattoo or new piercing, but who knows, maybe my Christmas present to myself will be some ink. I have 11 months to decide.

“If Not Now Then When” is something I’m especially considering as I look into graduate school / MBA options. With my current job I could fit a part time program in fairly easily, I’d need to arrange for drive time, and adjust my yoga schedule a bit, but its doable.

I also think about it when I consider dating. Am I missing opportunities by not asking someone I like out? or am I holding back because the timing isn’t quite right, or is it because I’m not 100% certain about the person and I don’t want to put everything out in the open if the feelings or could be feelings aren’t reciprocated? More could be said on this in a future, separate post. And truthfully is already a draft that I have half written.

What are you considering? If you don’t do it now, when are you going to do it?

Pinned It, Did It: Buffalo Chicken Noodle Soup

How’s the week going friends? Mine is okay, the days are long, I’m sleeping hard, and I’m ready for the weekend 3 days too soon. It’s not all doom and gloom though. Monday night I didn’t have dance, as we had practice during the day thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. and the girls not having school. It’s hard to believe the JV teams will be done on Friday night, and the Varsity is almost to Sections! I am looking forward to not having practice each night, and hopefully getting into the kitchen more often.

With my free time Monday night I re-made one of my favorite soups, Buffalo Chicken Noodle! I found the recipe here on Pinterest, but I have some notes for the chef….

pinned it, did it buffalo

  • The recipe calls for orzo pasta, which I happen to have thanks to Trader Joes, however, I think this soup would be even better with elbow noodles.
  • I have no clue why the recipe calls for Parmesan cheese, maybe for added flavor, but I think the cheddar melted in, plus the blue cheese crumbles on top are best.
  • I doubled the carrots and subbed celery for the green onion. I didn’t have fresh herbs on hand, so I skipped those all together.
  • I considered adding black beans or chickpeas, but decided I’d stick with two chicken breasts cooked and cubed. If you don’t eat/like chicken, make it with the extra veggies and let me know how it goes!

buffalo chicken soup ingredientsDo follow recipes down to the last ingredient? Or do you make it your own as you go? While I follow the rules in life, I throw them out the window when cooking from a recipe.

Chance Chat 2015 #3: Critical Things

This pin is a new one, I usually choose a simple quote, not a list of things…but this one feels relevant. I’ve been guilty of tolerating/accepting a few of these.

2015 critical things #2 and #5 are the ones that really stick out. Both are because of my own actions. I have no one to blame but myself. Sometimes I’ve tolerated something because I felt trapped, I wasn’t willing to make a change or take a chance.

I also think that tolerating one of these things can result in tolerating more of them. It’s a slippery slope, if you’re unhappy at work, negative (#6) and compensating by shopping or eating out too much, which results in #7 and #8.

An unhealthy lifestyle could result in #4 and #5, and more than likely you aren’t communicating (#12).

It can be hard to stop accepting these circumstances. You may be afraid, or feel trapped. Sometimes I think you have to ignore your fear. Make a small change. You might not be able to quit your job right away, but you could clean up your resume, or renegotiate your hours at work with your boss.

I once had to schedule some ongoing doctor appointments and had to let my boss know that I was scheduling them either at the beginning of the day or the very end to reduce the interruption at work, but that I couldn’t skip the appointments. It wasn’t a conversation I wanted to have, but I knew that getting those appointments and working on feeling better was so much more important than the fear of what my boss would say.

Are currently accepting one of these intolerable things? Or have you overcome one of them and have a tip/trick to share?


What to Watch on Hulu: Winter 2015

Happy Friday! Everyone is back into the regular swing of things, and regularly scheduled programming is no exception! I’ve got two shows that premiered this fall that you need to be supporting, and two shows that are ending….But I only like one of them so far. Check them out and let me know if you agree! hulu marry meWith Friends: Marry Me, I love Casey Wilson, and while some of her antics are over the top, I also feel good after watching an episode.

hulu parenthoodWith Wine: Parenthood, While I loved the opening sequence of the winter premiere, too much went on during the first episode, I wish they would slow down and savor the final episodes.

hulu gothamWith a Guy: Gotham, I love everything about this show. There’s some funny moments, you never know quite how they are going to spin the story line, and I was a huge O.C. fan, so it’s good to see Ryan (Okay Benjamin McKenzie) doing well.

hulu gleeSkip: Glee, Sorry! I watched the first two episodes and so far I’m disappointed. I loved the New York episodes, and when I heard they would be going to somewhere else, I was hoping they’d be in L.A. after Rachel’s show failed. Them back in Ohio is boring so far.

What shows are you loving this winter?

How To: Workout in the Morning

I’ve been teaching 5:30 am Yoga Sculpt twice a week for over a year now, while there are many benefits, it’s not easy to get up each day. Thankfully I have a few tips to make it easier. (coffee isn’t one of the tips, because that should be assumed).

postmorningworkoutSimplify: prepare your breakfast/work stuff/clothes the night before. When everything is laid out, it’s easier to get up and get moving. Create a gym makeup bag separate from your full routine. Travel size if possibly so you don’t feel like you’re moving into the gym each morning. If you don’t have a shower available…I’ve been known to shower at night, so I’m reasonably clean, post workout I’ll use a shower wipe/wash my face and call it good.

Buddy Up: If you can’t get someone to workout with you, make friends with the instructor/gym employee. Or, ask a long distance friend to text you encouragement. There are plenty of people who work out in the morning, but you don’t realize how many until you start working out with them! (if you really can’t find a buddy, let me know, I’ll text/tweet at you and see how you’re doing!)

Early Bedtime: I don’t usually fall asleep until 10:30 or so, but I try to be in bed before that. I relax, read, and occasionally remember something I’ve forgot and jump to complete it.

Do not get in the habit of snoozing and missing your workout. When you hit the snooze you aren’t getting quality sleep and you aren’t getting a workout. If you really need to sleep, set your alarm later and don’t workout.

As for coffee/caffeine…know what your body can handle. I have one cup in the morning, and sometimes a diet coke around noon. (the pop used to be everyday, but I have been reducing it lately).

  • simplify
  • buddy up
  • early bedtime

You can do it. It will be hard at first, but the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Thoughts with Pho

Yesterday I tried Pho for the first time…I’ve heard it mentioned in other blog posts, I’ve seen a photo or two. I knew it was some kind of broth based noodle soup, but I didn’t know what made it special.

what is pho

  • Sriracha or Hoisin? The waitress asked me when I ordered, I said Sriracha, but wish I had said both. I loved the extra spice from the Sriracha, but I’m also a fan of Hoisin.
  • JalapeƱos, bean sprouts, lime wedge, and thai basil. (I added a little bit of each as I ate).
  • The spoon provided is strangely shaped, am I supposed to use chopsticks for the beef and noodles?
  • What are those meatball looking things?
  • Does this have a lot of sodium?

pho biteIf I had to grade my experience….Price: A $9.99 for a big bowl was just fine

Taste: B – I have no idea if this is the typical recipe, but I thought it was pretty good.

Overall….I would maybe order it again. The broth filled me up, but I would still choose sushi or pad thai before PHO, unless I was recovering from a sickness, then I’d order Pho for sure!