Chance Chat #18: Dear Self

I’m officially one year older. And with that, here’s a little Pinterest inspiration that was actually found around New Years, but I believe that you can start over at anytime!

dear self25 and 26 were pretty tough but still good years. I am so excited to see where 27 will take me. I’m officially in my late 20s and while I am fairly certain I’ll be staying in Minnesota, anything can happen.

What do you want to get started on? What are you waiting for?

P.S. Sometimes I think its good to wait.


This is 27.

Here’s what the morning of a 27 year old looks like…

  • waking up at 6:30 for a slow run.
  • drinking coffee with a homemade marshmallow
  • doing two loads of laundry
  • not cleaning my room

This is 27 Birthday Run

I’m not sure if that is winning the almost 30 game, or if I’m holding strong to childhood. (never mind the fact that I’m still living at my parents house).

I had promised a music post this week, but, it’s my party and I’ll wait until next week if I want to.

I had my birthday dinner on Sunday night, so today will be low key as I have a Great Aunt’s funeral in a few hours. Although I may go out in the evening. I do have plans for Saturday to celebrate the Kentucky Derby! I’ve got one of my Lilly for Target dresses and a big floppy hat all ready to go!

How do you celebrate your birthday?

April 2015 Recap

I hate to say it, but I’m going to…wasn’t Easter last week?! How did this happen? Per usual, here’s a little recap of my posts from the month.


I made Sweet Potato Tots: a pinterest hack that is super delicious

I also attended the Social Media Breakfast MSP. I thought the topic would be food photography, but instead it covered all things food related. Do chefs hate yelp? Is everyone now able to be a critic? And turn off your flash when taking food photography!

Social Media Breakfast MSP


Class Pass Minneapolis

Fitbit vs VivoFit

*Sponsored in that they were free trials of product, all opinions are always my own! Other business thoughts can be found here.

Classpass Pilates Proworks Reformer


A selfie post also went up, as well as Spring Style! (The elusive pink dress with sleeves was never purchased) I ended up getting a pink tank dress from Old that I wore to a wedding this weekend and loved!

Lilly for Target broke a lot of hearts. I managed to secure the starfish bracelet I liked a week later at Edina Target, and saw a few items at Roseville Target, so keep scouring the stores, and you might get lucky!!

Chance Chat #17: Perfect Age

I’m generally not one of those birthday people…but this year you’re getting a couple posts on the topic!

candlesI never thought I’d have kids by 25. But I used to put a lot of pressure on 30. Its a nice round number when I thought I would have all the answers. Now I’m realizing that probably won’t be true. And that is okay. Heck, it might be preferred. I’m finding that the longer I wait to cover certain milestones, the more I get to do with my time/life.

How do you handle birthdays? Do you dread the extra number? Or do you celebrate all the life you’ve accomplished so far?

P.S. I still am working on my 30 by 30 list. However it hasn’t taken a front row seat in my blog plans.

Looking Over:

This might be a blogging no-no, but I’m sharing anyways!

Here are my favorite things on lately.

For Work7 Things a Professional Should Never Do on Social Media

Some of these should be obvious, but it’s always good to get a reminder!

For Play: Disney and R&B Mashup Videos. Love love love.

run disney signMy feelings for Disney are strong, this shouldn’t be new information.

For Future: 16 Female Senators Give Advice

  • I’m a little annoyed they didn’t equalize the party representation, not because I identity as a Republican but 2 quoted Republicans vs 14 quoted Democrats seems silly.

“Quit trying to analyze every little angle of it. Just do it. And if you fail, this place is filled with people who have had failed elections or failed parts of their life.” – Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.)

P.S. Want to see the time I disagreed with Cosmo? My bachelorette party tips.


Lilly for Target: Multicolor Lessons

I kept quiet about my plans until the last minute, but I’m pretty pumped about my Lilly Pulitzer for Target purchases. You may have seen on my instagram/twitter/facebookpage that I did indeed make it to the store. And I was in the first person in line (which does not mean that I got everything I wanted).

lessons from the lilly pulitzer target collaboration

Here is my overall assessment of the collection/experience.

1: Quality: Much lower. Obviously lower than full price Lilly Pulitzer (which was expected), but also lower quality than some of Target’s in-store brands.

2. Selection: Online: If you were surprised that there were website issues, I don’t know what to say to you. No one is perfect, and that was bound to happen. They could have done an online waiting room like they do for concert tickets, but technology will keep evolving. This year they had the mobile site and the regular site to keep up and running, it was bound to have some issues.

In Store: Meh. I was at a small Target, so I was happy with what I was able to purchase. However, others were really hoping for swim suits. I would have liked some shoes or jewelry. But you win some you lose some.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target

3. Sizing: Dresses: True to Lilly sizing. I wasn’t surprised by this, and may have to take in the shoulders of the dresses I bought.

Tank Tops: Generous sizing. I thought about putting them back, but realized I could give as gifts or sell to friends (not for a profit) so I’m holding on to them.

