Joy: Braving the Weather

Rain will not get in my way. Friday night I visited the Minnesota State Fair and while rain was forecasted, it held off until I got home.

Saturday I attended yoga sculpt, and ran a few errands. I texted a friend to go for a walk despite another forecast of rain. Unfortunately this time the rain didn’t hold off. So our walk was cut a little bit short. Another friend was braving the weather with a volleyball tournament so I visited and enjoyed the evening.

I could have hidden inside and complained about the weather. Instead I got outside and had a good time. There’s still all of Sunday to enjoy, and while I have an MBA presentation on Tuesday, there is no homework to do tonight!



Fall is Coming!

Minnesota has had a few cooler days, and while I love it, not every does. For me this fall is suddenly having time, other than the things I’ve already scheduled. Its a fresh start before we start looking at 2018, and my 30th birthday.

leaves changing

I need Fall, I need cooler days, beautiful changing leaves, and the opportunity to start again. I’m ready for a few Vikings games, maybe a Gopher game, some bike rides (because those really didn’t happen this summer), and definitely a brewery visit or two.

I hope that without having class I’ll be able to settle into a bit of a week night routine, where I fit in cooking dinner, working out, and time with friends. I don’t want to cram everything into the weekends, but I also don’t want to be buying dinner on the run between events every week night.

Maybe others find this balance easy, but it sure isn’t easy for me!



Joy: Fresh Start

After delicious glacier point oysters with my parents on Friday night I wasn’t certain what my Saturday would completely entail. I wasn’t able to sleep in so I visited my grandparents house and saw Johnny before he and my parents headed back up north.

glacier point oysters meritage st paul

I’ve been picky about what yoga classes I will take lately, but I finally took a chance on a new Yoga Sculpt instructor and really liked her. She had a great energy and I left class flooded with a fresh set of endorphins. Initially I had plans to meet a friend for an early dinner, but things got a bit pushed back and it ended up being perfect!

TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Your willingness to try new things even when you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t have a knack for it and don’t know a soul is to be commended. Risk embarrassment, gain confidence.

We travelled to Victoria, MN which is just outside of Chanhassen so St. Paul residents such as myself drive forever, but there wasn’t any traffic thankfully. Unfortunately finding parking in the small town was a little more difficult, turns out they were having food trucks, beer tent, and everyone was out to enjoy a beautiful summer evening. We got a beer from Enki brewing, which was new to me but delicious, walked around, and waited until the Noble Lion had outdoor seating available. Their calamari was delicious, and the mussels were even better! (Although the best mussels in the world are at New Scenic Cafe and surprisingly my friend and I both have had them and loved them).

We finished eating just in time to enjoy the fireworks where I started to realize how great a day I was having. Things are starting to turn around. And like my horoscope for today says…I am willing to try new things, and yesterday that paid off with a fun evening.

How often do you explore new areas?

Any other fun small towns near the metro I need to check out?

MBA: Almost Done!

I want to write a super celebratory post. I really do. But I can’t. I still have a reflection paper that needs finishing. I have another presentation on the 29th. But technically… Tonight was the last time I will be on the St. Kate’s campus as a student. Tomorrow I’ll celebrate with my cohort and our guests. I should feel light and carefree. But I’m not quite there.

word light in lights

Instead I’m worried about what I’ve accomplished in the last two years. Despite this accomplishment, I am more nervous for the next year. I have so many wonderful and accomplished friends, and I need a little help stoping the comparison game.

She Reads Truth gave me another great post this week, and the best line that I need to keep repeating.

Faith and Trust over Fear and Control.

I have been repeating Faith and Trust most of the summer. Anytime I find myself worrying about something I write on a sticky note “faith and trust” and maybe a few things that I need to get done over the next few days. Now I need to add on to the sentence. I don’t have too many fears, but I LOVE control. My manager at work can attest to that, my family can attest to that, anyone who’s travelled with me has seen that. I wish I could be easy breezy, but it is just not my way.

So with the free time I’m about to have, I’m going to put faith and trust over fear and control, and try my best to find the light.

And if you managed to read all of this, thank you.

And if you only read the first few lines and then judged me for putting this on the internet….Well…..that’s your choice. And I don’t have control over what you think.





Joy: Unexpected Light

I’ve tried my best to schedule good things lately. But every moment cannot be scheduled. And even within a schedule, I have very little control. All I can do is roll with the punches and do my best to keep up. So Saturday I scheduled a pedicure/manicure for 1 pm, and went with the flow the rest of the day. I was able to enjoy a doughscuit and coffee for breakfast at Mucci’s, where I saw this little star on the ground.

