March 2015 Recap

Happy Monday Friends! I’ve got a great post coming for you on Wednesday, but until then, I want to make sure you’ve got all the good stuff from March covered!

My Disney World trip with college friends might be my highlight of 2015, I’m sure other good things will come, but those were 5 awesome days.

cinderella selfieI officially registered for the SuperiorMan 41.5 with VIP, so I can defer to 2016 or go up to the 70.3 depending on how my training goes. I really, today, hopefully.. am going to register for Grandma’s Marathon as well. ahh! 26.2 round two!

My family vacation to Mazatlan, Mexico wasn’t the best due to illness, but the four of us will be in Florida at the end of April, so hopefully that time will be more fun and healthy.

johnny kissy selfieI blogged three times about ClassPass here, here, and here. I still have one post to come that includes a pro/con list for those contemplating the switch. For the record, they didn’t pay me to talk about them, but they did give me one month free.

I didn’t take any pictures this weekend, but I had a fabulous time. Lunch with multisport friends, the favorite things event with the Minnesota Bloggers, a drink with one of my good high school friends, more drinks with another friend, and my last ClassPass experience (for now). I spent Sunday afternoon blissfully alone and could not be happier with how life is going these days.

What was your favorite thing about March? Do you have big Easter plans?

Chance Chat #13: Not for Them

Today’s pin is actually from a blog I read regularly, Peace, Love and Oats. But as I’m applying for jobs and making changes for the future, I need to keep this in mind…

Not for ThemThere are a lot of unknowns in my life right now.

  1. Where will I be employed in the next month?
  2. Where will I be living the month after that?
  3. What will I be working towards two months after that?

I can’t figure out two and three without knowing number one. And EVERYONE has an opinion with all three questions. I’ve built a great life in my hometown, one that I really enjoy. But I also love my time in the Twin Cities. And I’m ready to give living in the cities another try (those few months after college didn’t really count).

I’m trying to best balance my journey, and hopes for the future, with the commitments I’ve made. I’m trying my best not to commit to any new things at this point, but I don’t want to shut myself off from some amazing connections that have grown out of these years living in my hometown.

I’m also trying to keep my one word for 2015 CHANCE, alive in these decisions. I have an opportunity to do something new, and I want to make sure that I’m not making decisions that are just safe and easy, and ultimately unsatisfying.

Do you veer towards the safe and easy? Or do you like to take a chance and get challenged?


Five Friday Facts.

  1. I had my first phone interview today! No sharing the company yet, but I’ve been sending out a couple applications each day this week, and I’m happy that at least one got noticed!

Gallery Leather Katie Looking Forward2. I’m trying to decide what to do with my weekend….

  • I’m teaching yoga at 9 am Saturday, then
  • heading over to Zorbaz on Gull to hang with the Lakes Area Multisport team (they’re running prior to Zorbaz, but like I said, I’ll be teaching).
  • After that I’d like to head to the cities for the Minnesota Bloggers Favorite Things event, and spend the night.
  • and attend a couple more classes on ClassPass Sunday morning.

Minnesota Bloggers Conference3. My blogging mojo is not the best, but next week I’ll have a great post about Fitbit Flex vs. Garmin VivoFit!

  1. I’ve had a couple times this week where I thought it was April already, and I just realized I need to do a March recap!

hometown aitkin mn5. The local high school musical is this weekend and my mom, brother and I are planning on going! This year’s show is The Suessical Musical, and the Lorax had better be included!

What was your favorite Dr. Suess book as a kid?

Did you notice these were all recycled photos?

Weekend ClassPass Results!

I survived!!! Over the course of 2 days I took 6 different workout classes via ClassPass. No two classes were the same, and I enjoyed each experience. I set up my schedule strategically, I wanted to try new things in the morning when I would be fresh, and had a few familiar class styles so I’d know how to modify as needed.

*for links to the studios, please refer to my introduction post here.

First up was: Pilates ProWorks: Best Challenge. While some moves were similar to Yoga Sculpt (which I’ve been teaching 3x per week for 2 years) the inclusion of the reformer was new. I was pushed and found that I’m not as strong as I hoped, but I definitely would take a few more classes to get used to the movements.

Classpass Pilates Proworks ReformerThe Shed: 45 Min Spin: Best Staff. Spin bikes are all a little different, and while I have an idea of how to fit myself, I took the offer of having the instructor fit me to the bike. Midway through class she had me switch bikes as mine was making a weird noise, I appreciated that she cared so much about my experience. (I also loved that they do different lighting throughout class which helped me dig deep and focus).

