10 Days Until Grandma’s Marathon

It’s hard to believe I’m this close to race day. Part of me is getting nervous just trying to write this post, but I will share my weekend plans, in hopes that they will be a good set up for a successful race next weekend.

Friday night I’ll be going to the MN Hockey Camp to get a great 90 minute sculpt class. On Saturday morning I plan on driving to Duluth and meeting my friend Kayla. We’ll drive up to two harbors together so we can get a feel for the race course. The nice thing about Grandma’s is that the majority of the race is on Hwy 61 with a beautiful lake view. However, I still want to take the drive one more time so I have a feel for it.

After we drive I plan on parking at the Holiday Gas Station at the top of lemon drop hill. From there I plan on running to the Rose Garden and then following lake walk back to lemon drop. Hopefully my knees will be feeling good enough and I’ll be able to run up and down Lemon Drop 3 or 4 times. If my knees hurt at all, I’ll just walk back to my car.

Then I want to get lunch and run an errand or two before heading back to Aitkin. I’m going to a wedding dance Saturday evening and while that would usually mean a big party, I don’t plan on having many drinks. And hopefully will get home at a decent hour.

Sunday as long as its nice out I’ll take the paddle board out and maybe get a walk. Monday morning I’ll teach sculpt, Tuesday I’ll see what happens, Wednesday Sculpt, and then rest Thursday and Friday!

What do you do during a taper?

3 Week until Grandma’s Marathon

Time is moving much faster than I am comfortable with….Somehow its less than a month until Grandma’s Marathon. And I’m signed up for the Minneapolis Half Marathon for Sunday morning…and just checked the race info and discovered it starts at 6:30 in the morning, uff da! I guess it won’t be a late Saturday night for me!

A few posts ago I shared my new “plan” for training. I missed the first week’s 6 mile run due to a scheduling conflict, this weekend instead of running 8 I switched it up a little. A friend was in town for Memorial Weekend and wanted to check out the new yoga studio in town (Karmady) we decided to get a 4 mile run in before attending the Hot Power Yoga class. It was a great workout combination, and one that I need to incorporate more often! Later in the afternoon my mom pushed my brother in his wheel chair and we walked 5 miles. So technically I got 9 miles in…but they weren’t together and the 5 miles weren’t speedy.

On Sunday morning I woke up with a sore throat. I initially blamed the fact that I was out visiting with friends past midnight two nights in a row. However I sniffled through the Great Gatsby (which I liked) and proceeded to feel more under the weather each hour. By Sunday night I accepted I was sick, and Monday wasn’t much better. I taught my yoga sculpt class at 10 am and hit a record class attendance of 20! It was awesome! I was so deliriously happy that I didn’t notice how crummy I felt. I rode the workout high by going to work and getting some stuff done (even if I didn’t have to be at work). Now I’m slowly slogging through what I can. I went to bed at 8 pm last night, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I made a repeat performance again tonight.

With my lack of running and my cold I’m super nervous for the 13.1 (and hopefully 5 or so more miles afterwards). But hopefully being nervous and learning to overcome it will help me when it comes time to tackle Grandma’s Marathon?


8 Weeks Until Grandma’s Marathon

Looking for week 9? Don’t look too hard…I somehow skipped a week!

In my 10 Weeks Until.. recap I talked about how I tried to defer the Run for the Lakes Half Marathon. It wasn’t allowed, but afterwards I decided to look into switching to the 10k. And I’m very happy to say that was accepted! You can read the race recap here.

Saturday I was busy with friends and was a little sore. Sunday I woke up and I’ve never had more pain in my quads! I put on target brand compression leggings (which don’t feel like much) and went for a 5ish mile walk with my mom. I was still in pain, so I decided to go to yoga. I made a lot of modifications, but the heat felt really nice. Monday was still in pain and went on a 2 mile run/walk as part of the Couch to 5k program hosted by Healthy Connections (herbalife). I was tight during it, but Tuesday morning I finally wasn’t in pain!

