Don’t Wait, Play

Its been a long weekend. I took the day off on Friday to attend the state fair, and drove north late that night. I was pulled in multiple directions for my Saturday, but found a middle ground. Time with the family in the morning and visiting with a friend in the evening.

This morning I’m lined up for my second triathlon of the year…And the last time I saw….was my first triathlon of the year. I did get one good bike ride in, and my runs were okay other than this last week.

don't wait play tennis

State Fair walking and eating two days before a race isn’t recommended, but I did it anyways. And when my aunt asked me if I needed to rest my legs the day before the race, I said…it depends…so we played tennis.

I may have played in high school, but I haven’t really played since. It started to come back. It felt good, and now I’m wondering why I haven’t been playing. I could have said no, I could have driven to the cabin ahead of her to see our other relatives. Instead I accepted my rusty skills, and did my best. That’s all you can ask.

What really makes me wonder….is if there will come a time when I no longer sign up for races on a whim. Instead I just go about my weekends and walk occasionally. Would I ever get back into racing? Or would I need encouragement from others?

What activity have you not touched in a while? If you tried again, how would you handle it?

Looking Back….The Opposite of the Plot

The intention was to look forward to all that might be out there. To not pigeon toe myself to a topic that was just a fad. I’m glad the blog isn’t title “duluth life” or “green monster drinker” or “adventures of a sales rep” because I’m not really any of those things anymore.


I’ve been looking back a lot, mostly in marvel of how much things have changed. Usually I’m grateful that things have changed, but the object of the blog was to look forward. To work towards goals, share the steps along the way, and accomplish things. That was easy to do when talking about training for races, or blogging about New Years Resolutions. But things have changed so much I don’t even know what goals to make.

With summer slowly coming to an end I’m starting to consider what else I want to accomplish in 2016…I’ve made it halfway through the MBA program, I completed another sprint triathlon, I need a few more objectives to meet. I feel like I keep taking a few steps down a road, and then stopping. Not necessarily turning around, but just not discovering the full potential.

Do you look forward at what you want to accomplish? Or look back on what you have accomplished?

Wait, Escape

I felt like I was walking into a brick wall, over and over and over. All week. There was never a door, just a solid brick wall. So on my lunch break I got in my car….it was humid and sprinkling, so I didn’t want to run. I considered Mall of America for some walking, but was afraid I’d get distracted by shopping.

Wait Escape

I found my way to Fort Snelling, I have a state park parking pass from the last time I went to Duluth, and despite working about 3 miles away I hadn’t utilized the Fort Snelling option. So I explored the grounds a bit, parked by the beach and went for a walk. My mind was stuck on unhelpful thoughts, so I turned on a podcast to distract myself. I did end up going back to work, and the afternoon wasn’t perfect, but the break was much needed.

Somedays you can’t escape the madness, but if you get the opportunity, even for a moment, take it.

Lunch breaks…do you take them? What do you during that time?

Sweating and Sweets

The last few days have been blissful. I didn’t know how stressed I was until I didn’t have school work to be thinking of. Friday night I had wine with a friend, Saturday I went on a long bike ride, no photos, so I’ll need to recreate the ride and stop to capture next time. Saturday night I had dinner with my extended family complete with delicious dessert.

dessert al fresco

My grandma supplied the coffee and fruit, I supplied the family with Sweet Science ice cream…so worth the price, although my grandpa was a little mad that it was organic, that isn’t his style.

We had a reprise of Saturday’s dinner for Sunday’s after church lunch, and then I headed back to St. Paul for a walk with a friend, and then a date! (I was fairly vocal about it on twitter, so I figured my blog readers should get the same news).

Yoga black matAfter a crazy Monday work day I made it back onto my mat! I even was able to take class with my favorite instructor who I haven’t seen in forever. I was shocked and touched that she remembered me, and so thankful she gave me a few adjustments.

