Joy: Interested

After a long week of work I never know if I want to go home, eat pizza, drink wine and go straight to bed, or if I want to get out and have some fun! Last week I hit “interested” on a fundraiser for Be the Match with Jackson and the Roosters performing.

jackson and the roosters

I’ve been meaning to see the band play, but with most shows starting after 10 pm, well there wasn’t much of a chance for me going out. Friday’s event had a 7:30 start time. Friends of mine are supporters of Be the Match in memory of their father. It was so great to get together, enjoy dinner and drinks, and support a good cause!

We probably wouldn’t have gotten together if I hadn’t selected “interested” on Facebook. Its a small button, not a commitment. I could have bailed after a busy week and gone to bed early. Instead I got to see friends, a great band, and got out of my usual routine a bit.

Do you use Facebook events often?

Whats your normal Friday night routine?

Run for the Lakes 2017 Recap

I have officially ran my slowest 10k to date, I teared up at mile 2, and my foot hurt the entire time. Yet, I’m glad I ran. The morning started chilly, but thankfully I have ran enough races to trust that the weather will improve.

woods slow children at play sign

Given that the race was in Nisswa I knew plenty of people running, a friend from the MBA program also ran, but she was a speedster compared to me. Instead I had 6 miles of basic solitude. Me, the road, my headphones.

  1. I always tell myself the worst mile is the first mile. My body was adjusting and warming up.
  2. A band was playing somewhere in Mile 2 or 3, and out of no where I started tearing up. Part of being a back of the pack runner usually means that you miss out on the crowds, but they still played for us.
  3. I finally started to warm up, I wasn’t in as much pain as I thought I would be, everything seemed manageable.
  4. Nothing to note, which is a wonderful thing!
  5. Meeting a runner I had watched be in the front of me for the first 3 miles, and suddenly we were besides each other, and then I was pulling ahead.
  6. Knowing not to sprint it out at the roundabout. The final stretch is deceptively long, and I’ve burned out to early before. This time I finished with a little gas in the tank, and sore legs.

Next? 13.1 in June! My plan is to run 2, 4, and maybe 6 mile runs between now and then. With a month and a half until Grandma’s Half I hope to have a good race as long as I stay healthy!

Have you been a back of the pack runner?

Favorite music to listen to while running?

Joy: Turning 29

Today is my birthday, and as a gift to myself I wrote this a few days in advance so I can truly enjoy the weekend and not wonder when I am going to write a blog post.

rose champagne w minneapolis

I used to have a clear idea of what I would have accomplished by the age of 30. I saw my late twenties as a time to get stuff done and work towards big things. And I have definitely gotten stuff done, but I haven’t seen the big payoff, and I don’t know if I will in the next year.

My brain has a lot of tabs open, all with different goals. I’ve accepted myself as a slow runner, but I’m not willing to give up my running goals. I’m a social media addict, but I am starting to question whether I will actually work in marketing. I tend to chose the clear path, and until a clear path emerges, I will take baby steps in all directions.

Baby steps are slow. They are frustrating. You’re learning and watching others who have no problem walking/running towards their goals. So I’m hoping in this next year, instead of taking baby steps. I’ll dance.

Do you have goals for certain ages?

What do you do when you don’t meet the goals?

Run for the Lakes 10k Plan 2017

Running used to be a huge activity for me. When I lived in Duluth I frequently ran 3-5 miles each workout throughout the week. Living in Aitkin I still exercised frequently. Teaching yoga sculpt, coaching the dance team, and training for triathlons ensured my base level fitness was fairly decent.

These days I workout approximately 2-3 times per week. Sometimes I’m at yoga, sometimes I’m running, and other times all I can manage is a good walk. I had hoped with signing for the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon (aka Grandma’s half) that I would get back into the routine this spring.

The routine has not been found. Between work stress, school, and slight injuries my workouts have not been improving as I would have hoped. So instead of running a 10k on Saturday morning, I’ll be getting through a 10k. I ran 4 miles at the beginning of April with a close friend, and I can accomplish 2 more miles, but my pace is going to be in the 13 min mile range.

And that is going to have to be okay. I’m still planning on going to Grandma’s half in June. If I keep a low mileage, injury free base these next 6 weeks, I can complete 13.1. Who knows, maybe this fall I can return to the Twin Cities 10 Miler as a newly graduated MBA and really celebrate?

What would you do?

Would you drop out of the races because your training is not there?

Or stubbornly push through because you’ve paid and committed?


Joy: Celebrations

This time next week I will be a year older. I spent the weekend doing only fun things, plus quickly cleaning my bathroom before church Sunday morning.

Saturday I went to yoga, a twins game, and a bonfire. I didn’t accomplish any of my to-do list, which will make for a long Monday, but thats okay. Today I cleaned up for church, went for a walk with my family, and I will be starting the official birthday celebrations with dinner. My dear friend and I always go somewhere to celebrate our April birthdays, and this year is The Lexington! I am so excited to check out the renovated space.


How do you celebrate special occasions? One big event? Or smaller things with different groups of people?

