Lame or Honest Mistake?

I’ve ran in a tutu, I’ve attended a Healthy Living Summit, and am currently on the Dream Team for the 2014 Healthy Living Summit (You KNOW you want to mini mingle with me!) Self Lame ResponseI’m not saying I’m perfect (or that any healthy living blogger is), but I am always looking forward to the next adventure, and enjoying the wonderful moments life has to offer.

If the Self magazine controversy didn’t pop up in your newsfeed yesterday or today, go over to Healthy Tipping Point and read what Caitlin had to say on the topic.

And now Self has put out an amazing article themselves! Read it here.

My thoughts

  • Self made an honest mistake
  • Magazines need filler, the question “Are tutus during a race lame?” is completely understandable.
  • My answer is…NO! Tutus are not lame! There are so many themed races out there, and if getting to wear a tutu gets someone off the couch I am all for it!
  • The cancer conundrum: Self should have taken the time to look at the bib, and do a follow up question. I can only imagine the fury that would have been released on them if they had managed to tick off the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

This reminded me of back in 2010 (how is that 4 years ago?) when Marie Claire wrote “The Hunger Diaries” a truly ridiculous article and Caitlin wrote a great rebuttal. When that article was written I said “I will never buy Marie Clair again” and I have kept true to my word.

As for Self…I currently receive it for free through Mycokepoints. I’m not going to call and stop receiving my free subscription. However, I’m not sure that when it comes time to renew through my points if I will make the “purchase” again.

What are your thoughts? Were you offended? Or do you think this is being blown out of proportion?

Ironman March Check-in

I underestimated how much time Ironman March requires!

Ironman March Check-inThe swim and run distance has been manageable, although my endurance is not where I want it to be. The bike is a different story, I feel great during a spin class, but getting the 112 miles is going to be difficult!

All of my bike miles have been during spin classes, some bikes I’ve had a distance measure, otherwise the 12 miles means I took a 1 hour class.

I’ve got 5 days to go, and need to squeeze in 2 swims (1370 yards) and Bike 50.7 miles. I’m going to be completely honest and say I have no idea if this is possible!

I’m really kicking myself for skipping my swim last Thursday, because if I had it, I would be sitting much better!

Should I cram it all in? Or do what I can and say “April Fools!” If I accidentally finish until April1 instead of March 31?

Peace Perspective XI: Somebody

Some weeks I struggle with what perspective to choose. But shortly after reading the post that goes along with this pin, I knew it had to be today’s selection.

I AM SOMEBODY PinterestToday’s Peace Perspective is from Amy at Long Drive Journey. She and I have read each others blogs for a while now, what I love about her blog is there are some things we have in common; 20 somethings who love good lyrics and french fries. Yet there is so much that is different, she currently resides in Connecticut and went to elementary school in Louisiana, and I’ve never set foot in either state. That is the beauty of blogs, we would have never met, but somehow the internet showed one of us to the other (I have no idea who found who).

Anyways, in her post the phrase “I must be respected, protected, and never rejected.” really stuck with me. Do I respect, protect and never reject every single person that I come across? I’m not sure. But either way, it is so important for each of us to remember I AM SOMEBODY, and so is every other person we come across.

So click over. Read Amy’s story. She is somebody, and so are you.

As an FYI….Some of my pins have been found while cruising Pinterest. You can follow my board of inspiration “Peace: 2014″ here. Others are found while I read blogs, or other social media. The selections I actually choose are slowly updated and found under “Pinned it, Did it” here.

Mazatlan Food

It’s not all tacos and nacho for us while on vacation. Mazatlan is known for their tomatoes, other fresh vegetables, and the food in general is really amazing!

Wednesday: Angelos, in the golden zone, Italian food. I had the chicken penne and it was really good. In the past I’ve had the bananas flamed for desSert which steals the show!