And I think it gave me the light I needed. To see what happens, and find something good along the way. After my pedicure I stopped by a Broken Clock Brewery. I LOVED their lavender IPA, and will definitely be visiting in the fall when their Pecan Brown Ale is released. (although that might not be the official name). Then a friend and I walked around Lake Harriet before visiting Sonny’s Ice Cream. I’ve probably passed the place 20 times in the last two years but had never stopped, and will definitely need to go again!

Doughscuit, Beer, Ice Cream. It was a good day. Sunday included brunch, visiting the Irish Fair, and yoga. Of course there was some required dish washing, and a final reflection paper I still need to complete, but overall a solid weekend.

Here’s hoping there is more unexpected light in my future!

Joy: Not Giving Up

Wednesday night is nothing like Sunday morning. I’m the boss of this blog, and I had given myself permission to completely skip the “joy” post this week. Anything I would have attempted to post on Sunday would have been a lie. All last week was a struggle. The weekend was a little better, but I’m not at 100%.

wonder woman toddler vintage

Thankfully I’ve got the greatest friends and family. Who I can text out of the blue, and even if we can’t be together, I can feel supported. Just as I expected my calendar is starting to open up, and now its even more about finding a balance in activities. I could schedule dinner or drinks every single night. But that wouldn’t be great for my budget or my body.

Instead I need to keep working on my goals. Which are….unclear. There’s no magical job title that will make me happy. There is no dress size that guarantees success.

Not everything will work. I just have to keep trying new things.

August Goal: Find the Good.

One day into the month of August and I am struggling. July was crazy busy, I was all over the place but did my best to fit everything in and have a good time. I used to have monthly goals and monthly recaps. The past two years have been more about doing the best I can with what I have. I will never be the spontaneous sort. But I admire those people. As much as I like to control my schedule, there’s nothing wrong with a good surprise.

orange pink sunriseThe sunrise on Monday was a great surprise. I hope that August can give me a few surprises. Right now I have a seemingly never-ending MBA capstone project, and the greatest desire to just disappear for a week and reappear with my life organized and new. There is no way I will get that good of a surprise, but I’m hopeful that the stress I’ve felt the last few days will have lessened by September.

I have no idea what will happen in the next month, or year, or even the rest of this week.

All I can do is my best, be hopeful, and find the good.


Joy: Working Hard

I cannot believe July is basically over. How did that happen? Wasn’t the 4th two weeks ago? I didn’t intend on driving north this weekend. But when I started thinking about the things I could do in the twin cities, I realized I just wanted to get away.

I’ve realized something about myself lately. I value hard work. Its not so much the job title but the work ethic. Doing your best. Pushing through and getting the job done.

But as much as I want things to look good, I have given up on perfect. I had an exit exam for the MBA, you had to complete it in order to graduate. It’s complete, but it was not perfect. I’m working through the capstone process. I am doing my best, but it is not perfect. My group is amazing, and if I gained nothing else in 2 years, I’ve gained some amazing friends.

Sometimes the work feels hard, sometimes the work comes easy, but there will always be work. I will never sit around thinking that everything is just as it should be. But I always need to acknowledge when the work has been completed.

I will never be perfect. I can only try to be good. I can only do my best. I will not always win, but no one always wins. So here’s to one more month of the MBA life, and to an uncertain future, where all I can do is try.

Do you strive for perfection?



skipping church.

Summer has been pretty good to me so far. While I haven’t spent much time up north at the lake I grew up on, I have spent quite a bit of time on the river. It has been a fun change, but it means that I’m 90 minutes away from my grandparents church instead of the easy 30 minutes away I usually am.

Living Wholeheartedly Today

Thankfully I have a few blogs that I love for inspiration. She Reads Truth is a website I’ve written about before, but lately I’ve added (in)courage to the list and the writing is just as wonderful. Check out these posts if you are feeling the need for a little encouragement.

Refreshing Summer

I am still the only 20 something at the church, I’m even the only 30 something (I think,  there are some mom’s who might be in their 30s still) although they are married with 3 kids, so we don’t interact all that often. The time I spend in the church is worth it. I’m with my family, hearing God’s word, and typically releasing a little of the stress that seems to be hanging around.

I may not be at church every week, but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about my faith.

What are your thoughts on faith? Does it play a role in your life?

Joy: Discovering

A day late to posting because I was without my computer all weekend. It was good to get away and unplug a bit. Although I made the mistake of assuming my tan was strong enough to not get sunburned, and I was wrong. Coming soon, a post about Coolibar and their amazing sun protective clothing (which I wish I had packed). 

I’ve met a lot of new people lately, and I’m pretty good chatting with people I don’t know very well. But its also nice to be in a small group and just relax.

The fun thing about meeting someone new is when you think you’ve got things figured out, and then you get surprised again. But when you are with a new person and in a new space, you have no idea what is going to come. So you pack for everything, go with the flow, and make the best of the time you have.

Do you like checking out new places and meeting new people?

Or do you prefer the familiar faces and places?