4 Pictures of 4th of July Weekend

I wasn’t sure I was going to recap the weekend, but after reading a few posts, I realized that everyone has different traditions, so I should share mine!

sailboatThe weather on the 4th was not that great, I was out on the boat for a couple hours, but never actually got in the water.

marshmellowThe 5th of July was better weather, I went with my parents to a family friend’s annual Lamb Roast, and had my treat of the year, Rice Crispy Bar with a layer of caramel and mini mallows. I have the recipe so I could make them myself, but its just better to enjoy them with friends.

serpentWe went on a great sunset boat cruise on Serpent Lake, which is the lake that I will be in my first sprint tri in 12 days!

I was supposed to go out with friends, but never got the text letting me know when they were meeting, so instead I went out with my dad to our favorite place, Lonesome Pine! It was crazy busy, but super fun.

pinecalI spent most of Sunday sleeping and feeling gross. Saturday was a long day, so I’m glad I had behaved myself on Thursday and Friday, but I won’t be over indulging for a long while.

What did you do for the 4th? Do you celebrate just that day, or party all weekend?


Peace Perspective XXVI: Anxious

Oh man friends, July is going to be busy. Planning things in advance is a great idea, but life happens, and sometimes you just have to roll with it.

Phillipian 4:6-7As I’ve laid in bed trying to sleep this week I think about all the things I haven’t accomplished that need to be. Phone calls, emails, letters, I’m too tired to work on them, but my brain can’t stop thinking about them. Eventually I do fall asleep, but I’ve seen 11:30 pm more often than I would like (when you get up at 4:45 am every day, 11:30 pm feels super late).

Reminding myself that laying and worrying does nothing. Instead I’ve been carving out time during my work day to get things accomplished. I’m trying to be more productive and really use the hours I have during the day.

So if more people could tweet between the hours of 10:30 pm and Midnight so I have something entertaining to read while I work on not being anxious, I would appreciate it!


Tri For A Cause Training

My first sprint triathlon Tri for a Cause, is coming up quick! Race day is July 19th and it should be an interesting event! I’ve been faithful to the Lakes Area Multisport Tuesday morning ride, other than the week my Grandma passed away. Unfortunately I have NOT been faithful to the Wednesday night open water swim. I’ve had great intentions, but it just hasn’t happened.

Tri For a Cause LogoSunday I was invited to join a few women for a trial of the Crosby course. I bought a wetsuit weeks ago, unfortunately the company is out of stock in my size. Hopefully it will come in next week! In the meantime, I’ve been loving my Moo Motion tri kit that I won through Katy‘s giveaway. I did what I could in the water, but I was really freaking out, the women I was swimming with are very strong swimmers, and I am not.

We got in the water a little after 7 am. I have no idea how far I swam, but I feel comfortable that as long as I hang in the back of the pack, I can finish. We were not timing our transitions, I did take a Gu at this point because I don’t have enough balance on my bike to take nutrition while holding speed.

Triathlon Transition 1 PracticeOur bike started good enough. Part of the course is on a very rough road, but thankfully everything is familiar to me, and there aren’t too many hills. One rider was having issues with her seat, we debated fixing it while on the road, but the clouds were moving in and we decided to get going.

With 3 miles to get back to the start, it started to downpour! At one point it felt like hail on my arms, but thankfully I didn’t see any lightening. We had planned to run after the bike, but I was not running in that weather. If it downpours during the race, yes I will run. But my body has been tired enough lately, and I don’t need to get sick.

Triathlon Transition 2 PracticeOnce home I had a great breakfast and realized that my body was not sore! Which means now I need to push harder on the bike, get into the water more, and get ready to really run for 4 miles!

Do you have any tips for me? Do you have any questions about triathlon training?



June 2014 Recap (twosday)

Happy Twosday friends! I can’t wait to link up with my friend Heather! And now to recap June…

Mini Mingle at Crave Healthy Living Summit 20142 Healthy Living Summit Posts: Mini-Mingle with Me and 12 Ways to Save!

could go right2 Peace Perspectives: (there were 5 Sundays in this month!) XXI and XXV Learning Roman Numerals is difficult!

Garry Bjorklund Half Participant2 Workout Posts: Bike Fears and Half Marathon #5 Recap.

As a spoiler…..I’ve been seriously contemplating what next summer will look like, a big part of me wants to take on Grandma’s Marathon again. My knees disagree with the plan.

The last 2 weeks have been difficult, but I’m glad I write these posts as it reminds me of the fun things I have already done this summer!

In case you missed it…here is yesterday’s post about boating fuel!


