Peace Perspective XXXX: This Sick Beat

Can we first acknowledge that this is my 40th Peace Perspective? Thank you for those who have followed me on this journey. My plan for next year, if I can figure it out…is to set up a link up, so anyone can blog about their thoughts on the photo/quote I choose.

This Sick Beat Taylor Swift LyricThis week’s photo is a quote from Taylor Swift’s single “Shake It Off.” You can read the full lyrics here. In typical Taylor fashion the lyrics are about a boy, but if you look closely. There’s a stronger message telling girls to shake off all the drama and just do what you want. Also, instead of being wrapped up in the drama, be in the moment and pay attention to the “sick beats” aka fun moments that are surrounding you.

I’ve blogged about my love of Taylor Swift before, check out the post here. And per usual, I am waiting until the cd comes out so I can buy the target edition.

Have you been “getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world”? or Have you “been getting down to this sick beat”?


Kiss This: Lipstick 101

I’m a low maintenance girl. I rarely wear a full face of makeup. But in the last year I’ve started adding lipstick to my daily routine. At first it was for special occasions, then fun weekends, and now I’ve built to having 4 colors that I rotate between depending on the situation.

lipstick101Back in December last year I was gifted Clique’s Chubby Stick. The “chunky cherry” color was light, the balm wasn’t sticky, and I didn’t have to worry about going outside the lines of my lips and looking sloppy. (I’ve also used the “oversized orange” and love that for summer looks!)

La Colors Cherry Red LipstickIn February I was at the State Dance tournament and wanted to go a little more bold. I used a lipstick that I got as a bridal shower favor. The brand is LA Colors and the color is Cherry Red, unfortunately I can’t find a good link for it online.  I like how it lasts, but the color is pretty extreme. I also wore it during my Blend trip to Des Moines. When my favorite lipstick/chapstick went missing.

Vikings Tailgate SelfieIn May I discovered Burt’s Bee’s Rhubarb Lip Shimmer and it is hands down my favorite! It has the tingly feeling you get from Burts Bees chapstick, with a nice color that compliments without feeling over the top.

Lipstick Selfie My newest Lipstick is from Lancome Rouge in Love, color: Midnight Crush. The 6 hour wear was perfect while being a personal attendant. The color is a darker pink, which was perfect for the fall weather.

Do you save lipstick for special occasion? Or have you been wearing it all along? If so, share your favorite brand/color!

A to Z list for Personal Attandants

*title caught your eye? Scroll to the bottom. Want to hear about my weekend? Keep reading.

Wedding season has come to a close! I think I went to 5 weddings this summer, and for this one I was a personal attendant! The bride and I are friends from high school, and love going on runs/walks/yoga classes when we have a chance. It was so wonderful to see these two come together as they were high school sweethearts, and I have had the pleasure of watching their love grow for almost a decade!

wedreher Earlier this summer/fall I attended a Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower it’s important to remember when you are asked to be a part of someone’s wedding to really think about what you are able to participate in, and what might be asked of you. If you have concerns, talk it out right away. I was one of four personal attendants, and while that may have seemed crazy during the rehearsal dinner, we realized it was completely worth it half way through the day. Also worth it, bringing Mimosas to the hair salon.

Cupcake ProseccoFlower care was a huge reason for needing the four personal attendants. We pinned boutineers on all the groomsmen, dads, ushers, hosts, and speakers. We also were the carriers of the bridesmaids, bride, and flower girls bouquets from the pictures, to the ceremony, to the reception. And how gorgeous were those flowers? Wonderful for a fall wedding without seeming too orange.

Fall Wedding FlowersFor those of you who are wondering….I ended up choosing dress 4. When we were talking pictures outside I wished I had dress 3 on, as it would have been warmer, but dress 4 was perfect for the whole day (especially when I was sweaty on the dance floor!). I’ll share a photo of it once they are available from the photographer.

Finally the A to Z list. You may remember the last time I was a personal attendant, if not you can click here. From that wedding and this wedding I have the A to Z list of everything you need to be a personal attendant. Some are tangible items, some are the state of mind, and I also recommend being close to a Target, as I know many people made a quick stop there at some point during the weekend.

A to Z list for Personal AttendantsDo you have any more wedding this year? What do you always make sure to pack for a wedding weekend?

Peace Perspective XXXIX: Keep Looking

Did you know my blog was almost called “Katie Moving Forward”? I intended the “moving” to indicate that I liked to workout. A friend interpreted it as I was moving away from something.

Steve Jobs Quote Keep LookingAlmost 3 years later I’m glad I chose Katie Looking Forward. I attended a Lakes Area Multisport meeting this week and our theme was “Off Season Training”. I haven’t picked an “A race” for 2015 yet. Usually by this time of the year I know what I want to focus on. Instead I’m still rocking the Couch to 5k Training, and my knee has continued to be slightly bothered since my bike trip.

Instead of being irritated, I’m just waiting, the right race or goal will come along. If I haven’t felt a connection to something specific, it must be for a reason.

What are you looking for these days?

Netflix This Weekend!

The weekend is here, although it doesn’t really feel like it as it’s rainy and cold and last weekend was sunny and beautiful. This weekend is the wedding where I’m a personal attendant, follow me on Instagram to see what dress I ended up choosing! If you plan on staying in this weekend and need some Netflix recommendations, here’s what I’ve been loving!

