Imperfect Progress

Woah friends. Working five days a week is tough stuff! I didn’t take much time off over the holidays, but I sure enjoyed the long weekend over New Years! I’m not one to post “what I got for Christmas” photos. But I did get a fitbit! I’m 8 days into wearing it, and 8 for 8 on getting 10k steps per day!

Slippery Snow WalkWalking along during a little snowfall, I definitely had some slips with covered ice. And I’ve had other slips in my New Years Resolutions. I want 100 yoga classes for the year, but what I really want is to make yoga a twice per week habit. And then I skipped yoga yesterday morning. For no real good reason. My alarm went off, and I didn’t get out of bed. I knew I wasn’t going to get quality sleep, but I still rolled over and attempted.

St. Paul Christmas LightsI told myself I’d go to a yoga class after work. I was done at 8 pm, and there were 8:30 and 8:45 options. But on the drive home I talked myself out of it. I hadn’t gotten my steps for the day, and I hadn’t eaten dinner. So I compromised. I kept my steps resolution. I walked and continued to enjoy the scenery. I’m going to be very disappointed when Christmas lights start coming down.

So if you’ve already thrown out your resolution, or if you haven’t started and think it’s too late. Release that. Do what you can, with what you have. I may have skipped my 6 am workout Thursday morning, but that doesn’t mean I’ll skip every Thursday morning workout for the rest of the year.

What are you making progress on?

Saving Money in 2016

Ah Money. Supposedly people eat collard greens at the new year to bring wealth in the coming year. I don’t know that what I eat matters all that much, but I do know I need to recommit to my savings account.

Airport Adventure

Being unemployed all summer definitely got in the way of my 2015 Savings Goals. I dipped into my savings for the South America plane ticket, but that was worth it! I also had to invest in some apartment purchases, but now I’m pretty much set thanks to Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons.

save money in 2016

Now I do have other savings, I don’t want to make it seem like this is it. However this is what I’m comfortable sharing. Everyone’s money situation is different. I would love to increase this amount however I want to start with an easy amount to build a solid habit.

Do you have a savings plan that you’d like to share? Or an easy way to build a budget?


Word for 2016: Wait.

After much thought, consideration, and some procrastination I’ve found my word for 2016.

Wait 2016 One little word

After “wait-ing” 2 plus years I finally bought a fitbit with some Christmas money. I started using it on New Years Eve and have hit my 10,000 steps each day so far! I hit my goal on Saturday while hiking at Minnehaha Falls.

Solo Brunch Dixie's

I “wait-ed” until 10 am on Saturday morning to take myself to Brunch at Dixie’s. On Sundays they have a fabulous buffet (or so I’m told). I’ll do that eventually, but I would definitely need a buddy for that.

As for other resolutions, I would like to complete 100 yoga classes. Which I should be able to accomplish since I used to teach 3x per week. And I’ll work on saving money again, that post will be shared later in the week!

What’s your word for 2016? Or have you set a different kind of resolution?

Chance Chat #52: Same Dreams New Year

It’s hard to believe this is the last Sunday of 2015. I feel like there should be more time between Christmas and New Years. This is the first year I don’t have clear resolutions since starting this blog.

Same Dreams New Year

Many of my dreams are the same as my 2012 Resolutions. I’m definitely still learning to blog. Hopefully the first Sunday of 2016 will include a new weekly check in post.

Do you have the same dreams as last year? Are you making a resolution you’ve made in the past? Or coming up with a totally new goal for 2016?

2015: Year in Review

Buckle up for a long one. If we met at some point this year you’ll learn a lot more about me from this post. Each link is to a post from 2015. While the year had ups and downs (not as many as 2014 thankfully) it amazes me how much I was able to fit into the year. I’m glad I went on so many trips, because the next couple years are going to be much lighter for extended travel.

indoor triathlon bike

I’m hoping to participate in some indoor triathlon‘s this winter again! However I think they might have to be made up on the fly at St. Kate’s instead of the Brainerd YMCA organized events.

The Disney Princess Half Marathon might go down in the books as my favorite vacation ever. Good friends and good times. My hope is to register for the Tinkerbell half to run in 2017, but depending on MBA classes, I might have to wait for 2018, which would also be when I’m 30…..woah.

Pirates of the Carribean

In March I had a free trial of Class Pass, it was during the trial that I started thinking about what area of the Twin Cities I would want to live in.

Lilly for Target released in April, and I was the first person in line at the Brainerd Target, and I still didn’t get everything I wanted. But the dresses I got were great additions to my closet for spring and summer.

In May I traveled to NYC with my mom and brother. We ate a lot of pizza, and explored as much of the city as we could. Each time I go to NYC I love it a little bit more.

Aladdin on Broadway

Networking was very important all year. I knew I was going to be job searching, and while it isn’t my favorite thing, I don’t hate it.

July brought my trip to Chile and Bolivia with my aunt and cousin. I was sick for the majority of the trip, but I still enjoyed my time!

Copacabana, Bolivia

I didn’t train as much as I should have…but I managed to complete the Superior Man 41.5 Triathlon. I haven’t decided if I will go for the 70.3 distance, or if I will work on improving my 41.5 time.

I shared a day in the life of my new job, and living with grandma and grandpa. Also, at the time I was in training, and now I’m a fully trained member of the team!

2015 was such a year of change, and the MBA program at St. Kates was a large part of that. I have officially completed two classes, and will hopefully be done in two years!

