Confessions of a Closet Hoarder

I’ve got news for you folks. I have clothes from at least 5 years ago in my closet. And no matter how many bags of clothes I donate, I always seem to find more.

closet hoarderI know I want to simplify my closet and really my life, but I think its easier to start with a closet. So I went to Pinterest for inspiration. What a mistake. First I found the “capsule wardrobes” which only make me want to buy more clothes to complete the capsules.

capsule wardrobeClick for link to Pin.

I don’t own a leather jacket or a white jacket, so should run out and buy them? I have a couple fleece jackets, they’re super comfy in the fall, and I love having a few color options, but is 3 (grey with a purple zipper, cream, and navy) too many?

wardrobe tipsThen I found a few diagram trees, but I can always find a way to justify keeping what I have. Pin 1, Pin 2, Pin 3.

The other thing to mention….these wardrobes do not include workout clothes! And that’s where the real problem lies. With teaching 3 classes a week, plus my own workouts and dance coaching I’m living in spandex.

And the last thing: Minnesota Weather. I need clothes to get me from 90 degrees to -30 degrees. The amount of scarves, hats, and gloves I own is probably completely ridiculous. Yet they all seem completely necessary.

So help a girl out. How do you do it? Do you own three scarves, 2 sweaters, a dress, one pair of jeans, 4 tops and call it good? Or do you keep everything just in case you’ll wear it again and therefor don’t have to go shopping?

(and don’t tell me to turn my hangers backwards, I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work for me.)

Chance Chat 2015: 1

It’s here!! The first Sunday of 2015. And with that, the announcement that my word for this year will be “Chance”.

chance chat 2015 1I am in no way trying to do 365 new or different things. Instead, I’m hoping that I’ll give myself a little encouragement to break out of my shell. I want to “take a chance” and also recognize “what are the chances”….that something like this will ever happen again. So I might still say no to going out if I really don’t think it’s a good idea, or if I have a commitment the next morning and really shouldn’t be out late. But I also might compromise and say, I’ll meet you at 9, but I gotta go at 10:30, and stick to that time commitment.

What’s your word for 2015? If you don’t have one…when was the last time you took a chance?

P.S. You can see what ideas I’m coming up with on my Pinterest Board!


December 2014 Recap

I know January has started and most people are talking resolutions, but December was a good enough month that it does need its own recap post.

newyearseve1st off….New Years Eve! Lonesome Pine had a fantastic fireworks display out on the lake. They never do anything half way, so there was an outdoor bar, multiple campfires for people to stay warm by, the Cal Ecker band that started playing at 10, and free champagne and pizza at midnight. I didn’t have a New Years kiss, nor did I expect one, but I did have a great time. I was happy to break my tradition of staying in and going to bed. (also, the picture on the left is my parents dancing to the band, picture on the right is Josh who has more energy than I could ever hope to have).

Saving Money: I’ve already made my first savings transfer for 2015 and based off the comments, I am starting with the largest transfer so each month will be a little easier.

Dance Coach Feet

Live On, Give On: I was so happy that this opportunity came to me.

3 step sangria

Moscato Christmas Sangria: (3 Step Sangria) So delicious, and so fun to hang out with blends.

How to Recover from a Cold: I’m still coughing occasionally, but I’m just going to have to deal with that.


Outside of the Workouts…2014

Happy Tuesday friends, this is a strange week where I’m working, but feel like I shouldn’t be, especially as I know plenty of people who have very generous vacation policies. You can follow along with my “in the moment” fun on Instagram.

I contemplated letting my 2014 Race recap be the only recap, but there was so many life events that I felt should be reviewed just one more time…

January: Peace Perspectives: I’m sad to see this one end. I loved every minute of it. Even the tough moments it felt so good to talk about those times and see that I wasn’t along in those feelings.

full peace 2014February: was all about the Olympics and State Dance Tournament.

Sunset Mazatlan Hotel FreemanMarch: Traveled to  Mazatlan, Mexico with my parents (without my brother) which was a strange feeling.

April: Finally became Self-Hosted and turned 26.

May: Traveling to New York City with my mom and walking 13+ miles per day was quite the experience for my feet. We had a blast checking out Soul Cycle and Uplift, and I’m hoping we can go again soon!

