Give Thanks Giveaway!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends! I’m running the Turkey Trot 10k in St. Paul with some family members this morning. But I’m popping in here to share a giveaway!

(For the record, Balance Bar gave these to me to try out,

I am giving away some of the extra because I want to do something nice for my readers,

not because Balance Bar said I had to).

A few weeks ago I was given some of Balance Bar’s new Bare line to try out. There are three delicious flavors Sea Salt Caramel Nut, Mixed Berry Nut, and Sweet & Spicy Nut. Considering the “nut” in each name I expected something super crunchy that might hurt my teeth. Surprisingly this is not the case. I would call them more chewy and gooey, in a really good way!

Balance Bar Bare GiveawayI’ve snacked on these during work to tide me over until dinner. Grabbed them as a quick bite during a long Saturday dance practice. And love how they are just enough to get me to the next meal, without making it feel like I’ve gone overboard.

To Win: Comment with what flavor you are most excited to try. A random number will be picked, and all comments must be in by Monday, December 1 at 11:59 pm.


Florida Hills are Bridges: C25k Completed!

Happy Tuesday Friends! My workout discussions are usually posted on Wednesday, but with Thanksgiving on Thursday I decided to push it a little ahead.

Fort Myers Beach FloridaLast week I was in Florida with my family, it was much cheaper fly the week before Thanksgiving, so we took advantage! While we were gone my goal was to finish the Couch to 5k program as my Princess Half training starts soon!

Fort Myers Beach Florida ViewThis is the view from the front door of our condo, its about a mile to the main drag of Fort Myers Beach, and about another mile to the bridge in the top left corner of this photo. In the past I’ve ran there and the bridge has felt like it is forever away. Using the Couch to 5k app, I decided to do a full workout Week 8 day 1 on the way to the bridge, crossed it, and then did Week 8 day 2 on the way back.

Florida Hills are BridgesThere’s one little thing about the bridge…the middle section isn’t pavement, its grated. I’m assuming so they can raise it, which I never saw while I was there. I’m not necessarily scared of heights, but walking across that grated section of the bridge was terrifying. My palms are sweating as I type this in Minnesota!

Florida Sun Run

  • 5 mile run, Thursday:¬† two couch to 5k workouts back to back.
  • 18 biking miles, Friday: one 10 mile ride, one 8 mile ride.
  • 3 mile run, Saturday: had to cut it short so we could get on the boat!
  • 5 mile run, Sunday: of course the day we flew back to Minnesota had the best weather. I was supposed to do 6 miles to “officially” complete the Couch to 5k Training program, but the hot weather and I did not agree.

Do you workout more or less on vacation? I definitely run more, but am very excited to get back to Yoga Sculpt!


Peace Perspective XLVI: To Do List

I had plenty of organization bonding on Instagram last week when my 2014-2015 planner came in the mail. When I read through this pin on Pinterest, I decided it could be considered a to-do list.

Peace Perspective To Do

Thinking Deeply isn’t too difficult for me. But as I’ve shared earlier in the month, Speaking Gently and Being Kind doesn’t come naturally in every situation. Last Sunday I found myself with friends and laughing more than I have in a long time. It felt good, especially because one of the friends I hadn’t spent much time with lately. Even with the changes in our lives, we were able to have a good time.

Working hard is important, and seems to happen on its own. Giving Freely sometimes needs a reminder. Its so easy to get caught in a cycle, or a rut, but if you stop and think about why you do something, you may get reinvigorated and find the joy in giving. If you aren’t reinvigorated, maybe its time to find some other way to give?

What on this list is easy for you? What is a struggle?

5 Benefits of Multisport Group

I have officially been participating in Lakes Area Multisport events for a year! Last fall I attended their end of the year banquet and I recognized a few people from working out at “The Gym” in Nisswa. This year I knew almost everyone in the crowd. I may not know their age, employment status, or what they look like when not in workout clothes, but I still consider them friends.