  • 1 Movie: The Blue Lagoon. I remember watching it as a kid on tv, but as a 20 something I’m glad this movie is Rated R, and not sure how I watched parts of it as a kid!

Netflix Blue Lagoon

  • 1 Season: How I Met Your Mother. The final season is up and after watching the entire season I don’t hate the finale quite as much. I still don’t like the ending, but I don’t hate it anymore.

Netflix How I Met Your Mother

  • 1 Series: The League. I used to consider this a “stupid comedy” however I grew to love the actors, the inside jokes, and football mania. This is a great series for a couple to watch together.

Netflix The League

What are you loving on Netflix?

September Recap

September might have been my best month ever. I started with Easing Into Fall, celebrating at a fall themed wedding shower (the wedding is this weekend!), restarting the Couch to 5k program, and announcing my Disney Princess Half Marathon travel plans!

Fall Blog CollageI’m still obsessed with Sam Hunt and Bret Eldridge after listening to them at the Maurice’s Best Day Ever event. Their music fueled me through #BlendDSMtakeover (a trip to Iowa with friends who are bloggers).

After traveling by car for a weekend, I traveled by bike the next 124 miles round trip, Brainerd to Walker.

ggwbravefiveAnd then wrapped up the month with some time in the Twin Cities. Nordstroms, and Vikings Tailgating, life is good.

Vikings Tailgate SelfieWhat Fall activities have you done lately?


Peace Perspective XXXVIII: Don’t Take…

I’ve been saving this peace perspective for just the right week. I think this is a great time to remind people….

Kelly Cutrone quoteI’m far from perfect. But I do know myself. There’s a time and a place to follow other people’s leads. I really try to follow my own intuition, the gut feeling that tells me how far I can push the limits.

By refusing to “take any shit” a lot of drama gets skipped. Do what works best for you. I try my best not to air dirty laundry. If someone has hurt me I try to work it out with them and move on from the situation.

You may know Kelly Cutrone from The Hills or from Kell on Earth. But I loved reading her book “If You Have to Cry, Go Outside”. Its a great book for women who need a kick in the pants to get stuff done.

Who inspires you?

Bike Trip: Girls Gone Walker

I don’t title my posts “Workout Wednesday: Bike to Walker” but I do love sharing what kind of workouts I’ve done!

Last weekend 17 women biked from Brainerd, MN to Walker, MN, on 62 miles of gorgeous paved trail. Because I’m crazy I’m one of the 5 women who biked an extra 62 miles from Walker back to Brainerd on Sunday.Bike Brainerd to WalkerWe took numerous rest stops on the way up. Biggest shout out to Pine River which had a brand new bike service station! The entire trip was filled with gorgeous views. However the last 8 miles were a super struggle for me. Those miles included the only hills on the path.

Paul Bunyan Bike Trail Fall We got in at 3 pm just before the sky opened up with rain. We stayed at Chase on the Lake, and took full advantage of their hot tub, sauna and pool. We ate dinner at Cafe Zona Rosa (mexican), which had the best pitcher of margaritas! I was at a table of 5 people and we somehow managed to finish two pitchers. It fortified us before we went to the Legion to work on our dance moves. (see below). We were up a little past midnight, ate breakfast at 8 am, and got packed up and back on the road!

Walker MN LegionWe stopped for scones at the Stonehouse Coffee and Roastery in Nisswa both on the way to and from Walker. If you come visit me there is a 100% chance that I’m going to make you do the short bike ride from Brainerd to Nisswa to get scones. Delicious.

Stonehouse Coffee NisswaP.S. Next week I’ll be sharing what I packed for this bike trip! (next year a bag of marshmallows will be on the list).

Personal Attendant: Dress Options

I’m linking up with Becky today because I’m treating myself to a new dress! The only problem is….I need your help. I’m one of the personal attendants for a friend’s wedding in October and my closet doesn’t have quite what I want. (The bride rocks and didn’t give us any “rules” but I really want a navy dress).

Here’s what I’m looking for… Comfortable, Flattering, Appropriate.

Personal Attendant Navy Dress Forgive the selfies, I don’t have a live in photographer. All the dresses are from Nordstroms, they offer free shipping and free returns. None of this is sponsored, I just thought I’d let you know!

#1 Painted Threads Floral Hem: If this were a spring wedding, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. But the bottom die cut flowers is too spring for an October wedding.

#2 Frenchi Tulip Sleeve Dress: The only dress with pockets! But is it the most flattering?

#3 Black Swan “Naomie”: The belt is included, the thickest material, but the skirt is huge, could I get it altered in time?

#4 Lush Lace Skater Dress: Is lace something I can wear other than at a wedding?

navy model 1234Just in case you want to see better details, with a real model, photographer and editing.

Which dress should I pick?


Peace Perspective XXXVII: Goals and Methods

It’s Sunday! Last Fall my Pinterest was full of people pinning cute photos of “Fall To-Do lists” this year I haven’t seen many, and I hope its because everyone is out doing things instead of pinning them.

Goals and MethodsMy personal goals for the Fall are to continue on the path I’m on. September has every weekend booked with something fun, and while that meant I had to turn down some events, I was able to spend time with a great mix of people.

My 2015 workout goal is still a mystery (usually I know what it is by now). I hope to complete a Half Ironman by the time I turn 30. Which means I have three summers to do it. I’m not stubborn about the goal yet, but I am definitely flexible with which methods I go about getting there.

What are your favorite methods for getting stuff done?