Mother Daughter at the Brooklyn BridgeJune: Was the month my Grandma Pat passed away. July flew by, but being with friends around the 4th weekend was the best part.

August: Included my first of 3 concerts in the year with Katy Perry! I just might be making a pink streak in my hair somewhat permanent in Spring 2015.

Katy Perry Concert Pink hairSeptember: Best Month Ever. So many fun things.

October: Did my first TAP (Traveling Arts Pub) event, and was a personal attendant in a wedding.

Blends Blog FriendsNovember: Attended the Garth Brooks concert with EMILY! (this seems like it was much longer ago).

I’ll do a December recap on January 2nd…I’m hoping to have a great New Years Eve that I will need documented. I’ve never been a big fan of NYE, but I’m going to give it another shot this year and then I can really decide that I don’t like it.

Peace Perspective LI: Hopes for the New Year

My last Peace Perspective is here. Its been quite the journey. I loved this weekly check in to share some Pinterest inspiration, and my thoughts behind the photo.

Coming Year 2015In 2011, 2012 and 2013 I knew what my New Years Resolution was going to be far before the end of the year. Usually by the end of Autumn of the prior year. My streak of planning since Fall 2010 has come to close. I don’t know what I want to accomplish in 2015. Which is why this photo is how I’m ending the Peace Perspective.

I’ve embraced Peace so fully that I may have come a bit boring. Staying in and getting rest is good, but I think there are some things I’m missing while sleeping. I need to find the “good madness” and surprise myself.

Do you err on the side of staying in? Or are you adventurous and up for whatever life brings?


2014 Racing in Review

I hope you had a Merry Christmas! I stole this post idea from Theodora, and thought I’d give a recap of my races this past year.

In January I started 6 weeks of swim lessons. You can see the 6th recap (and links to the other 5) here. I also completed 3 indoor triathlons. (And hope to do another on January 4th, 2015).

goggles shoesIn April I had a fantastic Half Marathon PR (personal record!) I wasn’t properly trained for the race, so I was sore for multiple days after, but I highly recommend Run for the Lakes for a good early season half. (I won’t be participating this year due to a friend’s wedding).

Run For The Lakes FinishI completed the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon in June, but my heart wasn’t in the race. Instead I focused my energy on my first triathlon! (note: the selfie with the bike was not taken during the race).

Beginner Triathlon GearI completed another sprint triathlon in August and visited Zorbaz afterwards to celebrate. (Actually many workouts/races were centered around Zorbaz (Gull Lake) this year, and I like it that way!)

Zorbaz Bloody Mary Bar Gull LakeIn September I tested my will power and road my bike to Walker, MN. It was 62 miles one way, and my butt has never been so sore. I’m hoping I get more long bike rides in next summer!

Bike Brainerd to WalkerIn my final race of 2014, I got another PR, this time in the 10k. It was a complete shock because my thoughts during the run were super negative.

Caribou Coffee and Turkey Trot MedalThe only race I’m currently signed up for is the Princess Half Marathon at Disney World in February.

Races I’m considering in 2015:  Zorbaz Gull Lake Challenge, Grandma’s Marathon (maybe I could get a PR?, Superior Man 41.5, and local sprint triathlons. I haven’t signed up as I’m waiting to see what distances and locations will be best for me and my life.

Christmas: and all its emotions.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! My cold from last week is still lingering, and Christmas Day will be two weeks since I started feeling under the weather. I’m kicking myself now because if I had just laid low this past weekend maybe it would be gone by now…instead I visited with friends who are home from the holidays, celebrated an engagement, and took an ill-advised nap after work on Monday, which resulted in in not sleeping last night. MERRYLITTLECHRISTMASI’m in the middle of a lack of Christmas cheer mixed with a little FOMO (fear of missing out) and the aforementioned sickness. I’m sure it will turn around, especially once it actually is Christmas (the build up to the holiday is what actually gets me down). I felt it was important to share these feelings in case there were others that feel like something is “wrong” that they aren’t baking cookies, revealing in love, or celebrating in some other fabulous way.

If you are baking cookies, revealing in love, and being fabulous, good for you! I would never want to rob you of your joy. My official last Peace Perspective will be up on Sunday, but this photo find from Pinterest also needed to be shared. No matter what your tradition is, or what new tradition you start, I hope you have a Merry Little Christmas. There doesn’t need to be tons of people, treats, or presents. Sometimes its good to just enjoy the quiet.

