Chance Chat #27: Safe Ship

I am all about safety. When I was invited to travel to Chile and Bolivia with my aunt my first response was “Yes!”. But the truth is I’m saying yes because its not a trip I would ever plan on my own.

Safe Ship Albert Einstein

I can definitely enjoy a boat by remaining docked. There’s still a breeze, the gentle waves, and usually plenty of snacks! But boats are made to float AND to travel. While I will be hopping on a plane Tuesday afternoon and not sailing my way to another continent. I am taking a chance and leaving the dock.

Are you content docked at the shore?

Or are you happy to see what the tides will bring? (even if that means some seasickness).

Out of Office & June 2015 Recap

Happy July 1 everyone! June flew by, and I know July will be gone in the blink of an eye! As of today I’m considering myself “out of the office” until July 17 when I return from my South American adventures! I will be in Chile and Bolivia for almost two weeks visiting my cousin who has been studying abroad. But before we go too far into the future, let’s look back on June!

Personal Records: after posting this I recommitted to triathlon training and preparing for the Superiorman 41.5 which is at the end of August. I’ve been biking plenty, and swimming occasionally, but I’ve got a long ways to go.

I gave you plenty of peeks into my life with My World, Unemployment Day in the Life, and Aitkin News.

The Triple Crown winner was also something to be remembered.


Finally, I hope you all have a great Fourth of July! I have plenty of posts scheduled to go up while I’m gone, and will have plenty to share once I’m back!

Chance Chat #26: Clutter and Mess.

Confession: this is late because I preferred to sit around the bonfire with my family last night, and then I remembered this morning, typed up a great post, and then wordpress ate it. First time that’s happened, and I’m not really pleased….

Clutter and Mess

Since I live with my parents my mess is confined to my room and my car. I’m not a fan of when organization gets unruly, but it generally is at its worst when I’m packing for short trips and expect to be leaving again shortly after coming home.

The tidy, perfect, suspended animation moments are few. Sometimes they seem like the great final moment after lots of hard work.

But the work in progress messes are not failures. Especially as I go through my own work in progress with finding a new job and hopefully a place to live in the cities, I have to accept things aren’t perfect. If they were I would have started a job on June 1. Now I’m hoping to be settled by September or October 1.We will just have to wait and see how it all works out.

Do you prefer perfection? Or do you embrace the works in progress?

Networking? You Don’t Have to Hate it.

Networking: some people love it, but I think most people hate it.

I hate networkingThis is the first of four posts outlining how I “network”. Today I’ve divided people into four basic groups, and they all have their benefits.

Friends: This is the easiest category for me. There’s no pressure to ask a friend what they are up to, and then share what you’re looking for.

Family: A wealth of knowledge, especially older family members. They have seen trends come and go, and have great classic tips.

Friends of Friends/Family: This is the sweet spot. Ask your friends and family to think of you when they hear of openings. Or….if you know they work at a company you’d like to work for, ask them if they can forward your resume to the Human Resources manager.

Strangers: You never know who you are going to meet! Everyone’s favorite topic is themselves (or sometimes their pet/child) asking questions to get to know someone better can lead to great things.

mn blogger bashMonday night I was invited to the MN Blogger Bash and it was the best of three worlds with friends, friends of friends, and strangers invited. Mplsgossipgirl hosted with Garden of Eden and My Talk 107. It was so great to hang out, meet new people, and discover stores that I’ve walked by, but haven’t shopped yet.

While this event was not about job searching, it is good to mix it up with a fun event and to pull myself away from the screen and job applications. I didn’t get a chance to meet everyone, but I do have some new faces that I can make sure to connect with in the future.

Looking For…Guest Posts!

Hello Friends!! Checking in on this dreary (in Northern MN) Monday morning. Yesterday was freaking fantastic weather so I have no problems with the sprinkles and clouds today.

Lake Sunset

(photo not from today, but still gorgeous!)

In July I will be out of town for almost two weeks, so I would love to have posts from my readers! If you’d like to submit a post idea email me at katielookingforward “at” gmail “dot” com and we can get something set up!

Also, the Sriracha Blue Diamond Giveaway winner is Lisa!!

Chance Chat #25: TRI – TRY

Summer has a funny way of slipping by. I will out of town in July, and I know that the end of August will be here before I know it. I’ve signed up for the Superiorman Triathlon 41.5, but without training, I know I can’t complete the race.

chance 25 tryWhile the idea of .5 mile swim, followed by a 35.4 mile bike, and then a 5.6 mile run is completely overwhelming, I know that if I TRY, it could be accomplished. However, if I stay busy, and don’t prioritize the three sports, I won’t be crossing the finish line.

I have plenty of fears in the three sports, but the more I try, the closer I get.

What would you like to accomplish? Have you made the decision to try?

