Commodore Bar, Birthday Preparation

My best friend and I both happen to have April birthdays, and our first year out of college we started the tradition of going to a fun dinner just the two of us. At least a month ahead of time (possibly longer) we decided that Commodore Bar was the obvious choice.

Commodore Bar St Paul

A food blogger I’ll never be, but I had the “The Partridge” the first sip was all gin, but it mixed together very nicely, the pear brandy was very smooth. The other first cocktail was “Fitzgerald” with house made sour, very refreshing and more citrus than I was expecting.

Commodore Toast

For food we ordered the shrimp cocktail, which may seem boring, but was delicious and clearly prepared with more thought than when others make it. And the TOAST! I cannot say enough good things about this trio. You could order just one style if you wanted, but… really need all three, I couldn’t pick a favorite if you forced me, they were all delicious!

Commodore Cocktails

The cherry on top of the evening….bahaha. was the Commodore cocktail. Served with a hand dipped chocolate cherry, it is the reason I will be visiting again and again. There was also a butter cake, which was good, but I was done with photos at that point.

The food was wonderful, but the service was even better! We sat in one of the three bar areas, and even though we arrived at 7:30, there was no wait for a table. The chairs are low and comfy, but I wouldn’t wear a miniskirt as it will definitely ride up from the low seat.

Do you have a birthday tradition? What bar/restaurant do I need to visit next?

Don’t Wait, Create.

The passing of Prince has been more significant to me than I thought it would be. I definitely enjoyed his music, but as more opportunities to remember his life and creative works arise, the more I want to attend.

Thursday I had tickets to Amy Schumer, who put on a great show. Many people warned me that her comedy is very crass/dirty. Maybe my barometer for dirty is too low, I wasn’t really shocked by any of the content.

First Avenue Prince Memorial

As the show ended I followed the crowd leaving the Target Center, only to realize we were never getting a cab, the street was shut down for those honoring Prince at First Avenue.

In the crowd I saw a woman sobbing, a man rolling a joint, everyone taking photos to commemorate, and the social media sharing as been overwhelming. I’m thinking Apple should be releasing a Prince symbol emoji since they are getting so much free advertising from photographs. (and yes I did take my photo on an iPhone 6).

Prince was the ultimate example of creativity, pushing the envelope, doing what he wanted and not considering consequences. I wouldn’t have gone to First Ave on my own, the crowd isn’t really my thing, but the opportunity was there, so I took it. (and I’m typing this on Saturday morning, I’m debating going to the Purple Rain movie showing tonight, but again, the crowds, I just haven’t quite committed.)

Do you consider yourself creative? If not, do you want to be?

And…..what are your thoughts on Prince? Always a fan? Annoyed that its all anyone can talk about? Hasn’t really affected/effected you? (Feel free to teach me the difference between those two words, I NEVER know which one to use).

Favorite Thing – Meeting Up!

(This was supposed to published yesterday…oops! Hopefully you’re still looking for fun weekend plans and the Favorite Things party can be a part of that!)

Last year was all about changes. Hence why my word for 2015 was “chance” I had to take chances in order to get to where I am today! Tonight I gave an MBA presentation on networking, I’m not perfect at it, but the idea of the class was to be more about DISCOVERY than DELIVERY. I won’t bore you with more details (although if you want to attend a sample class, you can join me here.)


ANYWAYS! I’m hosting a Favorite Things Party on Sunday. I attended one last year with all the lovely women above. We will each bring 3 of our “favorite thing” and leave with 3 different “favorite things” that other people brought. In the meantime we will have snacks, drink coffee/tea/wine/beer (so many possibilities when you meet up at a Lunds/Byerlys) and enjoy the time being together, instead of meeting up through a screen.

You are more than welcome to join! If you have any questions, drop me a comment here, or friend me on Facebook if we aren’t already friends!



Don’t Wait, Explore

I, like the rest of Minnesota went to Minnehaha Falls yesterday. Or rather, I attempted to. The crowds were overwhelming by the falls, so we decided to walk away from the crowds.

minnehaha falls castleWhile wandering we came across a totem pole which looked cool but I didn’t take the time to snap a photo, next time. And then from the paved path we could see the top of the castle. Turns out its not a whole castle, but the water feature and remote spot seemed like a wonderful place.

We wouldn’t have found this place if we hadn’t gone away from the crowd. We almost turned around before finding this spot, but we decided to just go a bit further. And that’s the lesson. Don’t be afraid to keep going, if you know whats up ahead, veer a little left, see if the other option could be just as good, maybe better.

What are your favorite outdoor spots? Do you get irritated when your favorite spot is filled with people?