The Shed MinneapolisC2 at Corepower – Highland: Great Sweat/Soul: I’ve taken a few C2 classes and they’ve all been a bit different, which is why I wanted to put this class at the end of the day, if it was super tough I could listen to my body and hang in child’s pose, but if I connected with the class I could push it knowing it was my last thing of the day. Thankfully this instructor had a great attitude and found the perfect balance of pushing us while relaxing us.

I showered at Corepower, picked up my bike from its cleaning, and visited with my grandparents for a bit before heading to a late happy hour/dinner with a friend from college. I slept hard and was ready to go the next morning!

Row and Flow Studio MESaturday: Row and Flow at Studio ME:  Best “Different” class.  I didn’t have my phone with me in each class (as I find that super distracting) but I did snap a picture of the row machines. This was a class like I’ve never experienced, and the one that I most want to bring all my friends to. Located at Saint Anthony Main, Studio ME is tiny, but in the best way. The instructor was so personable, and her flow (yoga) was one of the best I’ve EVER had.

Alchemy: Best New/Trendy, I didn’t have much downtime from rowing to A10, but I’m glad I didn’t, as I might have talked myself out of it. This is a class that I wouldn’t recommend to people who are new to yoga or fitness in general. While everything is scalable, but the instruction is fast and the potential for injury is high. If you’re fit and looking for your next challenge, this is the class for you! I will be going again to try out their yoga classes, and maybe another A10 class when I can give it my all and not be sore from prior workouts.

Corepower Ryder Sweaty SelfieRyder – Corepower Highland: Best Music. Excuse the terribly sweaty selfie, but this class was effective!!! I loved the energy, and the challenge of having the bikes tilt as you lean, while the music was good in every class I took, this class really took advantage of the 45 minutes and inspired us to make the time count!

What class would you have liked best? Have you ever been on a reformer?

I’m hoping to come down on Saturday afternoon and take a few classes on Sunday, so if you’d like to join me, let me know!




Chance Chat #12: Wait til Ready

Mixing it up again, this time with a Chance Chat where I dislike the second half, but agree with the first..

Wait til Ready Chance Chat“There is no such thing as ready.” FALSE. I’ve been ready and waiting for things, usually things that are out of my control in order for them to happen.

It IS a terrible thing to wait until you are ready. I think you can wait so long that fear will find a way to creep in, and doubt will convince you that the thing you wanted to do won’t happen successfully.

By waiting until you are 110% ready you might miss out on a lot of chances that could have been available to you sooner. Which is why……I’m applying for jobs. My current job is great, but will be ending this spring. I am considering a move to the twin cities, especially as there seem to be more job opportunities.

I am not ready to leave all my fabulous friends, and the relationships I’ve built in my hometown, but I don’t know if I’d ever been ready to leave those things. Even when I lived in Duluth I still managed to volunteer for the local Scholarship Pageant. And while I will have to step down as Director, I will do as much as I can for them, as long as I can.

Do you wait until your ready?

Or do you jump right in to the next best thing?


ClassPass Weekend Schedule

As I mentioned on Monday, I have a ClassPass trial for this month. Since I don’t live in Minneapolis/St. Paul at the moment (but might in the future) I want to try as many different areas and classes as possible! So I’ve taken work off Friday so I can maximize my time.

Athleta Sponsor Irongirl DuathlonFriday 9 am: Pilates Pro, at Pilates ProWorks in Edina (I think this class is on reformers which I have never tried).

  • 12 pm: Spin 45, at The Shed in Minneapolis (A spin studio I have heard a lot about, but haven’t been to, and am so excited to try!)
  • 2 pm: C2 at Corepower Highland Park (I’ve been to almost every Minnesota Corepower, this is a new to me studio).

Saturday: 7 am: Row and Flow, at Studio ME in St. Anthony West (so so pumped to try this one!)

  • 9 am: A10, at Alchemy in Warehouse District. (A friend of a friend just opened this, I’m terrified of the 10 minutes of crossfit style workout….)
  • 3 pm: Ryder – 45 minutes at Corepower Highland (yes I’m going back to the same studio, I’ll be interested to try Corepower’s version of spin which I haven’t done before).Pre Yoga SculptSunday 8 am: Open Barre, at The Barre in Edina. (I’ve got to go straight to church after this one, hopefully I can survive!)

I haven’t decided how many workout clothes I’m packing for the weekend, but I am planning on plenty of water bottles and larabars. I’m going to need fuel for this experience!

What style of class are you most interested in trying?

Any chance you’re in Minneapolis/St. Paul and want to join me?

Fueled By: Coffee, Scones, Croissants, and ClassPass.

Whew! Monday is almost over and its time to relax a little! My idea of relaxing is thinking about how wonderful my weekend was!