Peace Perspective L: Bloom Whereever You Want.

It’s been a while since I’ve disagreed with a photo, so this week is the time! My life the last couple years has been blooming where I was originally planted. I have loved my time at home, I still love it. But lately I’ve been thinking about the next step. And its exciting!

Bloom Whereever I have no plans of moving yet, my job is secure, I like living at home (most of the time). But for those aren’t happy with where they are. I vote that you move wherever you think you will best bloom! I love Duluth, especially when it isn’t the busy summer tourist season. I love the cities, especially in the winter and spring, when there are fun things going on that the Northern small towns don’t usually have.

I don’t love the idea of moving out of Minnesota. I like being able to drive to see friends within a couple hours. I don’t want a plane schedule, or a 8-12 hour drive dictating when I can see my family.

I say Bloom where you like. You might not be able to make it there in one move. It may take some time to find the right spot for you. But that is just fine. We aren’t delicate flowers, we can adapt, we might need to ask for help, and there is nothing wrong with that.

What are your thoughts? Do you bloom where you’re planted? or Do you want to move around like me?


How To: Recover from a Cold

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Oh Friends, cold and flu season is here! I’m on day 8 of what should be my last cold of 2014. Today I’m sharing 5 things that help ease the pain.

tylenolpm1. Tylenol PM. God Bless this medication. I didn’t take it last night hoping I was getting better and saw my clock read 1:38, 3:38, 4:38, before getting up at 4:58 to teach Yoga Sculpt. Tonight I will be taking the Tylenol PM again.


  1. Peppermint Oil. I cover myself in this magic oil. Back, chest, nose, feet, I don’t take chances. But I do wash my hands after applying. You do not want to get this in your eye, and be careful around your nose… can get intense.

hallscherrycoughdrops3. Halls Cough Drops: Cherry. Always the cherry ones, they don’t taste good, but they do the trick. I had one in my mouth the entire hour of yoga sculpt. I was determine to teach class and not cancel.

Pre Yoga Sculpt(not my studio, but a selfie from another yoga sculpt class)

  1. Sweat, Appropriately. I didn’t cancel my yoga classes because I don’t have a sub available for my 5:30 am classes. But I did skip a pool workout, spin class, and running. I have felt better at the end of every class than I did before I began. But if you want to be extra careful, do some light stretching at home. Even that will make you feel a bit better.

airborne5. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate! Water in the morning, my normal coffee, Emergen-C at work, more water, sparkling water, Emergen-C before coaching, sparkling water and orange juice with dinner, more water, Candy Cane Lane Tea from Trader Joe’s in bed. And bedtime should be 8:30 ish. I might not have fallen asleep until 10, but that resting time was important.


Moscato Christmas Sangria

While we’re in the middle of the week, let’s go back to Sunday when I got to be with friends, eat, and drink the easiest 3 Ingredient* Moscato Christmas Sangria.

Created with with my blends Emily, Shelly, Amanda, and Mellissa. My recipe is based off this Holiday Sangria.  However without being able to purchase alcohol in Minnesota on Sundays, I couldn’t add triple sec.So oranges were added instead.

moscato christmas sangriaIngredients:

  1. 2-Liter bottle of Cranberry Sierra Mist
  2. 750 ml bottle of Moscato, or other sweet white.
  3. Fruit* (can easily add more as I did, but it wasn’t necessary).

I started with preparing the fruit. I used a chopped apple, sliced pear, the previously mentioned orange and pomegranate seeds. For all the work the pomegranate was, it got lost with the other fruit, I would skip it next time.

3 step sangriaI loved the sliced pear because it was easy to grab and munch on without your fingers going in the drink. The chopped apples were easy to sip and chew. I liked having those two fruits cut differently, so you knew which you were eating.

It made no sense to me to have diet Cranberry juice, and simple syrup in a recipe. So instead I went with Cranberry Sierra Mist. The added carbonation was a nice touch. In the interest of saving money, I skipped the pomegranate juice and cranberries.

Most Sangria’s have the wine mixed in with the fruit and extra liquid. However, I kept the wine separate so each person could mix their own drink, and exclude alcohol if they preferred.

Do you provide multiple beverages at parties (aka traditional bar cart)? Or do you have a signature drink and a few other non-alcoholic options?

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