Boating Fuel with Blue Diamond Almonds

*I was given the below almonds free courtesy of the Tastemakers Program from Blue Diamond Almonds, all opinions are my own, and feel free to let me know if you have questions!

Happy Monday my Friends! I’m starting the week a little tired…last week was long, and the weekend was jam packed! Yesterday was my first time in the water, and as a result I may be rocking a little bit of a sunburn.

lake selfie (and yes, this is a snapchat selfie screen shot, judge me).

With the 4th of July days away I’m considering what to bring out on the lake. Last year I had plenty of treats, but it requires loading a cooler, hauling it onto the pontoon, packing snacks, making sure they don’t get crushed by the cooler, or having extra hands to carry it all…….Its work, its fun, but its work.

Blue Diamond Almonds Lake Snack Blue Diamond Almonds are the perfect lake snack as they do not require a cooler, they won’t crumble while being transported, and they won’t get soggy if a lake soaked hand reaches into the container! (nothing tastes worse than a soggy potato chip).

I went on my first paddleboard ride of the summer right after snapping the above photo and once I got back, my family and I took a quick pontoon ride! I’m not sure why I waited this long to get on the lake, hopefully I will make it more of a priority in July!

What is your favorite lake snack? Do you have fun plans for the 4th of July?

Peace Perspective XXV: Could Go Right

Its been a long two weeks. There is plenty that needs to get done. Every now and then I think about everything that isn’t accomplished and consider just quitting.

could go right

I’m not where I want to to be, so I should just stop.

That thinking will get me nowhere. It will make me unhappy and unproductive. Doing what a can, taking it one step at a time is much more productive, it can be happy.

So do what you can with what you have, and don’t forget to have a good time!

12 Ways to Save for the Healthy Living Summit

Happy Friday Friends! Its been quite the long week, but I am so so happy to share this post with you! Its been a long time in the making, and is a long read, so please enjoy!

  1. Early Bird registration is available until July 4, so register right now to start saving money!!

Healthy Living Summit Cocktail Party

Emily H., Me, Marissa, and Emily C.!

Marissa is the Barefoot Colorado blogger who managed to fly to HLS last year for $120 round trip!

2. Don’t Buy Too Early: This is a huge mistake that people make. Buying tickets 4 months in advance will never save you money — unless you are traveling on a super busy travel week like Christmas or Thanksgiving. I always shoot for 6 weeks in advance.

3. Clear Your Cache + Cookies: Every time you visit a site, it leaves a ‘cookie’ or a little trace that you’ve been there. If you continue to look for the flights on different sites, or come back to a site more than once, it detects a sense or urgency and the flight price WILL NOT BUDGE.

4. Shop Tues Night/Weds Morning: The airlines send out their specials on Tuesday, and the prices tend to drop Tuesday night/Weds morning. If you want to be super specific, I’ve heard its 1 a.m Wednesday morning. But, I’ve always just checked Wednesday morning and have been fine!

5. Check Bags for Free: You’ll get a LOT of swag at HLS, so it’s much easier to just check a bag. This is the reason I always fly Southwest, they allow 2 free checked bags.

Emily Cooper Healthy Living Summit Mini Mingle

Emily Cooper the woman behind Sinful Nutrition, is the perfect writing blend of Registered Dietitian and sarcasm.

  1. Da Swag: You can’t talk about any conference without talking about the goodie bag that makes your 6th grade birthday party look like a rip off. Not every sponsor sends a representative to the Summit, but they do send generous samples, coupons, discounts, and yeah more samples.

  2. Mingle and Share: The Mini Mingles and Fit Mingles are what make the Healthy Living Summit unique! They are additional events aside from the sessions that go on throughout the Summit. There are soo many different types of places to try and going with a group of like minded bloggers is a sure bet that people are willing to share meals, drinks, and try it all!

  3. Sponsors: On top of the behemoth swag bag, there is also a vendor showcase where you are free to chat with the sponsors and they load you up with MORE FREE STUFF.

  4. Da (included) Meals: But wait, there’s more! On top of the free swag, and shared meals, you better save room for the meals included in the Summit price. Smoothies, hash browns, pesto dip, soup bar, endless taco bar, I could really go on and on about how amazing the meals were during the Summit. They also made sure to accommodate every type of diet/allergy so everyone could enjoy. And enjoy I did!

#HLS13 Cherry and the Spoon

Emily Heying is the voice behind More than Just Dessert, she is now the proud owner of a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Nutritional Sciences.