Maple Island Brewing Selfie

I haven’t shared much about my dating life, but I have stuck my toe in the water, and you might get a “worst of” recap soon.

And finally, I wrote all year about “Chance” and I’m sad to report that I don’t have a word for 2016 at this point. But I do have an idea for my Sunday posts.

What was your favorite thing about 2015? Do you have a resolution or word for 2016?


Chance Chat #51: Happy Spirit

I met up with two friends I haven’t seen in over a month this week. Both conversations involved catching up on life, and discussing plans for Christmas and New Years. But one conversation was relaxed and happy. And the other conversation was tense and awkward.

Happy Spirit

I felt so good at the end of the happy conversation, while at the end of the awkward conversation I was sad. And with that I know who I need to be surrounding myself with. I’m all for helping others when they feel down. But if they won’t allow themselves to see the good things in life, I can only do so much to try and make things better.

So if you’re in that down feeling reach out, take a chance and ask for help. Because I do believe that a happy spirit will help you move forward in life.

What do you do when someone else’s mood rubs off on you?

3 Prayers – Christmas Edition

On Monday night I had the pleasure of seeing Kevin Kling at the Guthrie Theater. The Tales from the Charred Underbelly of the Yule Log was exactly what I needed after being sick most of the weekend.

Kevin Kling Guthrie

Kevin told many funny stories, but my favorite saying was “So I prayed to God to ask Jesus to tell Santa…” and I think it so clearly explains a Lutheran child’s thoughts behind Christmas. You know its important to pray to God, and you know Jesus is the reason for Christmas, but you still put the request in Santa’s hands.

  • Oh please, oh please, oh please
  • Get me out of here
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The oh please oh please oh please prayers are for the toy you really want. The “Get me out of here” that generally applies to Middle School, or any other time you wander a little too far and need some help finding the right path.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Is a harder prayer. Especially to pray when times are tough.

I wish I could say that I’m focusing on the “thank you” prayer. But I still find myself saying “oh please” far too often. And I’ve definitely said “get me out of here.” Especially recently. But here’s hoping in 2016 I can have a little better perspective and see the things worth thanking God for.

What prayers are you saying these days?

What Christmas concert/events do you have in the last week or so before Christmas?

Pure Barre Weeks 2, 3, and 4.

I’m almost done with my Introductory Pure Barre experience, and while it was a shaky start, it is going much better!

Pure Barre Grand Ave

I didn’t mention it in my week 1 review, but after my first three classes I wasn’t sure if I would continue going for the following 5 weeks. Thankfully the more classes I went to, the more comfortable I became. Alexis is by far my favorite instructor, her moves are always a little different and her music is awesome!

I have a dance background (state champ baby!) but the workout is entirely different than my high school workouts. Mentally I think Pure Barre is more difficult than Yoga Sculpt. Sure in Sculpt you have the heat, but you also have higher energy and work bigger muscles.

Pure Barre is working all the little muscles that everyone usually ignores. The motions are small, but they are effective! I am so glad I took the introductory unlimited 5 weeks because had I taken one class, I probably wouldn’t have gone back.

Have you tried a new workout recently? How long did it take you to feel like you understood the moves?

Chance Chat #50: Wasting Life…

My Saturday classes are over!!! ….well at least until 2016. Although to be honest it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I still had plenty of time to see friends, run errands, and workout.

thief of life

Thankfully with knowing I have class on Saturdays I needed to maximize my week nights, and this is a habit I will be continuing. I can’t be out every night of the week, but I can break up the routine every now and then.

There’s a similar quote, don’t wish for the weekend, you’ll wish away 5/7th of your life. Enjoy the moment you’re in. Make the best of it. To be honest, I’m finishing this at 10:30 pm Saturday night. Usually I write these midweek and schedule to post on Sunday mornings. But this week was all backwards. I was supposed to go up north in the afternoon, but spent a few hours visiting relatives who are in town, and ended up barely making it in time for dinner. I am so glad I didn’t set myself on a schedule to ensure I’d make it home by 4:30. It was far more important for me to spend the time with family members who don’t live in Minnesota.

Enjoy life, the minute you’re in it.

Are you able to do this? Or are you always thinking about what you have going on next?

Netflix Christmas Must Watch (from a Grinch)

Confession…I’m not a huge fan of holidays. I love the actual day, I love my family, but the hype brings me down. I just can’t fake all that Holiday cheer for an entire month. Last year Netflix annoyed me so much with all the Holiday movies. This year I figured, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. So I’m watching some kind of Holiday movie every day…

1st. Happy Christmas. With Anna Kendrick, you can’t go wrong.

2nd. A Very Murray Christmas. Loved every minute of this! And wish it was longer, and that the soundtrack was being sold. I’m probably overselling it, but I love Bill Murray, and the celebrity cameos are really fun!

3rd. Glee Christmas Episodes. So great for singing along!

4th. I love me some Jennie Garth, and the Wizard of Oz references at the end really had me laughing. Its a story you’ve seen 100 times, but 101 never hurt.

5th. The Fitzgerald Family Christmas. My main complaint is that Connie Britton didn’t have a big enough role. But otherwise, seeing a family with all its flaws really reassures me. My brother and I do not have the typical sibling dynamic, so its always interesting for me to watch a “normal” family.

What Christmas movies are your favorite? Next week I’ll update you on the movies I’m not loving… ABC Family doesn’t always know what it is doing.