Friday night I was out late (okay 10 pm). Saturday at 7 I was up and going to meet friends for a 4 mile run followed by coffee and scones. If you’re in the Brainerd Lakes area and haven’t been to Stonehouse. You’re missing out.

barre bliss reflectionFrom Nisswa I drove down to Minneapolis, or specifically St. Louis Park. I was gifted a ClassPass trial for the month of March and was too busy the first half of the month to take advantage. This wonderful company/program came to Minneapolis in January and is the best thing if you like checking out new studios and classes all the time!

For my first class I tried Barre Bliss Basics at Barre Bliss, and loved it! I’ve taken a few Barre classes before, and loved the inclusion of yoga within the traditional barre workout. I was tweeting about my plan to attend class and was happy that a high school friend decided to join me! After class we stopped at Honey and Rye for coffee, and I had a croissant. Flaky on the outside, chewy on the inside, it was perfect.

honey and rye minneapolisFrom there I grabbed at quick shower at my friend’s apartment before heading into Uptown to meet a different friend for an afternoon beer. We ended up chatting for two hours, so I started heading north and checked in with Emily for how her evening was going….and ended up staying with her! We had a wonderful evening catching up, and then had a morning stroll to The Local Blend, where I had…coffee and an ALMOND croissant, which are made by the local monks (you can’t get more catholic than that). It was delicious, but super sweet, I was thankful for the walk back to her place to help me digest.

which wich firstAs if I hadn’t had enough carbs…we went to Which Wich for lunch, which was a first for me. I loved it, and will definitely be choosing it over Subway in the future. And when I say we…I was able to get together with the bloggers of…. Diary of a Semi-Health Nut, Life of a Diet Queen, More Than Just Dessert, and Racing Bananas. It was so great to see them!

which wich groupPhoto Courtesy of Kim.

What’s your go-to treat at a coffee shop? Ever been to Which Wich?


Chance Chat #11: Waiting vs. Forgetting

Which is worse? Waiting or Forgetting?

painful suffering

How do you know if you’ve actually forgot? There are few things I would be okay with forgetting. But if I think about them occasionally, clearly they aren’t forgotten.

Waiting is something I am familiar with, and I do think it can be painful at times. However you can look at it two ways. Are you waiting for the storm to pass? Or are you waiting for happier times?

Last year was definitely a waiting for the storm to pass year.

This year I’m not painfully waiting for anything, but I am waiting for some new and exciting things.

What kind of waiting are you doing right now?

Or are you forgetting something?

Mazatlan 2015 Recap

If you haven’t been to Mazatlan, Mexico before you really should! I’ve been going since I was in second grade (although not every year) and while the city is constantly changing, it is always a wonderful vacation.

We flew in on Saturday and unfortunately Sunday was overcast, which is a rarity. Although the fisherman didn’t seem to mind!

Mazatlan FishermanThis view is at the end of a 2.25 mile run from the hotel. There’s a great Looney Bean cafe that I haven’t actually gotten a drink from, only because I don’t want any gastro issues on the 2.25 mile run/walk back to the hotel (Torres Mazatlan).

Mazatlan Wine and FoodMy brother was feeling good on Sunday, but sadly wasn’t good the rest of the trip. We did get two good dinners out as a family. While at Water’s Edge I had some wine from Mexico and was very impressed, it was delicious! For those of you who aren’t fans of tequila/tropical drinks/beer have no fear, there was plenty of good wine to be had. Especially from Chile and Argentina.

Mazatlan SunsetWe were treated with some gorgeous sunsets, while this vacation wasn’t exciting, it was relaxing. Which I think is equally important.

forgotten garden kate mortonI read this book while I was gone. And LOVED IT! It spans across generations of women who all had less than ideal childhoods, but the end of the book was still satisfying. If you liked the Secret Garden as a kid, you need to read this book now!

Mazatlan SelfieWhile it’s great that Minnesota is having good weather. I’m not exactly pleased to be home/back to work. Hopefully I’ll have some fun this weekend to make up for being home already!


What are your plans for the weekend?

Do you prefer exciting vacations or relaxing ones?

Chance Chat #10: Scared

I’m nervous to tell you this…but I’m on another trip. I know, its not fair. Schedules happen and I would have loved to wait until late April to travel, but it didn’t work that way.  I’m with my family in Mazatlan, Mexico you may remember my posts from last year… Workouts and Food. Anyways, onto this week’s Chance Chat. (inspiration via Pinterest).

scares youThere are a few things I’m scared of. I tend to be very realistic which doesn’t allow for much stressing/pushing myself. I’m 100% more comfortable taking baby steps than I am with leaping off cliffs. But that’s what I like about this quote. It’s not asking me to leap, it’s asking me to TRY. And that I am willing to do.

What are you scared of?

What are you willing to try?