10. Hotel: While the summit price does not include your hotel stay, it does include access to the   Healthy Living Summit facebook page which is how we ended up together!  We saved serious money by having four in a room, instead of just one or two!

  1. Groceries: I didn’t buy snacks for a good MONTH after HLS because I was trying out all of the new goodies.  The swag is included with your ticket price for the conference, and many of the coupons were for full sized items!

  2. Networking:  Ultimately, I don’t want to sell out my blog just to make money.  However, with the amount of work I put into it, I knew I wanted to start capitalizing on working with companies I believed in and being compensated for my time.  The skills I learned to network and build my blog helped land me a few sponsored posts, which brought in a small amount of money in return and basically paid off my ticket.
    *****Thank you so much for reading through the 12 Ways to Save joint post! If you have absolutely any questions, please feel free to comment or contact any of us through the usual social media channels and we will be happy to answer any questions!

2014 Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon Race Recap

Happy Wednesday Friends, buckle up, this is a long one!

Here was my race plan. It was fairly accurate, although some parts were rearranged. I ended up driving from Minneapolis to Duluth on Friday. I arrived in Duluth about 3 pm which was the perfect time, decent parking, not too crowded.

Pre-Race Dinner: was Thirsty Pagan Brewery and Pizza. I stayed in the dorms and at the last minute my friend Megan joined me since we were both doing the half. We laid out our stuff and talked about race strategy, and went to bed, very happy that neither of us were doing the full this time!

Wake Up! 4 am, Get dressed, glide (no blisters or chaffing!!), and went downstairs to get coffee and toast our bagels. We brought our own bagels, the dorms did provide bread if we had preferred. Eat, and get on the bus.

Bus: This was my first time leaving from UMD, and it was a headache. For some reason they were only filling one bus at a time, so the line to get on was a mile long! I understand wanting each bus full, but we wasted so much time standing in the cold next to buses that were just waiting for people, but we weren’t allowed on.

Garry Bjorklund Half StartPacers: I had intended on lining up with the 2:15 pacer. Due to the bus loading delay I wasn’t even lined up when the gun went off! Next time…I will wake up at 3:45 and put more pressure to get out to door at 4:45 when the buses start running.

At mile 5 I did catch the 2:30 pacer, I thought I had passed them, but around mile 9 realized that they must have passed me. Thankfully, I passed the man below, as I couldn’t have done the whole race looking at his bum!

Garry Bjorklund Half ParticipantRace: I broke the course into three chunks.

The first five miles are along the lake,

The middle four miles are all houses (and have the best crowd support),

The last four miles are the toughest and longest.

My plan was to take the first five slow and warm up, the middle four to keep the pace, and the last four to push it. I didn’t walk much, just the couple hills and water stops, my heart was focusing on Grandma Pat, and my legs were doing what they could. While I did the best I could, my overall time was not as fast as Run for the Lakes Half.

Overall Time: 2:39:56

Bag Check: I do have a bone to pick with the race officials over bag check. I’m not sure what happened this year, but getting our bags back took a hour! While I was waiting we were shoulder to shoulder, packed front to back, two people passed out, a girl behind me puked. We called for medics and thankfully there were doctors in the crowd who were racers, but no race official ever came to give aid.

Post Race BeerOnce I got my bag I picked up my free beverage, got some lunch with my race buddy Megan, and waited for the girl right above Kayla, to finish her second marathon!!! She looked super strong at the finish, and really makes me consider doing the full again in 2015. We had a great afternoon visiting friends, eating good food, and drinking.

Grandma's Marathon MusicI did go into the tents in the evening as a friend’s cousin was playing in one of the bands. They put on a great show! It was a much later night (11 pm) than I anticipated, but it felt good to stay busy and be with friends. Burrito Union BreakfastSunday morning I packed up my car, and stopped at a few of my favorite spots in Duluth. I decided on breakfast at Burrito Union. An egg quesadilla with bacon was just what the doctor ordered!

Overall: A wonderful weekend in Duluth, being early and having patience is a requirement for dealing with large crowds.

Moday Moment: Grace

Hello Friends! My posts may be sporadic this week. Tuesday night last week my family and I received the call that my Grandma Pat (dad’s mom) had a stroke. She was brought down to Minneapolis, where we were all able to visit her, and on Saturday she passed away.

bill and patThis was taken at my cousin’s wedding in August 2012, Grandpa Bill passed away November 4 2013.

I plan on posting my race recap for the Garry Bjorklund Half on Wednesday morning, and if all goes well I have a special post coming on Friday, but please allow me a little grace in responding to things this week as there is a lot going on.