5 Benefits of a Multisport Group

  1. Similar Interests- Not many of my friends consider early morning workouts a good idea. This group makes it a priority to get a workout in, without sacrificing family time.
  2. Healthy Habits- While we schedule many workouts from Zorbaz, and enjoy a beer afterwards, its social drinking, not raging.
  3. Different Philosophies- Newbies, Elites, Ultra Runners, Swimmers, Bikers, this group has it all. For different questions I can go to different people and get experienced tips and tricks.
  4. Money Saving- The workouts that we do together are usually outside. Every now and then we’ll go to the Y, but those are $20 or less for a couple hours of work, completely worth the cost. Also, everyone has different budgets for gear, so you can ask around and figure out what will be best for you!
  5. Inspiring- Instead of being solely focused on my own goals, I’m aware of what other people are working on. When I see them putting in the hours and miles towards a goal, I’m inspired to do the same.

Join a Multisport Group

*5 especially this past weekend. I was invited to do 8 miles at 6:30 am, but that’s earlier, and the last time I did 8 I was hurting for a couple days. So I was going to skip, I discussed a short distance with another friend, but I found out there was dance practice on Saturday (there usually isn’t) so I was really going to skip. But then I got in bed at 9 pm on Friday night, and I decided to see how I felt in the morning, and then the start was pushed back to 7:30 and I was sold. I ran 8 miles using a run 3 minutes 30 seconds, walk 1 minute interval. And I didn’t die. And I had some discomfort, but no serious pain. I still went to dance practice, and later went out with friends, and that 8 miles on made me feel stronger. And without the multisport group, I never would have met these women, and I never would have ran 8 miles in 0 degrees, when I was tired and had plans for the rest of the day. So join. You don’t have to be fast, talented, or outgoing. Simply attend a workout, see what happens. You might surprise yourself.

Do you enjoy working out with others? Or do you prefer to workout on your own?

Q & A (LIEBSTER 2.0)

There have been quite a few Q & A survey posts going around lately, and Sara over at Writing with Bangles nominated me for the Liebster Award! I was nominated in 2013 and you can see my original post here. Since I have some new readers (thank you!!) I thought I’d share a little about me.

Gallery Leather Katie Looking Forward

What one word sums up the heart of your blog and why?

“Try” I like to say that my blog is about setting goals and documenting the process of accomplishing them.

What is your favorite aspect of blogging?

Making connections. I can share a little portion of myself and find people who are also there, have been there, or are thinking about going there. It’s a powerful thing to meet new people you wouldn’t have otherwise met.

If you have children, what are their names? If not, what are your favorite boy and girl names?

Obviously I don’t have children, for boys I love the names Charlie and Jack, but I’m not dead set on it. Girls names are hard.

A long-lost relative leaves you a large sum of money. What do you do with it?

Buy a new laptop, hire a chef to teach some cooking classes, (that my friends and family could take with me) and save for the future.

What is your favorite food?

Pizza!! I have it at least once a week, the only toppings I really don’t like are sardines and Canadian bacon. Anything else is fair game.


If you have kids: did you choose the name that you liked when you were younger? If you don’t: do you have a food that you eat every week?

Peace Perspective XLV: Want vs. Don’t Want

It’s been a while since I’ve given a life of a single lady update, so I figured now is the time!

Never SureWhile having a “don’t want” list is a negative way of thinking, I believe that it opens me up to more options. I don’t want someone who is always negative. Life can be tough, but there is always something good in the day.

I don’t want someone who is afraid of hard work. Nothing lasts forever, so we have to be willing to work together towards goals.

I don’t want a player, if I can’t trust you, I can’t be with you. And trust isn’t automatic. So let’s get to know each other, go out, meet friends, see family, introduce each other to pieces of our lives, and see what happens. As fun as I love sitting on the couch, eating pizza and watching a movie is not going to bring us together. That is going through the motions. That is something to be enjoyed once we can each other better. Until then, lets go out and have fun!

That’s what I want, I want to work hard, have fun, and enjoy life, all aspects of it.

What do you want, or not want?

Fast Friday: Fantastic!

Hey Guys, I’ve got a couple great posts sitting in my drafts folder, but those just wouldn’t do for today. I’ve got 5 fantastic things to share with you quickly.