MBA Update, Integrated Marketing Communications

The stuffy classroom was not where I wanted to spend 3 hours of the first 75 degree day of 2016.  Its been a rough week and I battled St. Paul road construction just to get to class, but I made it! I’m currently taking “Creative Strategy and Innovation” the professor’s enthusiasm is so infectious, time flies by! Thankfully we creatively agreed to have class outside for the first hour.

st kates mba

I snapped the photo quick and wasn’t able to properly adjust for the light, but I am so glad I took the leap into the program. There are days when I’m stressed and wish I didn’t have homework, but the good outweighs the stress by 100.

mba meme

Of course we eventually had to go inside, as there were presentations that classmates had prepared. One of my favorite things about the program is that every course requires some sort of presentation. I haven’t taken a formal class on presenting, but the practice of presenting in front of the same group of people every few weeks on different topics is extremely helpful. I don’t have the opportunity for presentations in my current role, but I’ve always enjoyed it, so hopefully its available to me in the future.

Any other students / former students out there who know the crazy days are worth it?

Any tips for success during the stressful times?

Don’t Wait, Rise

I was up with the sun yesterday.

don't wait rise

The people I texted in the morning didn’t necessarily appreciate the early morning communication, but if they had the same view as me, I think they would have understood. Some days I am all for lounging in bed as long as possible. However other days its not worth the wasted time. Get up, go out, kick ass, celebrate. The scenery in my room isn’t going to change one bit, but the world outside is always changing. Go out and enjoy it (and if you’re in MN, put on some extra layers with that wind!)

Do you lounge in bed? Or get up and get going?

Why I Didn’t Post This Week.

Life man. You never know when you’re gonna learn a lesson. Or when you can predict the future. I made one of my usual sarcastic comments during work this week. Everyone knew I was kidding, but turns out I predicted what was about to happen.

Computer Catch UP

The prediction meant that we were extra busy all week, overtime was “mandatory” but it was definitely appreciated. As a result no blogging happened. Thankfully I was already planning on going to my hometown for the weekend. I pulled in about 8:30, and was in bed by 9. Not necessarily asleep, but happy to be in my bed in a quiet room.

I meant a friend for coffee at 8 am this morning (Saturday, we wanted to run but it was about 15 degrees). And its not noon and I’m already half done with what I wanted to accomplish for the day.

There are always going to be stressful times, but thankfully I’ve learned what does and does not help in moving forward. Sometimes those things change. I had a few glasses of wine on Thursday night, I needed the enjoyment and stress relief. But then I wasn’t in the mood for a drink on Friday night.

So find your balance. Do what you have to do to get to the next day. Think about what helps and what hinders.

What helps you when you’re stressed?

Don’t Wait, Spring!

There was snow on my car Saturday morning. Thankfully it was completely melted by the time I was ready to drive. But I had already walked 4 miles before I got in my car.

Don't Wait Spring

Minnesota Spring can be temperamental. My birthday is at the end of the month, and the majority of my birthdays have included snow on the ground. But this photo was taken on Easter Sunday. The leaves from last year. Past fall failures. Sprouting hope.

I had a terrible headache on Thursday, contemplated telling work that I couldn’t come in on Friday. Cancelled plans with friends Thursday night, didn’t visit my family who was in town for the night. But Friday was better. My headache went away, I took a short run on my lunch break.

I can’t wait for Summer to find happiness. I have to find the good moments now. Push through the cold, enjoy the fresh air.

What spring activities are you enjoying these days?

March 2016 Recap

New photos, new information. I find that my sunday post and one post during the week is about all I can write these days. Partially because work gets in the way, partially because I’ve got other fun things going on and haven’t written about them.

Gilmore Guys Live Minneapolis

I started the month seeing Gilmore Guys Live! Its the podcast I listen to during work and on my nighttime fitbit walks, and gets me to laugh out loud whenever a room is eerily quiet.

marketing herbivorous butcher

I finished another MBA class! My final assignment for that class may be reworked into a blog post. I also got a taste of Herbivorous Butcher (the vegan meatshop) since one of my classmates did a presentation on their marketing plan.

Steak Dinner, not catholic

I went to church throughout lent with the exception of one week. I hope throughout the summer I continue the church trend, although I suppose it depends on if I’m in the cities or not on the weekends. I am not looking forward to battling the traffic to get up north.

march brewery visits

I’ve also gone to 4 breweries throughout the month, and plan on spending Thursday evening at Sociable Cider Werks for their Symphony and Suds event. The month had some low points, but what amazes me when I write these posts is how much I have managed to fit into 31 days.

What was the highlight of your March? Do you think you’re area will get one more dusting of snow? (yes, I said the “s” word, don’t hate me).

Wait. Read.

I’m not literally telling you that you need to wait and read my post. Although thank you for those of you who do read! I haven’t been shy about sharing that the last couple weeks have been rough. But there’s one thing that makes me shake my head and smile more than it makes me mad or sad.

2017 blogging calendar

A couple weeks ago I was at the school bookstore getting ready for my next class. My desk calendar at work will run out sometime in the summer, so while I was shopping I picked up a new calendar, all I had to do was throw away January and February since it was already March……

Take a closer look. Its a 2017 calendar. I threw away January and February of next year. Yeah…….So I still need a calendar for the second half of 2016. And for two months of 2017 I won’t have a desk calendar.

Moral of the story. Wait. Double check things before you buy, before you throw away. Maybe something will jump out at you. Like the date on the darn calendar.

Please tell me you’ve done something equally silly?