September Recap

September might have been my best month ever. I started with Easing Into Fall, celebrating at a fall themed wedding shower (the wedding is this weekend!), restarting the Couch to 5k program, and announcing my Disney Princess Half Marathon travel plans!

Fall Blog CollageI’m still obsessed with Sam Hunt and Bret Eldridge after listening to them at the Maurice’s Best Day Ever event. Their music fueled me through #BlendDSMtakeover (a trip to Iowa with friends who are bloggers).

After traveling by car for a weekend, I traveled by bike the next 124 miles round trip, Brainerd to Walker.

ggwbravefiveAnd then wrapped up the month with some time in the Twin Cities. Nordstroms, and Vikings Tailgating, life is good.

Vikings Tailgate SelfieWhat Fall activities have you done lately?


Peace Perspective XXXVIII: Don’t Take…

I’ve been saving this peace perspective for just the right week. I think this is a great time to remind people….

Kelly Cutrone quoteI’m far from perfect. But I do know myself. There’s a time and a place to follow other people’s leads. I really try to follow my own intuition, the gut feeling that tells me how far I can push the limits.

By refusing to “take any shit” a lot of drama gets skipped. Do what works best for you. I try my best not to air dirty laundry. If someone has hurt me I try to work it out with them and move on from the situation.

You may know Kelly Cutrone from The Hills or from Kell on Earth. But I loved reading her book “If You Have to Cry, Go Outside”. Its a great book for women who need a kick in the pants to get stuff done.

Who inspires you?

Bike Trip: Girls Gone Walker

I don’t title my posts “Workout Wednesday: Bike to Walker” but I do love sharing what kind of workouts I’ve done!

Last weekend 17 women biked from Brainerd, MN to Walker, MN, on 62 miles of gorgeous paved trail. Because I’m crazy I’m one of the 5 women who biked an extra 62 miles from Walker back to Brainerd on Sunday.Bike Brainerd to WalkerWe took numerous rest stops on the way up. Biggest shout out to Pine River which had a brand new bike service station! The entire trip was filled with gorgeous views. However the last 8 miles were a super struggle for me. Those miles included the only hills on the path.

Paul Bunyan Bike Trail Fall We got in at 3 pm just before the sky opened up with rain. We stayed at Chase on the Lake, and took full advantage of their hot tub, sauna and pool. We ate dinner at Cafe Zona Rosa (mexican), which had the best pitcher of margaritas! I was at a table of 5 people and we somehow managed to finish two pitchers. It fortified us before we went to the Legion to work on our dance moves. (see below). We were up a little past midnight, ate breakfast at 8 am, and got packed up and back on the road!

Walker MN LegionWe stopped for scones at the Stonehouse Coffee and Roastery in Nisswa both on the way to and from Walker. If you come visit me there is a 100% chance that I’m going to make you do the short bike ride from Brainerd to Nisswa to get scones. Delicious.

Stonehouse Coffee NisswaP.S. Next week I’ll be sharing what I packed for this bike trip! (next year a bag of marshmallows will be on the list).

Personal Attendant: Dress Options

I’m linking up with Becky today because I’m treating myself to a new dress! The only problem is….I need your help. I’m one of the personal attendants for a friend’s wedding in October and my closet doesn’t have quite what I want. (The bride rocks and didn’t give us any “rules” but I really want a navy dress).

Here’s what I’m looking for… Comfortable, Flattering, Appropriate.

Personal Attendant Navy Dress Forgive the selfies, I don’t have a live in photographer. All the dresses are from Nordstroms, they offer free shipping and free returns. None of this is sponsored, I just thought I’d let you know!

#1 Painted Threads Floral Hem: If this were a spring wedding, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. But the bottom die cut flowers is too spring for an October wedding.

#2 Frenchi Tulip Sleeve Dress: The only dress with pockets! But is it the most flattering?

#3 Black Swan “Naomie”: The belt is included, the thickest material, but the skirt is huge, could I get it altered in time?

#4 Lush Lace Skater Dress: Is lace something I can wear other than at a wedding?

navy model 1234Just in case you want to see better details, with a real model, photographer and editing.

Which dress should I pick?


Peace Perspective XXXVII: Goals and Methods

It’s Sunday! Last Fall my Pinterest was full of people pinning cute photos of “Fall To-Do lists” this year I haven’t seen many, and I hope its because everyone is out doing things instead of pinning them.

Goals and MethodsMy personal goals for the Fall are to continue on the path I’m on. September has every weekend booked with something fun, and while that meant I had to turn down some events, I was able to spend time with a great mix of people.

My 2015 workout goal is still a mystery (usually I know what it is by now). I hope to complete a Half Ironman by the time I turn 30. Which means I have three summers to do it. I’m not stubborn about the goal yet, but I am definitely flexible with which methods I go about getting there.

What are your favorite methods for getting stuff done?



Thursday Things from the Internet

It’s Thursday! I hope you are having a great week, it’s been a roller coaster for me, but I’ve found some good things around the internet that I thought I should share!

  • Kindness seems to be the theme of 2014, I loved Galit’s orginial 12 Secretes Happily Married Women Know. But her rebuttal is even better. Check it out here.
  • Kim posted about Unfollowing, its such a tricky spot to be in. But I think its important to remember to “have a thick skin and an elastic heart” especially for those in blogging.

