Horoscope Tradition

Are you superstitious? Do you believe in Astrology? As a teenager I would read my horoscope in magazines. In college my friends and I would read our horoscopes in the newspaper each day during breakfast. And now I’ve continued the tradition once I get to work.

First SnowI always check my horoscope from the same website, its from the newspaper that we read in college, and I love the tradition. Today’s was an especially good one for me.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You feel powerful during this once-a-year occurrence of the full moon in your sign, and it will be harder than ever to use that power selflessly. Maybe you shouldn’t. This is your moment. Take it.

I love the idea that this is my moment. I’m not sure how I could use my power today since I’m at work, going to teach yoga sculpt, and then going to the end of the year banquet for the multisport team. But I’ll keep my eyes open for the opportunity!

 *The photo was a snapshot off our deck this morning.

Day in the Life: Fall 2014

Did you vote? Get out there if you haven’t! After posting my Late Fall Workout Plan last week, I decided it was finally time do to a day in the life post. Which somehow I haven’t done in the past 3 years of blogging. (My official third year of blogging is Nov. 11)!

5:00 am: up, dressed, drive in town and teach Yoga Sculpt!

Katie Looking Forward Yoga Dancers Pose6:45 arrive home, make coffee, shower, get dressed. No hair styling or makeup.

8:00 go to work. Go through paperwork from the weekend, enter daily work.

11:30 lunch break! Healthy Choice Meatballs, surprisingly good. Consider making my own meatballs sometime.

12:15 decide this will be my post for tomorrow. Start outline. (Lunch has already been eaten, so no picture)

12:15-3:00 work continues, with breaks for social media, and drafting Sunday’s Peace Perspective.

3:00 Snack: mini lara bar, map out week and realize I should run today, and maybe on Friday.

4:00 head home, go for a quick run, almost done with Couch to 5k!

5:00 Dance Practice: we’re almost done teaching the dance.

7:30 Home, eat quiche that my mom made. (Too tired to remember to take picture of dinner).

8:30 Bed! Read, asleep by 10.

I had planned on going to spin in the morning, but after running 8 miles on Saturday, and running again on Monday, my legs needed a rest.


Peace Perspective XLIII: Leaving Home

Happy Belated Halloween! I’m not a big fan of the holiday, but I hope you had fun whatever you did! I’ve been running to and fro all week, which isn’t surprising given my fall schedule. Thankfully I had all Saturday afternoon at home, which was a nice change.

Leave Home and Come Back

Last weekend I had every intention of not going home after the Minnesota Bloggers Conference. I planned to delay my travel back until Sunday. But the Sunday night blues are usually harder when I come home on Sundays after a fun weekend away. So instead I came home on Saturday night. I was able to spend some time with my brother, go to church with my family, and not spend any time in the car on Sunday. It was a win – win – win. I love living at home, cheaper cost of living, no traffic, tight knit community. But I also love getting out of town. Driving to the cities or Duluth gives me time to get away and reconnect with myself. None of the daily distractions.

I had originally planned to be out of town this weekend also. But as the weekend got closer my plans changed more. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be gone, but given that I’ll be in the cities NEXT weekend, it didn’t seem necessary to be there three weekends in a row.

Full discloser, I’m still going to the Vikings game in Minneapolis today. But I’m going down and back with my dad. Which is worth the time in the car.

Do you like traveling on the weekends? Or you do you prefer to stick close to home and keep your traveling for longer distance and time trips?

October 2014 Recap

Happy (almost) Halloween! (depending on when you read this)! Looking for last minute costume ideas? Check out this post from the past. If you are going out, be safe and be warm!

  • I’m thankful that the weather has stayed nice this month, so my Traveling Art Pub painting still looks relevant. Pretty soon I’ll have to hang up winter pictures.

Traveling Art Pub Selfie

  • I’m still working on the Couch to 5k program. And the Sketchers sports bra is still calling my name.Sketches Breast Cancer Ribbon
  • If you don’t have plans for the weekend, here is where I talked about what I’m loving on Netflix.

What to Netflix this WeekendIn case you have a wedding still this year, or if your friend just got engaged and you think you might be a personal attendant, this list will help you understand what your duties might be.

Steve Jobs Quote Keep Looking

Bloggers, what was your favorite post from your blog this month? Share the link in case I missed it!

Readers, are you doing anything for Halloween? Or are you as hungry for Thanksgiving as I am?