Angelos Mazatlan MexicoThursday:Waters Edge, new location now not on the water’s edge, but this “Wine Bistro” was my favorite of the trip! For my meal I had a vegetable ravioli that was made with fresh pasta.

Appetizer from Waters Edge Wine Bistro Mazatlan MexicoThis appetizer was amazing, zucchini on one side, plantain on the other, and I think it was some kind of pork in the middle?  I wish I remember what it was called.

Friday: We decided to go up to the Hotel Freeman for a drink before dinner. I’m not sure why it wasn’t packed, this had the best views of the city!

Sunset Mazatlan Hotel Freeman

Dinner was at El Persidio, I had their steak special which came with a chipotle bernasie sauce. At first I was worried they didn’t have a steak knife. Turns out their steak is so tender that the butter knife did just fine!

Saturday: Panchos, we had a drink at the bar so we could score a better table.

Panchos Sunset View Mazatlan Mexico

This is a typical tourist restaurant, but their shrimp 2+2+2 (garlic, battered, bacon wrapped) keeps me coming back. I love getting to try the three variations while only ordering one meal.

Honorable Mentions: Topolo, we didn’t go this year, but I wish we had so I could have another watermelon margarita!

Casaloma. This one is tucked into a neighborhood and if you don’t know about it, you won’t find it on your own. My favorite parts of the meal are the Cesar salad created tableside, and the flaming coffee drinks for dessert.

Do you have favorite restaurants you return to on vacation? Or do you always try new things?

Mazatlan Workouts

Hello Friends! I hope you liked my scheduled posts while I was gone! Our 3 full days of vacation (and 2 travel days) were exactly what I needed. Today I’m sharing my workouts from the trip, Friday I’ll share the food!

Torres Mazatlan Pool Sunset

Torres Mazatlan is a time share resort my parents have had since before I was born. I took my first trip there in 2nd grade and some of the same people are still working there! When you arrive they say “welcome home” which is really how it feels. (not sponsored I just really love the place, and all photos are my own)

Anyways, back to the workouts.

Wednesday: Flight to Mazatlan, margarita happy hour, walk 3 miles on the beach.

Thursday: Wake up, run 4 miles, swim 500-ish yards.

Friday: Wake up, run 4 miles (slower this time), and water aerobics, where I then got sunburnt on my back, and humbled my how sore my shoulders were during the arm portion of the workout.

Torres Mazatlan Beach

Saturday: Sleep in, walk 3 miles on the beach, with a sprint in the middle.

Mazatlan Shadow Selfie

Sunday: Walk 2 miles, taking pictures, then fly home.

Total: 16 walking/running miles, 500 yard swim, 1 hour water aerobics. (don’t forget, I’m still working on Ironman March!)

While I was sad to leave, I was thrilled with my workouts! I’m not a salt water fan, so I didn’t convince myself to swim in the ocean. But there is always next time!

What is your workout plan while on vacation? Do you skip it, or switch it up?

Growth in the Best Way

Happy Monday everyone! Later in the week I’ll share some thoughts on my vacation, but first I want to give you a peek into the Katie Looking Foward numbers!

I started blogging in November 2011, here is my first post! By January of 2012 I had a few posts up, but for the most part my readership was my close friends. For the sake of simplicity, I’m only going to talk about views, not unique visitors. Also, please realize that any statistic you see can be cooked to look different ways. I’m taking this from my statistics.

Katie Looking Forward Blog GrowthI’m ignoring the first 2 months of blogging November and December 2011. They don’t tell you much.

I chose to use January as my month to show growth. In September 2013 I had my most views per month which I attribute to attending the Healthy Living Summit. But the January 2012 numbers really show how low I started, and the January 2014 show an astonishing growth from a year ago!

To celebrate all this growth I had a new headshot taken, which I’m slowly updating across social media.

Katie Looking Forward I especially like it for Linked In and Google Plus, I’m worried its a little too formal for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and my Facebook Page, so don’t be surprised if those switch to something more fun!