Wednesday I did a trial run of teaching my Yoga Sculpt class, and I was able to do the 90/90 lunges which I know I need to keep doing regularly to strength my muscles. This weekend I plan on attending a Yoga Sculpt class, and potentially doing another practice teaching session. And then next Wednesday I teach for real! You can sign up for the free classes all week, here! (make sure to follow the link).

My plan for the month of May is to take it easy, I don’t want to get hurt again! My hope is that by scaling back my mileage I’ll stay in the safe and healthy zone. I’m not quite sure how this will work in terms of the marathon. But I’ve decided to sign up for the Minneapolis Half Marathon through Team Ortho. I’m excited for the June 2 time frame, because I should be able to get a decent 10 miler in prior to the race, and on race day my friend Kayla and I are planning on running a few miles afterward to count as our long run.

Originally when I went into marathon training I assumed I would do 2 – 20 milers. But now that I was injured, I don’t want to risk it. So I’m going to take it easy. Maybe Grandma’s won’t be my only marathon this year….but I don’t want it to be my last race ever! So for now I’m taking the easy way out. Does anyone have experience on low mileage before trying a marathon? How bad of an idea is this??

11 Weeks Until Grandma’s Marathon

Last week I mentioned that I was making a doctors appointment. and I got my diagnosis. I later tweeted about attending a Couch to 5k workout and having no pain! It was a 2 mile run/walk and I was so excited to be feeling better. That was a Monday…and then life got in the way.

Tuesday I popped a tire on the way to St. Paul for a convention. Thursday I went in the ditch on my way home…in a snowstorm….in april…. It also snowed today, and I believe there is some freezing rain falling outside right now, (not that I’m going outside to check on it).

I’m also battling a cold/cough that I get everytime I get overworked. I’m sure resting is the best way to kick it, but I also feel like a slug and my attitude isn’t the best. Thankfully my college roommate and close friend Alex came to visit this weekend and we had a great time! We made a late Friday night decision to take a yoga class Saturday morning. The sculpt class I prefer was already full, we so took the 10 am class which was wonderful! It was my first time taking a regular class from this teacher (she specializes in sculpt) and it was mainly stretching and slow, but the room was still heated. It felt wonderful!

Saturday we went out to dinner and ended up at a bar that has a band, dancing was then required! Even so, when I got a text 12 hours later asking about going for a run I agreed. I warned my running buddy that I could probably do 4 miles, but would love to do 6. At mile 1.8 my knee started bothering me, so I knew it was time to turn around. I got the 4 miles in, but the last two miles were almost total walking.

I’m getting more and more worried about Grandma’s. I have Run for the Lakes Half Marathon in two weeks, and am 99% sure that isn’t going to happen. I’m still going to go. I want to try and walk the 13 if nothing else. Thankfully as a loyal blog reader I have an excellent example of walking a Half Marathon from Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point. And now I need to do research to see if anyone has been crazy enough to walk a marathon….

I’m disappointed. But I’m not giving up. I’ve got a long life ahead of me. A quote I was recently emailed goes as follows…

“The journey isn’t always perfect, but always worth taking.” -Kara Goucher

It quickly became my facebook status as I really resonate with the word “perfect”. I was on a date last week and realized I said “perfect” a few more times than most people do. I’m not expecting perfection out of anyone, although I do expect a lot out of myself. When I say the word “perfect” ¬†what I mean is, “I wouldn’t change anything, I’m agreeing and at ease with what is going on.” However some people have really negative connotations with striving for perfection. But I think Kara’s quote is one that will stick with me for the next 11 weeks. I am not having the perfect training, and it may not be the perfect race, but it is a journey that is worth taking. And there is every chance in the world that I will still have a “perfect” weekend. With fun and friends and fitness!

(and I am so glad I was able to turn this post around and make it positive!)


Do you strive for “perfect”? Do you hear yourself repeating a certain word or phrase and then think about why you’re saying those certain words?

14 Weeks Until Grandma’s Marathon 2013..PLUS!

This was not the best week of training. Because training was basically non existent. Monday we had a little snow, and a lot of wind. I ended up working late and didn’t go to yoga. Plus with the wind I didn’t want to navigate the roads at 4:30 Tuesday morning for my Yoga Sculpt workout. So I missed it.