#1 Blends: More than Just Dessert is the best person to come into my life. We are very different (i choose to avoid all NFL football conversations) but can be very alike in some aspects.

Blends Blog Friends#2 Brooks: Emily is adding some YOLO to her life and included me in when attempting to get tickets for Garth Brooks in Minneapolis. It wasn’t the easiest online process, but she survived it, we made it, and had a great time! (If you’re in the twin cities area this weekend, I highly recommend going, I love every minute of it. I thought there would be a “boring ballad” section of the show, but there never was! Even Trisha’s songs were great!

Garth Brooks Minneapolis

#3 Bar la Grassa: My parents were obsessed with it one summer and we went almost too often. After not going for over a year, it was so great to go back and experience it with Em.

Bar La Grassa#4 Brrr: The weather isn’t so fantastic, a little too cold, and a little too much snow for my liking, but bundling up and walking from the restaurant to the concert and back actually was refreshing. It felt good to get the walk after a long meal, and before getting in the car.

Winter Road#5 Brunch: While my location fiasco last weekend wasn’t the best, it sounds like I may be having brunch on Sunday with my high school friends! I love any time we can get together “just because”. Flash back to an older photo of us, hopefully another will also be able to join this time!

Girls Grand Ave St. Paul How have these first few days of cold/winter been going for you? Do you have anything fun coming up!?

Cheers to 3 Years! #blogiversary

Hello Friends! Today marks 3 years of Katie Looking Forward posts. My first post was outlining half of my 2012 New Years Resolutions. Last year I had grand plans for a blog giveaway but it never came to be.

Katie Looking Forward 2012The above photo was what I first used as my profile picture. It was taken in Mexico, but I thought it was a good way of representing my love of Northern MN.

My first posts were all words, no images. As I grew more comfortable taking photos and sharing about my life, my blog slowly grew.

Katie Cummings by Glimpses of SoulAttending the 2012 Minnesota Bloggers Conference was a learning curve. I discovered that I was blogging from which has positives and negatives. After the Healthy Living Summit I was given the opportunity to start working with brands, and finally made the switch to

Katie Cummings 2014 Glimpses of SoulThis year I attended the 2014 Minnesota Bloggers Conference and had another headshot taken by Glimpses of Soul. As you can see from the two pictures, not much as changed. Especially in what I feel most comfortable wearing.

And I like that way. I’m learning and growing, but staying true to myself. And that is important.

What is the same for you in the past three years? What has changed?


Walking Fall 2014 Goodbye

Sunday I had the opportunity to wander around St. Paul because I thought I was early for a brunch date. I had arrived earlier than planned so as I walked I considered what it would be like if I was able to live in a different area than my current small town. Of course with moving comes a few things to consider…

car to go st paul

  • Travel options: parking, roads, I like to get from point A to point B with minimal distractions. Not every city/area is easy to navigate.

St Paul Street Poem

  • Beautiful Surroundings. I love that St. Paul has poems written in the sidewalks. I also need to be able to get to some water. I’ve always preferred lakes, but rivers could be a decent substitute.

blooma yoga st paul

  • Yoga: The ability to continue teaching yoga sculpt. I would also love to get a prenatal certification, so I have more knowledge of what modifications I can use as more of my friends have children.


  • Community: I thought I had arrived early for brunch. Until I got the text that my friends were waiting at the front of the restaurant for a table. So I went inside. They weren’t there. They were at RedCow Minneapolis. I was at RedCow St. Paul. So the “I’m early walk” didn’t pan exactly how I hoped, but I enjoyed my last walk of Fall 2014! Thankfully I have friends who are patient and understanding.

And then I got my first run of Winter 2014 on Monday morning before the snow got too deep!

Peace Perspective XLIV: 3 things

It’s been a week of learning curves for me. I’m a fairly introspective person. I look at my actions and try to determine if they align with my goals (hello blog life!) While I have high expectations, I also have to remind myself of a few things…

Silly Kind HonestWe’re all at a different place in our lives. We all learn lessons differently. I have been reminding myself a lot lately to be a little sweeter, a little less serious. This quote helps me adjust my actions so that I can be better aligned with what I’m working on.

What three things do you like to/need to remind yourself?