Wait, Watch

Hi friends, I hope all is well. I’ve got exactly one hour before I have to leave Aitkin again, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I think I’ll be coming up north most of the summer. Mainly because of how good I’ve felt this weekend.

wait watch

I drove up on Friday night, picked up my race packet (more on that later) and met friends at the bar for a beer. And I really did have one beer, before heading home and going to bed. I spent a couple hours out and about on Saturday before catching up with another friend. And then I went home and sat on the deck. Eventually a friend came over and we watched the moon rise. Which I somehow did realize was something that happened. As it got darker the moon rose higher, and it was so great to be sitting outside chatting, without an agenda.

Are you a sunrise, sunset, or moonrise watcher? I usually sleep with the shades open so I can see the sunrise, but this difference was wonderful!

Wheels, Water, Wine: Weekend Recap

Its been a long couple weeks, the last time I remember feeling as good as I did this weekend…was New Years weekend. I’ve been trying my best, but I’ve started reaching the end of the rope, and thankfully I’ve been vocal about this, and proactive in finding things that will improve life.

Superior Hiking Trail DirectionsSo I drove north. I went straight to Jay Cooke State Park, and started exploring. It was just me with no where to be. I hiked a bit, but I know there is plenty of more hiking to be done, I need to go up and devote a couple hours to the park.

Glensheen Garden

I spent the rest of the day in Duluth, I walked to Canal Park for lunch at Grandma’s, I walked to Park Point and sat on the beach, and then walked to Fitgers for some shopping. My feet were tired, but I still managed to walk from downtown to the Glensheen Mansion. I was able to tour the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor, as well as the gardens and lakeshore. Being able to purchase a beer definitely added to the experience. The time went quickly, was followed by a few more drinks and dinner, and finally to bed!

Left Coast Wine

Back in St. Paul on Sunday, I attended Solo Vino’s Rose Tent. The event was not quite what I expected. My friend who has been previously, described in a  way that lead me to believe I’d get to taste plenty of wine, and find some new favorites. Unfortunately the pours will small, the tent was crowded, and it wasn’t until the end that I found my favorite White Pinot Noir. So in the future I’ll stick to small scale wine events, the tent style is fine for beer, but not wine.

Sunday evening I did some light homework, and went a walk with a friend who I someone hadn’t seen in a couple weeks, despite living a mile away! And somehow we are already into the week and I’m looking forward to being in Aitkin next weekend!

When was the last time you went to Duluth? Have you attended a large wine tasting before?

Wait, Listen

Can you see it? In the photo there’s a spider web, with dew hanging in the balance. I was exploring Jay Cooke State Park on my own yesterday, wandering different paths without a care in the world. I laid on the ground to get this photo…..

wait listen jay cooke state park

And realized I didn’t hear the water anymore. It had been deafening on the shore. The sound has dissipated as I walked different trails, but now it was quiet enough that I realized going farther on the current trail was going to take me to places unknown.

Jay cooke rapids


I had all day to explore, however I wasn’t dress or prepared for an all day hike, I had my cellphone, my car keys, and a credit card (from having to buy a parking pass) these things weren’t your top three for hiking safety gear. So I jogged back to the last fork in the road. Thankfully there were a couple trails that seemed to wind through each other, so I didn’t have to backtrack all of my steps, and there were plenty of maps to ensure I was going back to the rapids and swinging bridge.

There’s more to come on my trip to Duluth, but for today, the one little word of 2016, wait, is a lesson in pausing to listen to the world around you. The voices in my head were too loud in the cities, I knew I needed to get up north and take a break. I got my break, but also got a lesson in being prepared. Thankfully nothing happened, but I do want to go back to Jay Cooke and actually hike.

Have you ever gotten a little turned around in nature? When was the last time you escaped the city?

4 Things About Me

because it’s late, and I’ll be meeting some new people this weekend, and I don’t know that I’ve ever done one of these on the blog.

Four names I go by
1. Katie
2. Katie Mae
3. K-K
4. Sister

katie and johnny

Four things I hate
1. Oblivious People, notice the signs to what is going on.
2. Sitting in Traffic
3. Fake People. You don’t have to like me, we just have to co-exist.
4. Steamed Veggies, don’t we all know roasted is better?


Four things I cannot live without
1. Johnny (see above)
2. Phone – twitter, music, podcasts, facetime. I need it.
3. Alone time – I need to process things by myself.
4. Kindle – I read every night before going to bed.

Four things I’m looking forward to
1. Duluth tomorrow!!!
2. Rose wine tasting on Sunday!
3. Aitkin next weekend.
4. Memorial weekend, 3 days without work? yes please!

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Ignite, Lit My Fire.

Last night (Tuesday night) I had the pleasure of attending Ignite. I’ve wanted to attend in the past, but it never worked out. When I was at the April Social Media Breakfast, Ignite was mentioned, and I realized the last wave of tickets would go on sale that day. I set an alarm and stalked my phone, I wasn’t going to miss my chance.

host home mom

My bestie Emily, also grabbed a ticket, so we were able to go together, and get a drink to chat prior to it starting. We got there right away, and were able to easily get a beer and some food before the massive lines started.

nora igniteIgnite gives each speaker 5 minutes, 20 slides, and no control. I had no idea what kind of topics would be covered, turns out, every topic under the sun can be covered. I learned something from each and every one.

the end not quite lord gordon gordon

At various points throughout the evening I wondered if I could apply to present. And I’ve decided at some point I will apply. Maybe not in time for the next Ignite (November 3) but at some point, I think it would be a wonderful experience.