I am so thankful for this break to readjust priorities and find time for things that have gone to the wayside. Here’s hoping I also keep up with the blog posts!

Are you mourning summer coming to an end, ready for fall, or trying to do as much as you can while it is still sunny and wonderful?


Don’t wait, Relax

Ahh weekend bliss. Its not good to wish for it, because then you’re wishing away the week….but its hard not to enjoy the days with hours of freedom. Thursday night I snapped this photo as the official half way point for me and the MBA program.

don't wait relax

Tuesday – Thursday were full of stress, but once the presentation was over, it all melted away. There’s nothing I can do now, except wait for my grade to be posted. Friday night I had wine with a friend, Saturday I ran errands, went for a bike ride, and had dinner at my grandparent’s house. Today I’ll go to church, walk with another friend, and then do dinner and a movie with someone else.

I’m not saving all the good stuff for the weekend. Tuesday night I have a fun dinner out planned, Wednesday I’ve got a happy hour scheduled. So Monday night I really must go to yoga, hopefully with my favorite instructor that I haven’t been to in forever.

So here’s to enjoying life, especially in these few weeks where I don’t have homework to battle and not just on the weekends, but every day.

Do you save all the good stuff for the weekends?

Or do you find a way to fit fun things in during the week?

MBA Year 1….DONE.

A little premature…..In 12 hours my first year of the St. Kates MBA program will be over. It’s hard to believe. This time last year I was unemployed, doing interviews like crazy. It quickly changed, I was hired and starting my first class. I learned a lot about myself, I realized just how much I’ve changed in the last year.

sunset wine

Sometimes I think I’ve picked the wrong job, or that the time/money/energy spent on a MBA is silly. But there are moments where it all makes sense. Where I feel like I’m exactly where I need to be. And I need to remember and hold on to those moments. The times I’m stressed will pass, I’ll learn from them and be better the next time.

literally can even

My favorite instagram account (after Barbie, for real, follow her) gave me a good laugh as I settled into homework last night. I’m so excited for a three week break. I’m thankful to have some good weekends planned, and a few week nights of fun things. I need to recommit to yoga, and there’s one event I’ve got my eye on….but haven’t committed to going to it yet.

Who know’s maybe there will even be some more blogging?!

Are you relieved when you hit the half way point of a project?

Or are you overwhelmed that you are only half way there?

Wait….Which Way?

Late late late late late…. a Paris Gellar quote, but I wasn’t up late kissing a professor. I’m really excited for Gilmore Girls to come out in November….which has nothing to do with the rest of this post, but I how I wanted to acknowledge that my typical Sunday post…is coming in on Monday morning. I just couldn’t yesterday. wait which wayI had a very long weekend leaving work at noon on Thursday, having the final pageant practice, and then having interviews and the actual pageant on Friday, Saturday I was up bright and early for a 5k, followed by the Riverboat Days parade. By 1 pm I could barely keep my eyes open. I headed home to relax with my family for a couple hours, and then went to visit friends and hang out a bit before heading into town for our 10 year high school reunion.

I didn’t rsvp for the event, with my weekend schedule I didn’t know if I’d even have the energy to go, plus I was nervous. But the event was great. We had a good time, and I think its safe to say we will all go again! (although next time I’ll have 2 less beers, uff da).

Sunday was a bridal shower for some dear friends, and then I got a little more family time with a pontoon ride. I didn’t know which way the weekend was going to go. There were low moments, things I wish had gone differently, but those were out of my control, and there were good moments that shouldn’t be overshadowed.

I hope you all had a great weekend! How many have attended reunions before? Were you nervous going into them, or super excited, or not at all interested?


July 2016 Recap

I’m trying to ignore my pounding head by focusing on the good things that happened in July….its not really working, but I can’t blame the last 31 on days on my headache.

cosmo snapchat

My Mid-Summer checkin is basically where I am still at with life. There are have been a few messages that I just couldn’t respond to right away because the response was not going to be pleasant. But walks around my neighborhood have been really helping my mood.

chalk rainbow

But Boise at the start of the month was good, the weekends that I was in the cities were alright, and last weekend at home, doing the Chase the Police triathlon and starting Miss Aitkin practice was just fine.