Because FUN > Formal.

I would love to hit the 20,000 mark this year, but its more important to me that this space remain a place where I talk about real life.

THANK YOU! Thank you thank you Thank you!  For joining me on this journey. And, to always end in a question…

What would you like to see more of?

If you’re a blogger, how much emphasis do you put on your numbers?

Peace Perspective X: Sing

Happy Sunday! This week’s pin is technically a craft pin before it is a quote pin. However, I think the message is important.

Except those that sang bestJust because you aren’t “the best” at something doesn’t mean you have to avoid it. I’m not “the best” cook, but I can cook. I’m definitely not “the best” blogger but I think put posts up. And while my race times are always in the second half of the pack, I still sign up for races.

Can you imagine spectating a marathon watching only the winner runner? While that may inspire some, I personally enjoy watching people from all walks of life participate in races. It also can fuel my fire..”that girl is not going to beat me. I can kick it up a notch!” is something I’ve said on more than one occasion.

Some whether you are stumbling or succeeding, keep searching for a reason to sing.

Sculpt Apartment Workout

HOLA!! I’m on my second full day of a Mexican getaway (I’ll spare you the photo of the beach, I promise its gorgeous).

The tricky thing about having two jobs is you have to have time off from both jobs in order to be gone! Thankfully when I miss teaching a yoga sculpt class, there isn’t any work to make up!

Unfortunately…when I’m gone, that means my students don’t get their  Friday morning workout. Without further ado…here’s a slice of what yoga sculpt consists of!

Apartment WorkoutIf you only have 15 minutes and want to work your entire body without letting everyone else know what you are up to, this is a great workout!

While I titled it “apartment” it could also be “hotel” or “no weights needed” If you have weights by all means use them! The beauty of this workout is that you can add whatever you like!

…and I just realized I didn’t include a plank, so make sure you plank! Total body move right there!

Adios Amigos!

Twosday Training

Two Confessions

  1. This is my first time participating in Twosday
  2. I may or may not be leaving the country tomorrow. At the time I type this I honestly don’t know!

Either way, I don’t plan on blogging tomorrow. Without further ado…

Two Triathlons I’m planning on doing.

  1. Tri for a Cause: July 19 in Crosby, MN
  2. Lakes Country Triathlon: August 24 in Brainerd, MN

And two events I’m thinking about doing…

  1.  Chain of Lakes Triathlon: May 4 in Alexandria, MN
  2. Zorbaz Swim Race: June 14 in Gull Lake, MN

Two Half Marathons I’ve paid for…

  1. Run for the Lakes: April 26 in Nisswa, MN
  2. Garry Bjorklund (Grandma’s Marathon Half): June 21 in Duluth, MN

Three Races in One Weekend…

  1. TC Looney Challenge: October 4-5 in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

And with that I really think that will be all I have time for in 2014. But I’m sure there will be a fun run or two thrown in there.

Peace Perspective: IX Crooked Path

Happy Sunday Friends! Here’s a little slice of perspective for you.

Peace Perspective 9Have you ever hoped and planned for something, only to have it cancelled? Or applied for a job, visualized how awesome your life will be with that job, and then not get a second interview? What about finding yourself jealous of someone’s job as a manager of anything with a significant other and thought “why can’t I have that?”

Because you’re not supposed to have it! At least not at this time in this way. Things aren’t always going to be perfect. There will be set backs. And that’s the way it is supposed to be. We have to learn from what doesn’t go the way we hoped, and figure out if its something worth really fighting for, or if we need to find something else that is better for us.

I can think of a few things over the last couple years that I’ve wanted and didn’t get. And at the time, I was ticked. I wanted something, I didn’t understand why I didn’t “deserve” it. But in reality, it wasn’t meant to be. Other things are out there that are better for me.

Is there something you didn’t get that you want? A point when you thought you were lost only to realize you were on a better path?