Wait, Choose

This view is part of the walk down my driveway… Of course you could ignore the lilacs and focus on the garbage.

wait choose lilacs garbageOf course there is another view option of the driveway.


Just a close up from the other side. Not much for words this week, I slept a lot over the weekend, which means there is a lot of stuff to be done and put away, and here’s hoping I focus on the best parts of the view.


Pushing Through

Just a few days in 28 years old, and the outlook isn’t so great. This morning I completed Cosmo’s snapchat magic 8 ball, and below is what I got…when I tried again, i got “rest up”. So at least that is accurate, I have needed a lot of rest lately.

cosmo magic 8 ball

I’m on week 5 of “not optional” overtime. One hour and thirty minutes a day of overtime is requested, and they’ll beg for another hour. Which means when I get home each night I have maybe 2 hours to get all of life completed before going to bed to do it all again. And while at my desk this week, I realized I might be the only person on my time without a significant other. Which is fine, I don’t want to be with someone that I don’t love, but…..it sure would be nice to have someone helping me with the daily life stuff.

tomorrow couch to 5k

The first 4 weeks of overtime I did a decent job of staying active. This week I’ve skipped yoga, I did 2 short runs, and I hope Saturday morning I’ll wake up ready to get an awesome run, or maybe yoga. But I don’t feel too much guilt for saying “next week”.

Here’s hoping the weekend recharges me, I have a fun event I’m going to in the early afternoon, but I really want to be back in St. Paul in time to have a Mint Julep at Dixie’s to watch the Kentucky Derby! (and trying not to be too bitter about my parents being there).

Tell me something good, what’s going on in your life?

Wait, Sip

I’ve been all about “Don’t Wait” this spring, so its time to give myself permission to slow down.

wait sip slow down

Stresses are going to continue. Its a fact of life. But in the moments when I can slow down and sip with friends, I need to do that. It will help me recharge so I can tackle the next challenge.

It’s a short post this week, I’m typing on Saturday (my birthday!) and scheduling for Sunday. My Saturday includes a brunch with friends and dinner with family. Sunday we will all be heading to church and having lunch with my extended family. It should be a wonderful weekend, hopefully with a couple long walks as well!

When you’re stressed do you slow down and sip? Or do you tend to rush from one thing to the next?


April 2016 Recap

While I will live up the last day of the month, it is my birthday after all! Here’s a little recap of my life in April! I celebrated April Fool’s day by going to Tin Whiskers and enjoying their Chocolate Orange Imperial Stout. It was heavenly, I wish they would allow growler sales of their specialty beers.

chocolate orange imperial stoutDating life continues, there are highs and there are lows, but to be clear, I’m not America’s Sweetheart. Also, I’ve found that it takes me a long time to warm up and be able to share about me. If only first dates could be 30 minutes, get a feel for the person, then start slowly adding time. My last date was 2 hours long, so naturally there were lags in the conversation. Because even the best 2 hour movies have a slow portion of the film. dating lifeI also spent one weekend in my hometown. And it was wonderful, things clearly continue and change and I might not realize it since I’m not there all the time. But I’m also able to visit and feel like I still belong. And then of course there’s the memorializing of Prince. I didn’t do everything, but I was able to be a part of was wonderful/interesting/hard to explain.

purple rain snapchat filter

What was your high/low of April? What are you “looking forward” to you in May?

Commodore Bar, Birthday Preparation

My best friend and I both happen to have April birthdays, and our first year out of college we started the tradition of going to a fun dinner just the two of us. At least a month ahead of time (possibly longer) we decided that Commodore Bar was the obvious choice.

Commodore Bar St Paul

A food blogger I’ll never be, but I had the “The Partridge” the first sip was all gin, but it mixed together very nicely, the pear brandy was very smooth. The other first cocktail was “Fitzgerald” with house made sour, very refreshing and more citrus than I was expecting.

Commodore Toast

For food we ordered the shrimp cocktail, which may seem boring, but was delicious and clearly prepared with more thought than when others make it. And the TOAST! I cannot say enough good things about this trio. You could order just one style if you wanted, but…..you really need all three, I couldn’t pick a favorite if you forced me, they were all delicious!

Commodore Cocktails

The cherry on top of the evening….bahaha. was the Commodore cocktail. Served with a hand dipped chocolate cherry, it is the reason I will be visiting again and again. There was also a butter cake, which was good, but I was done with photos at that point.

The food was wonderful, but the service was even better! We sat in one of the three bar areas, and even though we arrived at 7:30, there was no wait for a table. The chairs are low and comfy, but I wouldn’t wear a miniskirt as it will definitely ride up from the low seat.

Do you have a birthday tradition? What bar/restaurant do I need to visit next?