Thick Skin Elastic HeartThe blog world has so many people in it, there is no way to read and love everyone, but you can appreciate them for what they are and what they put out in the world. And if they don’t make you happy in your newsfeed, feel free to unfollow them. Or just take a full on social media break like Katie is doing.

P.S. As a flashback to the last time I specifically posted on a Thursday, “Typical Thursday Thankfulness” was fun to re-read. So many friendships have grown in the last year!


#BlendDSMtakeover (Weekend Recap)

Happy Monday My Friends! I spent the weekend with blog friends (aka Blends) in Des Moines, Iowa. The only place I had been in Iowa prior to this weekend was Luther college, and that was only to play rugby, so it was great to explore more of the Southern State!

Roadtrip to Des MoinesI left work at 11 am Friday to drive to Emily’s house. From there we drove to Des Moines, with a necessary ice cream stop about half way. We made sure to be hungry when we came into Des Moines because dinner was at BBQ joint Jethros. I loved the Pulled Chicken Philly. The evening was wrapped up with Cards Against Humanity, the best game to get to know friends better.

Des Moines Saturday PlansSaturday morning we went to the Farmers Market, Mullets, Jasper Winery and dinner at Bar Louie. If it seemed like all we did was eat and drink…’d be right! I had coffee, grilled cheese and kombucha at the farmers market. Mullets atmosphere was very interesting, many people on bikes (pedal not motorcycle) were there, and I would love to do a long ride and finish there! Jasper Winery had a 11 wines which we tasted for $10 everyone had a different favorite. Bar Louie had delicious drinks, I would definitely recommend going there for a happy hour!

The Machine Shed Brunch BuffetSunday Alex, Amanda, Katie and I went for a run/walk and talk, it felt amazing to get up and get moving, especially as we then settled down for one last meal. Brunch Buffet at The Machine Shed. While I was sad to leave all my friends, I was very happy to sleep in my own bed.

What did you do this weekend? Have you had a blend trip lately?

Have you met my blends? Mollie graciously hosted us and has the coolest daugther. Katie is about to take off for 50 States, Amanda is a sweetheart originally from Omaha, Emily‘s heart is shared between Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota (even if I force the Minnesota love), Alex is crazy busy between graduate school and wedding planning, Traci I met this weekend and am so excited to watch her house progress, and finally Kristin who I also met for the first time this weekend, and just scrolling through her posts I already love her writing.

*Thank you Amanda for the Cards Against Humanity Photo, and Emily for the photo of me eating Grilled Cheese.

Peace Perspective XXXVI: Waiting Dating

It’s been a while since I’ve disagreed, so you’ve got one today. Pinterest is full of inspiration. If you want to be told a certain thing, there’s a pretty quote and picture to fit the bill.

waiting datingWhile this quote may connect with some, I am not one of them. At this point in my life I would rather wait to date someone I can connect with, versus fill time with someone who isn’t right for me. This doesn’t mean I have a super serious checklist and won’t go out until someone has filled all the boxes. In reality there is no checklist. It is more about the feeling. I want to be with someone who makes me feel safe, secure and less stressed.

This also doesn’t mean I’m sitting at home, waiting for things to happen. Instead it means I’m out doing what I want, when I want. Hopefully sometime while I’m out with friends I’ll find the person that is meant to be my more than friend. This also means that I am a huge proponent of “the more the merrier” you never know who might be just around the corner.

Did you find your person by waiting? Or were you a “sample all the flavors” dater? No judgement either way of course!


The weekend is here!! Remember back in my July Recap I wanted to focus on more fun less structure? So when I got invited to attend Maurices Corporation #bestdayever I couldn’t think of a reason not to attend!

Tavern on the HillI met up with my friend Kayla who happens to work for Maurices, and our group decided to have a drink at Tavern on the Hill, its in a completely new development near the UMD campus. At first the menu seemed over priced, but I had a beer and sushi for $15. So it wasn’t that bad.

Sam Hunt and Bret Eldridge Sam Hunt opened the concert, and I loved his 90’s country cover medley, as well as the songs he rapped on. Bret was awesome, his smile lit up the stage, and I was so happy to have made the drive over and see the show.

I got home about 11:30 and was up at 5 to teach my Yoga Sculpt class. On the drive home I was rewarded with this sunrise.

Hwy 169 SunriseNow I’m off to Iowa for #blendDSMtakeover (check out all the fun on Instagram and Twitter if you’re curious!)

*nothing was sponsored here, I mentioned Maurices and Tavern on the Hill because I wanted to!


Couch to 5k Week 1: The Best Apps

Welcome to the Off Season! I don’t have any big race plans until 2015, which means the next 4 months are for conditioning! #1 on the agenda, increasing my run speed! I’m using two apps to help me with this. The first being Couch to 5k Free!

Couch 2 5k AppWhile I’ve been aware of the idea of couch to 5k, I cannot look at a watch and do the splits myself (you start with run for a minute, walk for 90 seconds). With this app, a lovely voice tells you when to start running or switch to walking, and tells you when you’re half way done with your workout. There is also a 5 minute warm up and cool down, which I use to run, as I’m able to do the distance, but am working on speed.

Run Keeper AppThe second app I use is Run Keeper. Every 10 minutes it tells me my current distance and pace. Plus at the end of the workouts, it tells me if I’ve hit a new goal for speed or distance which is a great motivator!

What apps do you like to run with? What are you working on for fitness?