My Grandma’s Marathon Weekend History

It’s hard to believe Grandma’s Marathon Weekend is Here! ….And I’m not there. In 2011 I made the New Years Resolution to run 5 – 5ks. And the 5k of Grandma’s Weekend was my third one. I loved the course, and experiencing the huge expo, and relaxing on the rainy Saturday morning knowing that I wasn’t running as my race was the day before.

Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon 2012In 2012 had much better weather and I finished the Half Marathon. It was my first time actually training, and while the week prior to the race I was in North Carolina working, I still had a great race.

2013 brought the full Marathon. And while it wasn’t pretty, I am so glad I did it.

Athleta Sponsor Irongirl Duathlon(photo not from the Marathon, but from the same year).

2014 I entered the half lottery and was in! I didn’t get a great running training, as I was busy learning the ropes of triathlon, but it was great to revisit my favorite course.

Garry Bjorklund Half ParticipantSo many wonderful things about that photo. I attempted the lottery again for 2015 but didn’t get in. I planned on running the full, but the day before I went to register, for my aunt invited me on an epic trip for July. And I remember how long recovery took from the full last time, so I didn’t want to miss out on the trip if something happened on the course.

Are you racing this weekend? If so, GOOD LUCK!

Do you have a favorite course that you’re happy to run year after year?

Life This Week: Aitkin, Bare’s Bootery

Of course the week I post “A Day in the Life” means that the next week is nothing normal. After 51 years Bare’s Bootery is closing. For those of you who have been to Aitkin, you know it is our best shoe store. Steve and Janice have done a wonderful job of stocking the brands everyone wants, with wonderful customer service to boot. (pun intended)

Monday I assisted with organizing shoes, Wednesday was cleaning, and tomorrow will be THE FINAL SALE!  The doors open at 9 am. Here are a few of my favorite tables.

Sperry and Boots

Sperry and some gorgeous boots!


Remember when I did a review of Sketchers? Well after taking them through Disney World and New York City it is time for a new pair. Now I need to decide what color I’m getting.

Sperry's and Crocs

Even MORE Sperry’s and plenty of crocs.

The Bare’s store is FILLED with women’s shoes, and the sanuk’s and croc’s for Mens and Kids. Next door at the former Jeanie’s building you can find all the Men’s shoes, boots, and apparel as well as the majority of the Kid’s shoes and boots.

I’m not certain how often they will be posting, but you can follow the Bare’s Bootery Facebook Page for information as the sale continues.

Now I’m a Feminist.

While I’m not one to go heavy on the politics, my blood got boiled on Saturday evening and I have to got to share a little story.

north loop feminist

Scene: Restaurant in North Loop, Minneapolis.

Customers: 1 table of 16 females, 4 tables of 6+ females, and 5 heterosexual couples at the bar. (that’s 5 men, versus 25+ women).

I was at the table of 16 females, we had a waitress who was completely on her game, she got our drinks, ordered our meals, and brought dishes with absolutely no issues. The twins were playing in the background, and we noticed the score was an unfortunate 11-3 and kept chatting. The plan for the evening was to eat dinner, and then stay at that restaurant, as it has a fun late night scene and has a dj.

Until……the hockey game comes on. And suddenly we can only SCREAM at the person next to us, because they’ve turned the volume up so loud that normal conversation is impossible. As the waitress comes to remove our plates I ask her “can you turn the volume down?” Her response “I’ll check with the manager, but it won’t be turned down much because otherwise the guys will complain.”

Excuse me? The 5 men currently in your establishment are more important than the other 25+ females? While they turned it down a notch, we still couldn’t carry on a conversation. I watched every table pay, leave, and a few potential customers wander in, only to leave once they realized that game was on at a level that made anything else impossible.

Remember Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts gets to say “big mistake!” Well that’s what I wanted to tell that manager. Had we stayed, you would have gotten an easy 2-3 more drinks per person, and filled the awkward hours between dinner ending and the late night scene starting. Instead we moved on to Smack Shack where we had some great drinks and enjoyed the rest of the evening at a few other spots in Minneapolis.

Have you ever had one of those moments that changes how you feel about a “political issue”?


Chance Chat #24: Cosmopolitan

As I recover from a bachelorette party, I feel like this is an important lesson. As always, you can find this photo from Pinterest, although I originally found the photo from Cosmopolitan.

Her Success is not your Failure“The anonymous artist behind the Ambivalently Yours Tumblr remains that way because she wants her art ‘to be about all of us boldly undecided girls.'”

It is so easy to look at someone’s success and want what they have. How easy it would be to step into their shoes and have that job/award/significant other. But once you start to examine it…I bet you don’t want exactly what they have. Maybe their job requires lots of late nights and working weekends, and you’d rather be at a cabin.

Just because good things are happening in your friend’s life does not mean there are bad things happening in yours. You might be taking a longer road to get to a milestone, but that won’t diminish the happiness of either person reaching their goal.

Are you boldly undecided?