Late Fall Workout Routine

The weather is starting to cool, so the outdoor runs that I’ve been squeezing in are going to take a little LOT more willpower. Thankfully, I’ve got a full schedule, so I don’t feel too guilty for not getting outside!

*Note: I am not a doctor and have slowly worked my way up to this level of activity. Please go slow when starting a new workout program and consult a doctor if you have any questions.

The Yoga Sculpt classes I teach are up to 4 classes per week, plus varying weekends. I also am helping coach the High School Dance Teams, its so good to give back to my community and work with the high school girls. Plus it gives me something to do on the week nights, which tend to get a little boring.

Late Fall Workout PlanTuesday mornings I am trying very hard to get up at 4:45 so I go to Spin class at the Y in Brainerd. I could/should get on the treadmill after for a brick run. But I’m easing back into it.

Swimming isn’t on this schedule. I really want to be swimming once a week. But can’t dedicate the time yet. I’ve got some space on Wednesday night, but with teaching Yoga Sculpt Thursday morning, I’m hesitant to make swimming a commitment.

The Disney Princess Half Marathon is 4 months away. I haven’t looked into training plans yet, but that will need to happen soon! Anyone have a plan that they love?


MNBlogCon 2014 Recap

The 2014 Minnesota Blogger’s Conference was exactly what I needed. This was my third year attending, and every year I like it a little bit more. I was able to see old friend MPLS Gossip Girl, who I met the first time attended, and Being Zhenya who I met last year, as well as made a ton of new friends, friends of friends, and traveled to the conference with my best friend More than Just Dessert. (buckle up for a long post, I’m giving you a full recap on all the sessions I attended).

Katie Looking Forward and More Than Just Dessert

After opening remarks, I headed to Visual Marketing: How to Promote Your Blog (and Brand) with Images by Tai Goodwin. This is something I wish I was a little better at. I’ve come a long way from when I started blogging, and my use of photos has picked up in the last year. But I hope to someday take a class on editing, so I can expanded my knowledge and use better photos. (If you know of one, please let me know!)

The second session I attended was Blogging for the Brain by Katie Konrath. This session could have been much longer because I feel like big topics were touched on, but not expanded on. However you can see my favorite tweet from the session below.

This thought process is great for me, as I tend to be a little too negative when giving feedback. By phrasing it as “wish for” it is much more positive!

After a lunch break, we had a long keynote speech from Dan R. Morris of Blogging Concentrated. He did a great job of keeping us engaged for the entire session, I especially liked his talk about Ironman.

Dan’s thought process on unsubscribing is something I wish everyone could hear! When someone unsubscribes from your blog, it may not be due to your content, but rather that their needs have changed. So someone who’s just getting into 5k’s may follow a similar runner, but once they want to do a marathon, they follow a blogger who runs marathons, and if they decide to do an ironman, they follow an ironman blogger. The 5k blogger never did anything wrong, they served their purpose and now the reader has moved “up the ladder” although I would choose “down the road” as the 5k blogger doesn’t want to feel low on the totem poll, but rather at the beginning of the journey.

For the final two sessions of the day, I was volunteering as room helper. The first session was a panel which was titled Search Engine Marketing for Bloggers.  This is one of those panels where the topic pretty much went over my head. They were speaking from a pretty technical point, and that is not my strong suit. However, I did learn that blog post titles are optimal at 65 characters. Adam Dine was on the panel, and also had a separate session which Emily said was super helpful.

Finally I attended Finding Joy‘s session on The Science of Facebook Reach, while many people claim that “Facebook is dead” and the only way to be seen is to pay. Rachel disagrees. She recommended knowing your audience and when to post (9 pm for mommy bloggers) as well as understanding that any “like”, “comment”, “share”, “see more”, or “click” over to your site, are all rated the same in the current Facebook algorithm. So feel free to write as much as you like before giving the link to your post. If people are clicking “see more” or clicking over to your website then Facebook knows that people are engaging with what you are posting.

Psycho Suzis Parking Lot

Post Conference drinks and fresh air were a requirement. So Emily and I headed over to Psycho Suzi’s for their deck (perk of traveling with another blogger, they take as many photos as you do (if not more!)). I hadn’t been to the new location, so it took a minute to figure out that the upstairs rooftop is actually a different drink menu than the downstairs drink menu. But we got it figured out and enjoyed dinner before driving home.

Did you attend the Minnesota Bloggers Conference? Would you like to attend mnblogcon in the future?

Peace Perspective XLII: Your Church

Most Peace Perspectives are found on Pinterest. You can see pins that I may use in the future here. This week’s actually comes from a blog I have in my feedly. Yes and Yes‘s post behind this photo can be found here. My feelings are below!

