The highs and lows of an online MBA class.

I’m in the middle of my first online MBA class, and it is a different world than the normal classroom. I’m glad in January that I don’t have to drive Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings…But that might be where my pro-list ends.

Instead of gearing up for class day, I constantly feel like I need to be home working on homework. Also, I want to see my classmates. They are good people, inspire me weekly, and online discussions are just not the same!

Last night I intended to do some homework for next week. I have plans this weekend so it would be great to not feel behind.  Instead I made dinner, washed dishes, and made some soup to freeze for lunches in the coming weeks. I didn’t get to my homework and I feel behind even though it was for working ahead!

I’m sure in July I will have a different opinion, I’ll want some alone time and a nice break from the classroom. But that will also be the final push, before GRADUATION!

I’ve also intended to go to yoga, but the timing just hasn’t worked out. I will go Saturday morning, some hell or high water, and I plan on going Sunday evening as well.

Is your schedule easier to maintain when you have entire flexibility? Or when you have some time constraints?

Joy: Book Club

Not the best photo this week, but that is okay. I finally attended my first book club! I’m a terrible member, I didn’t admit it at the meeting/dinner, but I didn’t read the book. I still plan to, but I wasn’t in the mood for it. So I just didn’t. I do find our next one interesting, so I’ll be diving into that one soon!

My MBA class is online this month and it has been the biggest blessing. I’ve gained 6 more hours in my week, which means more plans with friends, enough workouts, and cooking at home. I cannot image September when I am entirely done with school and have all the time in the world!

Other things that brought me joy this week: happy hour with my camp coco alumni, the first mn_community event of 2017, and plans for cross country skiing tomorrow!

What brought you Joy this week?

Have you ever attended a book club?

Throw it out, Let it go.

January is the official fresh start month. Its too cold to do much in Minnesota, which meant I devoted an entire day to cleaning out my closet. Everything came out, it was sorted through, and only the good stuff went back in.

I overflowed our garbage (oops),

I got rid of 3 bins worth of junk,

I sifted through memories.

And I think I went a little crazy by the end of the day. But now every weekend that I come to visit my parents, I’m going to open a clean closet, that still has plenty of memories, but not unnecessary baggage.

I was able to reflect on high school, college, and the years up until now. I was reminded of things I had forgotten, and thankful for times that are over. I realized how many wonderful people have been in my life, and how lucky I am.

So if you haven’t cleaned lately. I encourage you to block off some time and give it a try.

Are you pack rat?


Joy in the quiet

The first week of 2017 is done, and I’ve gone to 2 yoga classes but haven’t gotten my 10k steps every day. Am I proud or disappointed? Neither. I’m glad I got to yoga, I wish I had gotten on my indoor bike trainer since running on ice or walking outside do not sound appealing. But overall the week was good.

I am up north this weekend with the intention of cleaning my closet at my parent’s house. Since moving out it has become a wasteland of memories and stuff. I know I don’t need it all, but there’s no way I’m staying inside in the spring, summer, or fall. So with a high temperature of 6…it seems like a good day to devote to making a mess, throwing stuff out, and putting it back together. My family is gone so its just me, myself, and I, which a few years ago would have meant telling people to come hang out with me. And now means that I hope there are a few good movies on tv tonight while I lay on the couch (since my apartment is too small to even have a couch).

How was your first week of 2017? Did you hit all your resolutions? Or are you reconfiguring  for a better plan?

Are you a packrat? Or do you keep your memories in your head and enjoy clean closets?

The Bracelet I Wear.

Things aren’t always what they seem. A person’s political choices are private, you may not know the whole story behind their reasoning. I wear two bracelets on my left hand each day. One of them is my fitbit, which helps remind me that I work a desk job, and it doesn’t hurt to get outside and get moving. The other, takes some explaining.

The right to bear arms can be a polarizing topic. You might make assumptions about my beliefs and think that is what the bracelet represents. But in fact it doesn’t. I bought it in Colorado this fall. I bought it during a trip with friends from high school, people who have known me at my most awkward (which may have been in middle school, or it might be right now). And it was reminds me of one of the first things I pinned on pinterest.

While I never bought this necklace, I thought it was a great reminder. I think it is important to guard your heart, Proverbs 4:23 tells us that.

Above all else, guard your heart,

for everything you do flows from it.

I’ve been slow in the dating department, I’m tired of meeting for drinks and not being able to make plans with friends. I need to plan what sounds like fun, and if that means I’m not going on dates but out having fun instead, I’m okay with that. In fact that may mean that while I’m out doing what my heart desires, I find the person that is right for me.