Tuesday I went on a walk with my mom, and ran for a little bit. I didn’t have much pain, but took it easy because I planned on doing 5 miles the next day. I had hoped to go to Zumba that night to get a little sweat going, but the instructor canceled, so naturally my friends and I got a drink instead!

Wednesday I walked to the non-icy road with the wide shoulder and tried to run. I did 3 miles of running/walking, but it was starting to hurt, and my legs felt like lead. I wasn’t pleased, but got 5 miles total with the walking to the good road and back.

Thursday during the day my knee hurt. It was kind of delay from my running I think? And then I had wine club. The only good thing about all this laziness is I’m prepared for the weekend. I’m starting Yoga Sculpt teacher training!!!

I blogged here, about how I was inspired by another Minnesota Blogger, Katrina to get certified and do it because I love it. I’m excited to see where this certification takes me. Because of marathon training I’m not sure when I’ll start teaching classes, but if you’re interested in just trying a workout, or letting me practice with you, please let me know!

I feel like there are constantly changes taking place, and we have to be flexible and I don’t just mean physically. I mean we have to go with the flow and accept that change happens, and it will all work out in the end. And I need to take that mindset and try and incorporate it into this marathon training. My knee is really making me worried, and I can’t ignore it. I need to find that balance of resting for recovery, and not resting for laziness. But I’ve got time. I’ve got to go with the flow and find what will work for me.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear what has worked for you! How do you react to changes? Do you embrace them, or try to ignore them?


15 Weeks Until Grandma’s Marathon

Raise your hand if you’re sick of snow!!

Every training plan I’ve read emphasizes the importance of long runs. If you’re going to miss a run, the weekday runs are the first to go. The long runs should be treated like a race. I’m not quite bored of my neighborhood running route yet, but I’ve been yearning for Duluth’s Lakewalk and decided last Saturday would be a perfect day to get a run in. But Mother Nature had other plans. I watched the weather reports and by Thursday the prediction for the weekend was 80% chance of snow on Saturday, and 20% chance on Sunday. I decided that I’d go to Duluth on Saturday no matter what. I haven’t been there by myself since I moved and there were plenty of things I could do even if I couldn’t get a run in.

I woke up and was on the road by 7:30. I went to the Duluth Running Company and went through a very thorough assessment to find the best shoe for me. I probably tried on 10 different shoes, and ran on the treadmill which was set up with a video camera so they could watch my gait and see how each shoe affected my running. I was also able to talk to the sales girl (Andrea rocked!) about my knee and she gave me a strengthening exercise similar to single leg squats that I’m trying to do each day. (So far its not working, and I’m about ready to go to a doctor).

The entire assessment took long enough that by the time I was done, the snow decided to take a brief reprieve. Of course when you’re in a running store, the sales people are going to point out that this is the perfect opportunity to try out your new shoes! So with a little trepidation, I set out with a buddy and gave it all I had! Our training plan was scheduled for 9 miles, and the sales person said “Go to Super America and back and you’ll be good” and he was right! Clearly that man knows what he’s talking about! I’m not sure what time my knee pain started, but the way back was much slower going, I kept trying to jog but then would have to go back to walking. It felt good knowing I was getting the mileage in, and the trail was packed with snow, so I’m not going to obsess over my time, although its definitely a time to beat! (I apologized to my training buddy many times during the slow run back, but thank you again for putting up with me!)

After our run we were ready for some food! And that was when I finally got to try Canal Park Brewery, which I blogged about here.

So far this week I’ve taken three yoga classes, and yesterday I went on a walk with my mom (it was a test for my knee which was a failure) two miles in I was starting to notice my knee more. I’m thinking I’ll go to zumba tonight, and then Saturday is the Get Lucky 7k! This hasn’t been the best week for training, but I’m thankful we’re still 3 months out so I have plenty of time to recover before the dreaded 20 milers of May have to happen.


16 Weeks Until Grandma’s Marathon!

Confession: I skipped 2 runs this week. Just didn’t do them. It snowed on Monday and Tuesday and I wanted no part of the road. Or the treadmill. I decided to take on the mentality of a local Iron(wo)man (i hope its okay I’m linking your blog Michelle) and once the day is done, its done, there’s no point in making up the missed run.

