How Do You Do That: Packing Edition

**Somehow I wrote this post and then it deleted…Maybe because wordpress got confused with an older post I did….Click here, for a picture-less description of how I pack.

First I make a pile of clothes (not pictured, because I’m at work and the clothes are on my bedroom floor at home.)

My Packing List for #hls13

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Then I make a schedule, and tag certain outfits. From there I make categories.

Bottoms, Tops and how many sports bras I need (click here for an embarrassing story about traveling and sports bras.

I took a quick look at the weather. It looks like we’ll need some rain gear and cold weather clothes for the evening.

Minneapolis Weather for #HLS13Plus, conference rooms are always a little chilly, so I’ll have at least 1 if not 2 scarves packed!

How early do you start packing for a trip? If you are a late packer, please tell me how you do it!