Is there something you wear, or keep on your desk, or in your car that serves as a daily reminder? Is it clear what it means? Or does it need a little backstory?

Do you assume what things mean to a person without asking?

Begin Joy, end the wait.

A new year is here. I realized mid-week that I never wrote a final “wait” post. Or rather, I wrote it, but didn’t realize it was the last week that I’d be writing about “wait”.

I have loved choosing a word of the year. I began with “Peace” which was when there was some turmoil in my life. Throughout that year I learned how to recognize peaceful moments, I learned that I need to schedule quiet days because given the chance I will cram more people and plans into a day than is actually possible.

Then I moved on to “Chance” I knew that changes were going to come in the year. I knew that I would have to take a chance and try something new. I was unemployed, I went to South America, I started a new job and the MBA program.

2016 was the year of waiting. There is so much that I want, that I do not have yet. I don’t know if by choosing “wait” I became okay with a year of not accomplishing goals, or if I just acknowledge that the road is going to be longer/harder than I want it to be. So as I go into 2017, I am choosing “Joy”. Finding the happy moments, choosing the people/places/things that bring me joy.

What word would you choose to represent last year?


What word would you pick for 2017?

My 2016 Blog Trends and Top Posts.

I spend very little time here these days. Part of me wishes I did more in marketing myself and this space. At this point it looks a bit like a throw back, to the blogs that posted breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. I never quite got to that status, but I’m glad that thought process has drifted away.

I don’t have a blogging specific goal for 2017, but I would like to see a rebound in posts. Sharing more of what people want to read. (and figuring out what that is).

3 of my more popular posts for 2016 are… Studio Apartment Tour, Never Say “This”, and Don’t Wait, Speak Up. So hopefully I share some “tips for Revival St. Paul”, “I finally found a man”, and “my brother continues to be cooler than me” type of posts. But if not, what would you like to read?


Wait, Sleep, exhaustion.

I had another post written, but my thought process then versus now has changed quite a bit. Prior to the weekend I was very worn out. Despite best efforts I wasn’t feeling relaxed, I was exhausted no matter what I was doing.

I could go to bed early, get a workout, eat decent, and not really feel better. I had a few days off in December and never quite felt relaxed after them.

The weather this weekend didn’t help my stress level with the driving I had to do, but I took my time and got everywhere in one piece. Now in this last week of 2016 I’m trying to wrap up loose ends and prepare for a better 2017.


What do you do when you’re exhausted? How do you reset yourself?

The weekend that wasn’t.

Are you thawed yet? I tried to go out Friday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning. The roads just were not great. I wanted to see the friends I had made plans with, but I wasn’t willing to risk a totaled car for a meal with a friend. I hated canceling, but thankfully with all of them we’ve been friends long enough to work it out.

So this was my view, for almost 72 hours. Now it was pretty, but my apartment was showing the wear and tear of how busy I have been lately. There were small piles that can kept shifting and growing. So I took the time to go through them, throw a lot away, write a letter to a friend, and address Christmas cards.

I did walk on Saturday night to Emmett’s Public House. It’s super close to my apartment, but I had never been. It is safe to say I will be going again soon, if only for the drink above. (and this would be a great place to tell you what the drink is, but their website apparently doesn’t include their drink menu) I can tell you there was some kind of honey addition that was delightful. Very sweet and light (yet still plenty strong).

I have no clue how my week will go, I’m hoping it will be easy but I’ve always been a “prepare for the worst, and be surprised if it happens to be the best” type of preparer.

What’s on your agenda for the week? Are you on vacation and hanging out at home, working all day and buying last minute gifts all night? Or finding a nice balance?


Wait. Take a day.

Days off are hard to get. There are only so many vacation days a person gets, and at my company if you do find yourself with one or two unused at the end of the year, you lose them. Social Media Breakfast is one of my favorite events, but I can’t attend often with my current work schedule. So I took my last vacation day to attend.


Seeing old friends, helping set up and check people in, tweeting during the presentations reminds me that there are so many things I love to do, that I’m not doing often.

I wandered over to Bachelor Farmer Cafe after the event was over. I sat with my computer and commented on blogs, thought about how much “content” I’m thinking about, but not writing about. And then I went home, to wrap a few presents, clean up a bit, and type up this post.

I say “wait” this week, because there are other times I could have used this day off. I specifically saved it for myself. To do what I wanted to do. It wasn’t a complete luxury day, I’m still cleaning, but I specifically left the day open without appointments.

Do you use all your vacation? Does your company let you roll over vacation time?