4. Reselling: I had no intentions of buying to resell. However….I grabbed 3 sizes of the two dresses I wanted. I also grabbed two different tank tops (but only in the size I thought I was). So now I have 4 dresses and 2 tank tops to sell or return. All returns must be done within 14 days of purchase.

5. Accessories: In a whirl I grabbed all the nail polish colors, because I figured it was an easy gift, or something I could use. But it was an expensive grab, so we will see what I do with those.

Were you aware this was going to happen? Were you surprised it happened?

Let’s talk about it!!

P.S. There is a regular price Lilly Dress that I have my eye on too!

Chance Chat #16: Say Yes…or NOT!

Happy Sunday friends! I’m feeling a little feisty, so today I’m disagreeing with a quote.

say yes tina fey quoteYou cannot say “yes” to everyone. Everyone has a max out, and while those limits may be different, you cannot be all things to all people. With all the changes going on in my life right now I’ve had to scale back on commitments. I cannot have every week day scheduled as I need to allow time to travel for interviews, and job searching in itself is something that takes time.

Say No. Say “I’d Rather Not” If something is bringing you anxiety or stress or getting in the way of a good time, let it go. Be polite and honor your commitments, but guard your time. It’s precious. We each get 24 hours in the day, and we all have different needs and priorities. Lack of planning on their part, does not automatically constitute an emergency for you.

Do you guard your time? Or are you a people pleaser who says “YES” even when your heart means “no”?

Schedules Are Overrated (But Selfies Aren’t)

*Posting 2 hours later than I usually do, because life happens.

I’ve talked plenty about how Type A I am, how I love my planner, and nothing relaxes me more than making a plan and a list.

Lipstick SelfieI managed to break and fix both our office printer and fax machine today. I had to go to the coffee shop to grab a cup of perspective (otherwise known as an iced latte).

MN Blogger Conference 2012 - MeBack in 2012: Selfies weren’t even a thing! But I am so glad I have photo evidence of my first MN Blog Con. You can read the most awkward/rookie recap post here.

Pre Race Nerves Iron Girl BloomingtonI took my road bike on a short spin last night, and have my old mountain bike in the car to get checked out so hopefully I can get a spin on the local trails before I move!

I haven’t been taking selfies lately, but these photos remind me that I’ve come a long way, and I’ll continue to grow, there’s no need to put tons of added pressure on myself. Things will work out as they are supposed to.

What was the last selfie you took?

Do you love schedules? Or do they weigh you down?

Continuing to Grow (Business Man!)

Businesses do quarterly reviews, and while I don’t run this space as a business, I am comparing my 1st Quarters of 2013, 2014 and 2015. And woah boy, is it good! (would I have shared it with you if it was bad? Probably not, it’s still early in the year, lots of things can happen).

q1bloggrowth2015It burns me a bit that I was 14 views away from saying that every month in 2015 has shown growth. But I was slightly more cool in March of 2014.

Those 14 little views cannot take away from my happiness about January’s growth! That explosion is most likely due to all the New Years Resolution posts. You may remember that I attempted a link up in January for my Chance Chats, I’ve let that fall the wayside. I found that people would rather comment on the weekly post, than link up a similar post of their own. And that’s okay!

curly selfieWhile lately I’ve had sponsored posts, or discussed free trials, I am VERY picky about what I will and won’t accept for a blog review. Generally the products I chose to review are things I either already own, or have hoped to own. I will never lie about how I feel about a product.

What’s My Goal? Keep Learning! If I was properly utilizing all the tools I’m aware of, my following would probably be stronger. But living an authentic life where I do what makes me happy does not currently include “learning how to get people to want to follow me”. If you like what I’m about, feel free to reach out! If you’re not into what I’m about, that’s cool, no need to follow.


P.S. Curious about where I was last year?

P.P.S. -adding a P.S. to posts is one of those tools I’ve learned to do to have a stronger following.

Chance Chat #15: Run Away

Here is this week’s version of my “one little word” for 2015. My word is Chance, and I have a whole Pinterest board full of inspiration, which you can see here.

running away chasing goals“Run Away” when I hear those words I think of someone who is weak, or scared. “Chase” tends to make me think of “chasing after a boy” which is generally discouraged in dating advice, as men like the hunt. And while that could be its own post, or three or four. Let’s focus on Doubts and Goals.

As I have all these changes coming up I have plenty of goals. Some of them have been goals long before I found out my job was ending. Others are new goals that didn’t seem possible until the possibility of a new job came into view.

My doubts right now center around my job. I need an income. At first I was hopeful that I would find a job in April, and while there is half the month left, I’ve already pushed the goal date to June 1st. Don’t get me wrong, I want a job. But I want the right job. I’m running away from place holders, and chasing after the right position. Something that I love, the daily tasks, the community/coworkers, I need to feel as if I’m working for a reason, and not just for a paycheck.

Chasing my goal right now means applying for everything, keeping my ears open, doing the best I can with what I have and hoping for the right thing to come along. I’m not crazy enough to view jobs as “beneath me” but I can see what is something that is a good fit, or not so good fit for me.


What doubts are you running away from?

What goals are you chasing?