Your Church from Yes and YesMy church has changed over the years. I was raised Lutheran, although my dad’s side of the family is Catholic. So I can do a rosary, but I can’t take communion at a Catholic church. (which is a silly rule if you ask me).

In elementary school I would have said my church was at church. By middle school my favorite camp had influenced my life so much I would say that my church is camp. In high school, I would have said “wherever my friends are” acknowledging that camp has given me many friends that I rarely see in person, but are always in my heart. In college the question “where is your church” would have silenced me. I wasn’t in a sharing mood.

Post-college the “where is your church?” sentiment is still changing. The friends I hear discussing church are usually referring to where they are getting married, or baptizing their baby. I rarely attend a church service, however that doesn’t mean my faith is suffering. I don’t assume that I’m a bad person for not attending church services. In fact I feel the most trust in God now that I have felt in a while.

If I only focus on the “fills you and thrills you, brings you tangible joy” I think of the people I’ve been working out with. We are all at the workouts for different reasons, some to lose weight, some to train for a race, some for a moment alone, or another reason that hasn’t been shared. There are fast paced high energy days, and days where we go through the motions. Each day is a worthwhile, and there are probably changes to come.

Do you have a “church”? What does it look like?

Fast Friday: Look Around!

This week has been a little crazy. High School Dance Team season has begun, and that means I’m at practice from 5-7 each night. In addition, I taught 5 yoga sculpt classes this week. My body is TIRED. So tired I’ve barely taken any photos (although I did catch this sunrise on Tuesday morning after spin class).

Dark Sunrise RoadI knew I wanted to blog today when I started reading Monica Lewinsky’s article from Vanity Fair. My favorite excerpt is from page 3. But the Washington Post article via MSN is also interesting.

“She may have faulted her husband for being inappropriate, but I find her impulse to blame the Woman—not only me, but herself—troubling”

I could rant on Monica and Hilary for a long while, but I”ll spare that for you, and give you a laugh instead. Click the photo for 19 other “Dumb and Dumber” quotes you should still be repeating.

dumbAnd finally the most important thing I’ve read this week from my favorite comedienne, Sara Benincasa here is her amazing article, about Doing it Anyways.

sara benincasaSuck at stuff. Fuck up. Fall down. Get rejected. Get shut down. Get passed over. What the fuck else are you doing with your time? Imagining potential failures? Why not turn that potential into a reality? At least you can say you went for it.


And that my friends is Friday. What are your plans for the weekend?

Tips for a Blog Conference

It’s that time of year again! On Saturday I’ll be attending the 2014 Minnesota Bloggers Conference (#mnblogcon) for the third time, you can see my 2012 and 2013 recaps by clicking on the years. And have a nice look at how many blogging has changed!

Minnesota Bloggers ConferenceI have a few bullet points for things to do while at the conference, however before you get there you may want to consider what you wear. There’s a large mix of people: mommy bloggers, professional marketers, and everyone in between. I like to wear something business casual but comfortable. I think I’ll be wearing some kind of boots, dress, and sweater. But once you’re there here’s what I recommend you do!

  • Turn your phone off, save the battery.
  • Have a notebook for writing quick notes.
  • Use your laptop or tablet to follow the twitter feed.
  • Ask questions via twitter, someone in the audience may know the answer and tweet back at you.
  • Share what has worked for you! Don’t be afraid to speak, even if you aren’t the presenter, just make sure to be respectful!
  • Smile! You just might make a new friend.

I have found that most of the people attending Minnesota Bloggers Conference know each other from other events/organizations. As someone who doesn’t live in the Metro some conversations aren’t as applicable to me, however I have learned something each year and feel that is very worth my while to make the trip.

Do you enjoy conferences? Have any other tips for conference attending success?



Peace Perspective XLI: Enough

Sometimes I feel like everyone is so focused on what they aren’t, they don’t take the time to enjoy what they ARE. (Is that grammatically correct? I don’t really care).

enoughI love goals. I love working towards things. I love taking something I’ve never done, giving it a try, and seeing what happens. It’s not about being the best, its about learning something new.

Smart-er, fast-er, strong-er, slimm-er, So what. Where you are right now is enough.

You don’t need to win everything you compete in. You don’t need to finish everything you start. Sometimes doing whatever you can is unbelievably enough.



Does this peace perspective comfort you? Or are you rolling your eyes? No judgement either way, I’m just curious!