Mixed Signals: a dating update

I’m a ruler follower. At work I’m known for knowing the official answer, what we are actually doing, and what we should be doing. Ambiguity is not something I enjoy, but I’ve accepted that it is a part of life. However, I can only put up with it in the dating world for so long.

Ghosting, the act of simply not responding and becoming invisible to someone isn’t nice, but it can be nicer than stringing someone along. If you don’t intend to see them again, tell them. Now if you both don’t reach out after a date, I don’t think you need to reach out to let the person know you specifically don’t want to see them.

Overscheduling, I recently met a man who loves to say yes….only to cancel the hour of a plan. Sure work is busy, and sure you are tired, but you know your schedule better than I know your schedule. Don’t agree to something if it isn’t feasible.

Popping, Pop! Out of no where you appear, and then just as quickly you disappear. And then reappear, and then disappear. The good news is that when you are around you are open and honest. The bad news is, just when I start to get comfortable, you’re gone.

Mystery, I’m not sure how this happened, or when it started, or how to proceed. I don’t know what you want, or what I want, or how this could play out.

Going Forward: I’m currently busy enough with school, work, working out, friends, and family that I don’t really see how more dating can fit into the schedule. So for those I’m talking to, great! For those I might meet along the way, wonderful! But adding to the current mixed signals seems like a bad idea.

How do you respond to confusion? Do you hash it out, or go with the flow and figure it out along the way?

Joy: Creativity

Creative. Its not always a word I would use to describe myself. I’m terrible at crafts. However, I find myself wishing for more creativity. I don’t do much within the space other than basic posts, there are plenty of things I know should do, but haven’t made the time/energy to do.

I am starting to wonder if you either have to be boring grey matter, or an explosion of crazy color. While grey was cool for a while, now everyone is all over Millennial Pink, and my favorite color is still blue. Always will be.

There has to be a way to drip some subtle color into that grey world. Without it turning into a blood red explosion. Some yellow happiness, some green prosperity, some true blue.

Or do all those colors end up mixing into a grey mess? I guess I’m trying to creatively explain the questions that are always circling me. What do I want to do when I grow up? Do I want to stay in the financial area of the world? Do I want to go knocking on the marketing door?

I’m glad I had a networking break before going to Duluth for the Zenith Conference. I’m excited to meet new people, but more importantly have some time in my favorite city. Here’s hoping for good weather, although I know I’ll still have a great time even if it rains.

Whats your favorite color? Favorite Duluth activity?

Finding the Sweet Stuff

I’ve been a broken record on stress. Its not a fun story, yet I keep retelling it. So I’m trying to yolo. (Do we still say “you only live once”?) Thursday night I went out for dinner with my aunt and uncle, and then took myself out for ice cream.

I strolled the neighborhood and listened to a podcast. Last week and this week I have had events scheduled each night. Its not my preferred setup. I like 2 events per week, class doesn’t count, but I need at least two nights free to stay organized.

I’m really starting to dream of the fall when I have completed my MBA. Until then, I’m doing what I can with what I have. And when I don’t have ice cream, I probably need to go for a walk and get some.


Joy. Sunrise.

Two weekends in a row up north, bliss. I specifically sleep with my window shades open so that I can see the sunrise. Saturday morning I stumbled out of bed, took the photo, and then cuddled back up with Johnny.

After another hour then I made my way over to Gull Lake. 4 wonderful miles of running with a friend. Sharing what is new with our lives and what we try to do to stay healthy. The great part about running in the Gull Lake area is the proximity to Zorbaz. The group specifically chose to end the run there so we could chat about summer plans and races.

It was exactly the Saturday I needed. I did 1 chapter of homework before heading to an early dinner with my family. And as small town dining tends to go, I saw a lot of friends, and ended up going out after dinner as well. I didn’t plan on a late night, but it was worth it to go out and have some laughs.

Sunday is already bringing some blues. I don’t want to go back to the cities this afternoon. I’m contemplating staying up north and making the 4:30 am drive down to the cities. I doubt I will take that option this weekend. Sunday nights in my own apartment are good for getting settled, preparing for the week ahead. So I’ll have to make the most of my next 6 or so hours of northern living before making the drive south.

When is the weekend over for you?

Sunday night? Sunday afternoon? Or Monday morning?

Backing Off.

I spent most of the weekend checking in with myself. Stress level, happiness, energy, muscle soreness. I do these checkins all the time, but I’m not quite pleased with the result. It is because I’m placing too high of demands of myself? Or because I’m not making good choices and therefore am feeling worn down?

I’m running 2 miles at a time until my body can get through that without hurting. Then I plan to increase it to 3 miles. Running helps the mental health, provided my schedule allows the time to get out on the road.

I retold my latest dating stories on Saturday, which prompted someone to ask if I’ve shared them. Not much has changed since that post, but my horoscope decided to give me quite the wake up call yesterday.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20). At any point in a relationship, someone loves harder. Which one is loving harder? You. You seem to be always loving harder. What is going on with this? Back off. Receive.

Backing off is not my strength, receiving is definitely not something I am used to. There are so many things that I want to accomplish, and it feels like if I back off I will never reach my goals.

Are you a giver? Do you find a balance with receiving?