December Cheer

I can be a little “grinch-y” over the holidays. I like Christmas. I like December 24 and 25. Those days are Christmas. Everything else is December in my book.

I spent some time with my mom’s family last weekend. We traveled down to Gustavus for Christmas in Christ Chapel. I was in the bell choir in college and got a chance to say hi to my former director. He did a wonderful job with the Reformation theme and yet still tying in the advent season.

This week I’m going to a wrestling match….and not high school wrestling. I don’t exactly know what to expect, but I’m sure it will be interesting! I have a pizza night with friends planned, I’m going to see the orchestra perform Harry Potter, and it sounds like I’ll be at both of the last 2 Vikings home games for the regular season. Plus Pitch Perfect 3 comes out, and I already have plans to see that in theaters before I start a long break from work.

I am so glad I’ve got good activities planned to end 2017. The year gave me a lot of surprises. I have no idea where 2018 will take me. I’m looking for some changes. But for right now I’ll enjoy what I have and try to share a little December cheer.

How long do you celebrate Christmas? All month? 2 days? 1 day?

p.s. are you shocked I posted not on Sunday?

2 thoughts on “December Cheer

  1. I am going to guess the wrestling match is part of a date?? But I could be totally wrong about that!

    I love the Christmas holiday but I’m not the queen of Christmas. I like the decoration and lights and the celebratory aspect of the season. I do not like the extreme consumerism. My family has really cut back on gifts, though, and instead of getting my parents a gift us kids go together and sponsor a family. And this year my parents are sponsoring a family instead of getting us gifts. I just think the gift giving and receiving gets out of hand. We don’t really ‘need’ anything and I just think gifts get too much emphasis, which makes me sound like a the grinch as well. But for me, the best part of Christmas is the delicious food and celebrating with family! We will be with Phil’s mom for Christmas this year since we were with my family for Thanksgiving. But we are heading up to the lake for NYE weekend as my dad turns 70 that week so we are celebrating that weekend.

    • I love your holiday plans! Cutting back on gifts is a great idea, and it sounds like you have a good balance between families for the holidays. Sadly the wrestling was not a date, but an event with friends. But it was still very entertaining!

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