Which is why after missing a workout on Monday, I knew I didn’t want to run on Tuesday so I went to Zumba. Wednesday I drove over to yoga, and yesterday (Thursday) I finally got my run in! Since the snow is still covering the road I decided to walk the .8 mile to the county road I live off of. The payment is good, and the is a clear path on the side of the road so if traffic gets heavy I don’t have to lose all my speed. On this road I can go to the left for a short out to the major highway and back run, or I can go to the right and deal with hills and curves in the road but the distance is unlimited. For long runs I go to the right, it keeps things interesting. But for short runs its usually a toss up.

Yesterday I did something different, I walked the .8 miles, then went to the left and looped the short out and back course 3 times. And then walked the .8 mile back home. It was a 4 mile total workout, but the middle 2.4 miles were much speedier. It was a great workout that I plan on repeating in the future. The walking helps me push myself more during the loops, and I know I need to add some speed work to my routine, because 4 runs a week of varying lengths, but the same 13 min/mile pace is not doing me any good!

Tonight I’ll go to the Friday night Loser’s club, aka 90 Minute Yoga Sculpt, and then Saturday I’m hoping the weather will be clear enough for me to go to Duluth, buy new running shoes, and get a long run on Lakewalk! As long as the weather continues to coroporate I’ll drive to the Twin Cities for a FREE YOGA event at Mall of America. You can read more about it on Lululemon’s Facebook page!

My knee is still bothering me, but the better I stretch and ice post run, the easier recovery is.

Do you have any fun workouts planned for the weekend? I’m really intrigued by this mallasana, but I’m glad its at MOA, so I can just leave if I’m not feeling it!

Mid Week 1 Update

Now accepting suggestions for how, when, and what I should put in my weekly marathon updates….also, what should I call them? Other than “grandma’s marathon training week 1”

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’ve been busy trying to build a decent base. I didn’t focus on running, although I did do a 5k at the 6 month mark, a 10 k in January, and a 5k in the beginning of February. These races helped me feel confident going into training. My first run was Monday afternoon, it was a balmy 18 degrees, and I had 3 miles to get in. It was lightly snowing at 3 pm when I took off for my run, but I managed to get all 3 miles done in 36 minutes. Which for a non-race time is pretty dang good for me!

Workout 1 Week 1 Grandma's Marathon Training

I felt pretty bad ass. (and I may have looked like a fool, but whatever)

Due to my schedule this week I needed to do workout 2 (4 miles) the next day. I had some pain in my knee when I finished the first workout, but wasn’t willing to take some time off on week 1. Since it was 5 degrees and windy I decided I’d have to suck it up and go on the dreadmill¬† treadmill. I made it 2 miles in 30 minutes before I realized my knee was not allowing me to go another step. I got on the elliptical and did 1 mile in 20 minutes, and then got on the bike and did 1 mile in 15 minutes.

Workout 2 Week 1 Grandma's Marathon TrainingIt hurts, not so much here, or here, but right here. (can you name that movie?)

I wish I had photo editing software, but I haven’t purchased any, and tried picmonkey but it kept telling me to refresh my browser? So if anyone has suggestions, feel free to send them my way!

I put my knee pain on twitter, and had a friend respond that it might be ITBS, aka my IT band is strained, and I need to do a better job of warming up and cooling down.

Also, when you train is a mile/amile/amile? Or is 2 miles of biking = to 1 mile of running, or some other algorithm? Feel free to share your thoughts on that!

Workout 3 is another 3 miles. I’m planning on completing it Thursday afternoon (before wine club, naturally).

Then Saturday I have 6 miles to do. I plan on checking the weather forecast Friday afternoon, if Sunday is going to be warmer I’ll put the run off one day, but if Saturday is better I might drive to Brainerd and going the Lakes Area Multisport group on their Saturday run.

So my ending question is…do you do long runs with a group? I’ve never done it before, so I’m a little nervous….And…..do you have any photo editing software you recommend?

Don’t forgot you can help me name my Marathon Training weekly recaps!