Onto the next month, which is starting with a crazy busy weekend. The pageant, my 10 year high school reunion, and a wedding shower.

What are your thoughts on Summer so far?

Don’t Wait, Chase (a race recap)

Pulling double duty this Sunday, a one little word blog post combined with a race recap, a morning spent on homework, followed by an evening of volunteer work. Monday is also double duty with work and school. Tuesday and Wednesday I just have to survive, then Thursday I work a half day before driving north for more volunteering.

chase the police triathlon recap

I took a half day on Friday so I could drive north without traffic, and have family dinner with an early bedtime. I was out the door of my parents house at 5 am, to meet my friends to drive to Walker. We arrived at the race at 7 am, saw plenty of friendly faces and started setting up transition.

Triathlon transition setup

With plenty of time to set up, ride the run portion of the course, and walk through transitions, I didn’t feel much for nerves until it was the minute before my wave was released for the swim. My goal is the same in every triathlon,

  • don’t drown on the swim,
  • don’t pop a tire on the bike,
  • and the run is a victory lap.

The swim wasn’t as bad as it could have been, considering I had no training, but I wouldn’t say it was good. I was excited that all my friends were coming out of the water about the same time, we took off on the bike, and I got left in the dust. This was weird. I haven’t trained much but I was still decent on our Memorial day ride. Part of the course went through a tunnel, and I thought I heard a “pop” uh oh. I kept going, because I didn’t hear my tire leaking. Then the hills started, and I just didn’t have the energy. I blamed my swim, then I was passed by someone who I really didn’t think should have been a faster biker than me. So I started to wonder if I had a slow leak (which I had on the labor day ride last year). At mile 5 I decided to get off my bike and check. Nope, tire seemed fine, so it must be just me.

I’m bummed my bike portion is going so slow and painful, but nothing I can do about it. Get into transition, switch shoes and off on the run I go…..uphill. I did a run 2 minute, walk 1 minute rotation, then a couple run 3 walk 1, and suddenly I was at the turn around water stop, I had two glasses of water and took off for the final portion of the run. I came in strong, not enough energy to really fly in, but a solid run.

Triathlon Friends

The whole reason for the race was these great friends, not pictured are their supportive husbands who cheered us on. Denise’s wonderful husband was loading up my bike and managed to find the reason I had such a difficult time on the bike…my back brake had been knocked to the side and was dragging. So turns out I got a good resistance workout!

Moral of the story, I went to make memories with friends, so I was rewarded. However I’m now signed up for Lakes Country Triathlon, because I cannot have this be my only tri experience of the year….and I’m coming back next year Walker, because those hills will not get the best of me!

What do you do when things don’t go your way?

Cause I’m Crazy, Chase the Police Triathlon

Training is overrated, just get out there and do it. That’s what all the experts say….right?


A good friend is doing her first triathlon this weekend, and I couldn’t just let her go out there on her own. Okay, I totally could, but I knew if I skipped I’d be very jealous. So last Saturday morning I took an hour long bike ride. I found my pedals, and made it happen. I know I won’t be as strong on the bike, but I’ve got two rides under my belt going into race day.

Bike Grease on Calf

I will have zero swims under my belt on race day. But that’s almost intentional at this point. I could have gotten a few in, but it never quite happened. And with less than 48 hours to go, I’m going to wait until I’m at the race. I’ll warm up a bit and call it good.

Katie Looking Forward Superiorman

Am I going to be this happy on the finish? Probably not. But I wasn’t an MBA student when this photo was taken, and I hadn’t spent my summer unemployed and working out whenever I felt.

So I’m just gonna go out on the course, and see what happens.

Do you sign up for races on the fly? Or do you only participate when you know you’re ready?